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Meteozavisimost - dependence on the weather

What is meta-dependence?

Meteozavisimost is alsoMeteosensitivity; It answers for the sensitivity to weather fluctuations. Metapathy is another name instead of meteorological sensitivity. This ailment occurs in cases of sharp jumps or an increase (decrease) in the pressure or strength of the magnetic field, sometimes humidity and so on.

Reactions of the body to changes in the weather

In the event that in the atmosphere there were sharpChanges, the organism can react ambiguously. His reaction is not always conditional or predictable. So, depending on the circumstances, a person's working capacity can both fall off sharply and rise abruptly. The general condition of the whole organism, as well as of the mental and emotional level, can also have various indirect reactions, sometimes it leads to severe and prolonged depression or a sharp and unreasonable increase in tone and mood.

The body's response to any changes in the weather can be due to the weakening of adaptive mechanisms, the decline of immunity, inflammation, manifestations of chronic diseases or their aggravation, etc.

Quite often people suffer from weather fluctuations having problems with the nervous and cardiovascular system.

Definition of symptoms

In order to understand what is meteorological dependence, it is worthwhile to study all the symptoms of manifestations of the disease.

The main ten symptoms are headaches orDizziness; Blood pressure jumps; Chest pain and palpitation; Chills or fever; Shortness of breath; The maximum decrease in the memory of working capacity, attention; A feeling of anxiety or anxiety; Drowsiness or insomnia; Allergic manifestations; Inflammation and exacerbation of chronic diseases; Feeling of aches in the joints and stuff.


One of the most famous and commonSymptomatic is aching pain in different parts of the head: in the temples, at the back of the head or head of all-at once, other. Such manifestations of sensitivity may not leave the host for a period of several hours to several days. Unfortunately, migraine, and with the slightest atmospheric changes. They also lead to jumps in the pressure.


Various stresses in conjunction withMeteorological sensitivity leads people to a state of constant anxiety. Even if you are tired and we are awfully hungry for sleep, insomnia will not give you a chance to fully relax.


Just like stress, insomnia can causeHuman behavior. With a lack of vitamins, the right sleep and atmospheric fluctuations, the body is knocked out of the rut, which leads to the failure of the biological clock.


Pain can appear anywhere on the body and even the organs. Most often suffer joints, kidneys, heart, sometimes there is a feeling of "twisting of the limbs."

Such pains are especially dangerous for those who suffer from asthma and other chronic diseases.

Useful tips for getting rid of ailment

Tip # 1

In cases where the meteosensitivity is associated with the resumption of chronic reactions and ailments, it is first of all necessary to take preventive measures to eliminate them.

Tip # 2

If you are in times of change in the weather oftenThere are problems with blood vessels, take care of their health. We need to train them, taking a contrast shower or to hold a permanent, but not very large, incandescence. The main thing is not to hurt.

Tip # 3

In order to be on dangerous days, when the atmosphericPressure falls or rises, etc., do not suffer from terrible pain and seizures, you need to prepare in advance. To the effect of drowsiness, confusion, lowering of efficiency and thoughtful reactions did not harm you, spend more time on the street, walk, breathe fresh air. If you allow health, take a jog, do exercises.

Tip # 4

Often the cause of meteorological dependenceBecoming a lowering of the immune system. Therefore, it is this factor that can further strongly affect the inflammatory processes and the resumption of chronic diseases. It is worth taking care of the saturation of the organism with useful substances and vitamins. Also do not forget about calcium and other substances.

Tip # 5

If you are doing everything possible to avoid the sensitivity of the weather, but without success - contact a specialist. Sometimes, healing can lead to worse consequences than ignoring the disease.


In order to protect yourself from pain and ailments of meteorological sensitivity, in the days of the highest activity of meteorological changes, follow the following rules:

  • Reduce moral, psychological stress;

  • Physical labor must not be carried out to the fullest, so that a reserve of force remains;

  • Do not abuse the dishes of their fried meat, and also avoid eating sharp and fatty foods;

  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages or those that contain alcohol;

  • Sedatives should be consumed only if you have a nervous system or nervous symptoms of insomnia.

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