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Dietary products

Do not betray fanaticism! It is not necessary to sit on one-Hananas only because they are rich in bromelain, which burns fat. Remember that your food should be balanced and varied. There are a lot of products that will help you lose weight, so you can easily create yourself an excellent diet.


In vegetables there are very few calories and lots of vitamins,cellulose and other useful active substances that perfectly cope with hunger and perfectly take care of the good work of the gastrointestinal tract. All vegetables are useful, there are no exceptions. However, it should be said that some of them have a special fat burning effect. These vegetables include asparagus, spinach, cabbage salad, artichokes, watercress, and dandelion leaves and dandelions. They can remove slags and improve the work of the tine. Also dietary products are zucchini, pumpkin yogurtsy. Cabbage generally takes the first place, because in all its forms contains few calories. Constantly you can eat kumash, carrots, peas, radish and beets. In order to digest these vegetables the body needs a lot of energy, and when it consumes energy, it loses weight.


Fruits contain a lot of vitamins, natural sugar andfruit acids. Citrus contains organic acids and essential oils, which remove slag and promote digestion. Moreover, pomelo, oranges, mandarins and grapefruit perfectly strengthen immunity, reduce the level of cholesterol and remove toxins. This reduces appetite. Apples toys are famous for their content of pectin, which also satisfies hunger, and reduces the appetite. Pineapple is generally a super-fruit slimming. Especially the fat-burning substance is rich in the core of this exotic fruit. This does not apply to canned food. He's just a delicious dessert. In papaya contains a lot of papain, which splits heavy animal proteins and fats. Kiwi can also become your faithful helper in the fight against extra kilograms. Have you ever seen how quickly the meat for shish kebab is limp if it is soaked in kiwi puree? This is a very clear and vivid example!


From fucus and sea cabbage is generally impossibleIt's not even that they can not be eaten much. They contain a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, micro and macro elements. Of course, you do not need to buy a salad of crab sticks, mayonnaise and sea kale. This will not do you any good. Eat a simple salad of sea kale without any additional additions.

Oily fish of the sea

In this product, you can not be afraid of fat. In the fish is a protein that is easily digested, as well as a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids that help to fight excess weight. Often eat tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel and herring. Lake trout is also a very valuable product. It's best to cook them for a couple, stew or let them in. Of course, everyone likes fried fish, but there is no use for it!

Dairy products

In skimmed milk products there are manyprotein, which is also well absorbed. For dinner, cottage cheese, kefir, yoghurt is perfect. This does not apply to cheese. Remember that cheese is salt, and it is for the slimming - the first enemy!

Herbs and spices

Spices accelerate the metabolism in the body. Hot pepper, ginger, cinnamon, horseradish, mustard, black pepper and chicory - spices that reduce the level of insulin in the blood and accelerate the production of energy in the body. The rest of the spices, in the literal sense of this word, melt the fat. Separately need to talk about the benefits of chicory. If instead of coffee you will drink chicory, then after ten days you will see that the steels are calmer, the swelling is asleep, and the pressure has decreased. If your meals are generously seasoned with a course, then you will notice that you will lose weight or, in extreme cases, will not get better. You should have noticed that in those countries where spices are popular, fat people are practically nonexistent. Herbs, which are suitable as decorations, perfectly improve health. Cilantro reduces appetite, improves stomach function and has a diuretic and restorative effect. Mint improves sleep, reduces pain and fever. Dill improves digestion and removes intestinal cilia. Tarhun calms nerves, improves liver and kidney function. Green onion brings order to the level of sugar in the blood, increases immunity. Parsley relieves spasm. Celery cleans vessels and slows down aging. Remember that the green must always be present on our table, and in very large numbers! Eat fresh herbs so that she can give you all the vitamins!


Bran is a source of fiber. Calories are not present here at all. They are practically not digested in the body, but simply swell, thereby causing the body to process calories. If you add bran to kefir, cottage cheese, porridge or pastries, then you start the slag removal mechanism. Remember that the bran must necessarily be steamed, otherwise wait for the opposite effect (constipation).

Infusions of herbs and green

If you properly prepare the infusions of herbs, theystartnitaktivno to fight fat. Many nutritionists say that every day you need to drink 5 cups of green tea. Tea cleanses the vessels and has a diuretic effect. Herbs do not need to be poured with boiling water, it is better to insist them in warm water, so they can save more useful vitamins for you.

With the help of these products you can findhealth and sustainability. Naturally, meat, eggs and butter should also be present in your diet. Remember that the meat should be dietary (lamb, chicken, veal), it should be cooked for a couple or in the oven. Moreover, in your diet should be vegetable proteins: peas, soybeans, beans and beans. However, try to limit yourself, because they have a lot of calories.

And at the end of the narrative I want to say that ifthe product can be eaten raw, then do not deny yourself this! Remember that almost all vitamins are prepared for cooking. If you only eat cooked food, then your liver will work at an accelerated pace, and the body will not get all the necessary substances. As a rule, because of this, people develop all sorts of allergies and other unpleasant things, which practically nobody connects with feeding. Therefore, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and greens. Food try to cook for a couple - it's delicious and most importantly useful! Leave crispy crusts and fatty foods on rare occasions when you can pamper yourself with high-calorie food.

There is another little secret - do not addsalt when you prepare food. It is better to do this already at the meal, while trying to salt food a little less. Of course, getting used to this will not be so easy, but when your weight begins to move to the desired figure, you will not want to consume salt at all.

Of course, this is not the entire list of products thatcan be attributed to dietary, it can be extended. But remember that no matter how many products there are included, there will never be room for ketchup, sausage, potato chips and mayonnaise. These are products that can not be used even by slim and healthy people, not to mention those who struggle with excess weight.

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