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Are "dietary" foods full?

The answer can be found in the so-calledDietary products. At Cornell University in the United States, scientists found that people who prefer products with "dietary product" labels eat 28% more calories than those who do not even try to lose weight, but eat everything. The research showed that the reason is that when you use "diet" products, you do not feel the feelings of guilt that usually warns us against overeating. If you say differently, then you eat more than one order of dietary products than your body requires.

If you do not pay attention to the fact that inSkimmed products are a very small percentage of fat, they can have a lot of calories. There are certain rules, according to which such products should not contain more than 3 grams of fat per 100 grams of product. However, all possible substitutes for sugars and supplements pretty add calories to the product.

Studies that were conducted in the laboratory,Showed that fat-free food tastes the same as normal, but on the other hand it causes the body to require more fat. The fat and sweet food prepares our body for even more calories. But if we do not give these calories, then the brain receives a signal from the stomach with the following content: "We need to urgently look for food!".

The results described above are notNew. It has long been known that the fact that people are older, who drink two or more diet drinks a day every day, are fuller in the abdominal area faster than those who feed on what is showered. Why is it so incomprehensible, but it is clear that diet drinks make the body want and demand more sugar.

Scientists from Yale University voiced theirConjectures popovodu that food that has few calories and fats, affects the level of hormones. Again, they conducted an experiment in which a group of adults drank a milkshake, which indicated that it had a large amount of fat and was very high in calories. When people drank a cocktail, the level of hormonegrelin decreased significantly, and this hormone is responsible for saturation. But another group of adults received the same cocktail, only on the label they wrote that it contains a little fat and is low-calorie. After taking the level of these same hormones - ghrelin has increased very much.

Hence the result is that if you want to lose weight, you do not need to look for dietary products, but eat fresh, natural foods in small portions.

What to do in this situation?

  1. Get a diary of food in which you will write down all products with a small content of calories and fat. Try to compare them with natural products.
  2. Instead of diet drinks drink ordinary mineral or carbonated water with fresh lime, orange juice or lime.
  3. As snacks, eat those foods,Which contain less than 100 calories. It can be a banana of small size of several-mingled unroasted nuts, carrots with the addition of four spoons of Greek tsatsika, a large cup of fruit salad or a handful of berries. And forget about dietary products forever!
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