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Application of bitter orange

The scientific name of the fetus sounds like this: Citrus Aurantium. In another way it is also called a man.

Initially, bitter orange trees in tropical Asiaand East Africa, but now most of all it is grown in regions of the Mediterranean. There are provisions that say that in the 9th century, this plant Arabs began to grow. 500 years ago it was the only fruitcitrus in the whole globe, what's more? he was the first fruit that appeared in America.

How and where to apply a bitter orange

Bitter orange is used in cookingTo improve the taste of food and varomaterapii. From this fruit make liqueurs and marmalade. The flesh of the fruit is dried and made from it. Bitter orange has a yellow, sedative and spasmolytic effect. It is considered a very good antimicrobial, hypnotic, anti-inflammatory, tonic and antifungal agent, moreover an excellent vascular stimulant.

In Latin America, leaves are widely used to make a laxative and tonic.

Homeopaths use the flowers and peel of bitter oranges to treat constipation, high blood pressure and headaches.

The plant fights well against fungalinfections such as ringworm and mycosis. But in the course of research in Egypt it was explained that even though bitter orange helps to get rid of dermatological diseases, it can also become the cause of skin irritation.

Many experts say that a bitter orange actively struggles with excess weight-burns fat.

Emotional Action

The aroma of bitter orange is goodA means that takes care of depression, helps to get rid of indifference and despair, stimulates the body, helps to return and feel the taste of life, refreshes perception.

Smell of a plant is a balm for the soul and"Wounded, broken" heart, which helps to recover quickly after troubles, problems, blows of fate and clash with the world of evil and mean people. The fragrance of orange helps to protect the psyche of a destructive effect. Baths and vials with the addition of orange oil will eliminate the condition of depression, chronic fatigue and constant lack of sleep. Thanks to the orange flavor of the biorhythm of sleep improves, nightmares dissolve and fears disappear in children. Gorkyapelzin awakens hedonism and intuition, increases potency, warms and removes sexual and emotional rigidity. In bioenergetics, bitter pomeranian is the symbol of fame, leadership, energy, nobility and aspiration.

Cosmetic action

Bitter orange is actively used inCosmetic industry in the manufacture of deodorants, lotions, hygienic creams and additives for baths. Widely used in the Pomeranian and in perfumery, where he serves the exquisite fragrant basis of cologne perfume, in addition, he is referred to as "sensual" mixtures.

Orange juice in cosmetologyindustry is used to care for drought, sluggish and damaged skin, for rejuvenation, for the removal of climatic dermatitis. In addition, pomeranian restores elasticity, elasticity, tone, skin turgor, eliminates acne, comedones, reduces pores.

Balms and shampoos, which include oilbitter orange have a good effect on the hair: remove dandruff, protect against loss, loss of shine and elasticity, and also perfectly restore curls after rough manipulation (thermal paving, painting, curling, exposure to sunlight).

Cosmetic agents and orange baths deodorize the skin, eliminate the signs of hyperhidrosis, help in the fight against cellulite. You can regularly take baths with butter and make wraps.

Healing action

This plant stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D andMelanin, neutralizes the deficiency of sunlight, affects the cell mitochondrial apparatus, eliminates hypovitaminosis and anemia, normalizes metabolism and strengthens immunity.

Bitter orange is effective for chronic andsluggish inflammatory processes as an accompanying therapy, which reduces the negative consequences after taking medications and antibiotics. It increases the strength and elasticity of connective tissue, rejuvenates and eliminates the symptoms of atherosclerosis. If you regularly do pomeranian rubbing, lotions and compresses, then you can get rid of the problem with joints (arthrosis, arthritis), injuries (wounds, stretch, bruises).

Moreover, this fruit provides a cleansing,Detoxification and stimulates regeneration. Orange oil has drainage properties that are very valuable in the fight against metabolism, the predisposition of the kidneys and the liver to the cofaction of calculi. Maslopomerantsa has lymphatic drainage, choleretic and diuretic action. Moreover, it is a delicate antispasmodic. If it is regularly applied, then it is possible to forget for ever chronic diseases such as migraine, paroxysmal convulsive muscle activity, arterial hypertension and chastyoglovnye pain.

Non-intolerant, stimulating,anti-inflammatory, sudorific, deodorizing, antitoxic, choleretic, healing, antisclerotic, carminative, stimulating, antimicrobial, tonic, antiseptic, analgesic, antispasmodic, antidepressant and antirheumatic.

Erotic application
As already mentioned, a bitter orangehas a refreshing smell, it is used for aromatization of premises. However, the most important advantage is that it has an extremely unique impact on the psychoemotional human condition, especially for women. Therefore, such flavors are used in intimate settings.

Other application

Bitter orange is used to creategastric, laxative and carminative drugs. It is also used as a perfume in the manufacture of drugs, as well as in perfumes and cosmetics. Widely apply it in the food industry, in the production of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. From the oranges get a natural, natural lime.

Lemon and oranges reduce blood coagulation, strengthen the heart muscle, and also useful in the fight against dyspepsia, bleeding, heartburn, palpitations of jaundice.

If you compare the bitter and sweet orange oil, you can say that they differ only in the percentage of components, but the smell of bitter oranges is more distinct and refined.

Side effects and contraindications

There are also cases when there were side effects aftertreatment with bitter marmalade. As part of the fetus, there are some chemicals, so they can cause heart rate, increase blood pressure, and this in turn can lead to heart disease. For this reason, before using an orange for medicinal purposes, you should consult your doctor.

Bitter orange can be eaten, but in smallQuantities. Also it is necessary to remember that it is impossible to combine it with the caffeine and caffeine, because it can take a pulse and raise blood pressure.

Contraindicated bitter orange pregnant, breast-feeding, people who suffer from migraine, glaucoma, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat.

Remember that there are many products and plants that can improve the general condition of a person, but they should be used with particular caution and best of all under the supervision of a doctor.

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