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Advantages of tea with lemon

Many years ago, tea from powder was cooked in a littleSalted water, and in the tenth century, the Chinese began to do it already without the addition of salt. When China was attacked by the Mongols, tea traditions were lost, but the Japanese people managed to intercept the sacrament of tea cooking. A little later, they began to prepare from tea leaves - they brewed in boiling water. And now such a procedure for the preparation of this drink has reached our times. Five centuries ago, the Europeans made tea. But in Russia tea came from China, then saucers, samovar and lemon appeared.

There have been many studies thatShowed that 150 years ago the Russian people began to drink tea with lemon. The Stationarywriters showered travelers with tea with lemon, sauerkraut and other products to ease their suffering after a long and tedious journey. Avot in Europe, black tea began to spread due to the English, many traditions came to us from England, for example, to drink tea with milk. From Central Asia, it has become our tradition to drink green tea in sultry fires to quench our thirst. From India, suggestions were made to add various spices to the tea: cinnamon, cloves and others.

With certainty it can be said that practicallyEvery day, every day, they drink a non-alcoholic drink called tea. Chais drink lemon not only in Russia, this habit has spread in many European countries, people have become so fond of lemon tea that they can not use it in another way. Particularly accustomed to this are the people of the big socialist countries. Lemon perfectly relieves thirst, increases the effect of the drink and enhances the taste.

However, it must be said that in China, from whereCame to the tea, this drink is preferred to drink without various additives. Our country recognized tea as a symbol of communication of hospitality, tea drinking is a real ritual. We equally like any tea, and green and black. A cup of this drink can lift the mood, cheer up, drive the sleepyhead to tune in to work. Some experts say that, in spite of its encouraging effect, black tea can overtake sleep, worsen digestion, provoke constipation and strengthen the heartbeat.

It is not recommended to drink to people whoSuffer from hypertension, insomnia, heart disease, but it is very useful for hypotension and for the removal of spasms of blood vessels. In recent years, green tea has become very popular. When it is made, it is not allowed to ferment the juice, so it retains all its useful properties and natural color.

Thanks to research conducted by American scientists, it was found that if you regularly drink green tea with Szymon, the risk of oncological and cardiovascular diseases decreases.

Moreover, it prevents cell degradationIn the vasculature. This drink has anticholinergic, antioxidant, antiradiation and antimicrobial effects. Due to the lemon its antioxidant properties increase.

The research andJapanese specialists, they found out that if you regularly drink this drink with lemon, then you can extend your life. This is due to the fact that tea strengthens and stimulates blood vessels and blood-forming processes. Moreover, everyone knows that a lemon helps to cope with many diseases.

He does an excellent job ofAtherosclerosis, hypertension, colds, moreover, it has long been found out that this product perfectly slows down aging. Tea with lemon makes it so that the disorder of harmful substances becomes ¼ less. Moreover, there were several cases when lemon tea restored cells in the lungs of smokers. In the heat, he perfectly quenches his thirst. Also useful is ginger tea with lemon addition. He quickly calms the cough, relieves the cold, helps mozzotdeleniyu mucus, will help pridepressii and losing weight, as well as eliminate irritation in the throat.

In addition, it is very easy to make such tea,You only need to take ¼ tablespoon of tea leaves with ginger, pour boiling water and let stand for thirty minutes. After that, drain, add the lemons drink.

The popularity of lemon tea is due to the fact thatLemons are sold at a very affordable price in each country. Tea in combination with Szymon has energy. If you compare tea with other drinks, you can absolutely say that it is more useful than many other drinks.

When you brew your tea, whether black or green, add a little lemon juice to it, and you immediately notice how it changes color, and the taste becomes more pleasant and aromatic.

Useful properties of tea with lemon

The most important thing is the beneficial effect of lemon teaIs based on the fact that it perfectly cleanses the human organism. And best of all, if you drink a cup of this drink in the morning, immediately after awakening. The body clears, and the metabolism improves. Tea with a lemon instantly removes fatigue and relieves stress. There are a number of other useful properties of tea:

  • Cancer prevention-lemon is rich in vitamin C, and acts as a natural antioxidant, which helps neutralize free radicals.
  • Purification of blood - because the toxins are removed, the skin and blood are cleared.
  • Mental health - adding strength, getting rid of stress and preventing depression.
  • Antiseptic properties - tea with lemon prevents various diseases and infections.

Tea with lemon is the favorite drink of the wines of many countries. Enjoy and you are useful, mouth-watering and tasty taste tea!

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