/ What harm can the taste enhancers bring?

What harm can the taste enhancers bring?

Mysterious "E"

More often, under the letter E, safesubstance. For example, E300 is ascorbic acid, E330 is citric acid. But the letter E does not say anything at all about whether the ingredient is safe or not. It only indicates that the substance is included in the international numbering system. Modifiers and flavor enhancers have the numbers E640-641, E620-625. They give the taste of meat to the noodles, the chips taste the cheese, and the chewing gums taste the peach. Many think that this is chemistry. But this is not so. In fact, all amplifiers taste entirely natural and consist of substances that actually exist in nature.

Glutamic acid

The main enhancer of taste is glutamicacid. It is a part of all natural protein products: both in the root of celery, and in meat. But most of all it is contained in seaweed kombu, which are often used in Japanese cuisine. It was from these algae that in 1908 this acid was extracted.

Initially, it was not used for food purposes, butas an exciting and stimulating means in psychiatry. All because of her ability to quickly transmit nerve impulses. A little later, the scientists found out that it is capable of affecting taste buds. Therefore, it eventually became used as a food additive.

The era of amplifiers

Very quickly, scientists realized that the taste can not beonly improve, but also simulate. In addition, the more active the product is processed or the longer it is stored, the faster it loses its flavor. Together with the flavor qualities, aroma is lost, which means that the demand for the product begins to decrease. But if glutamate is added to the product, it will again be filled with the necessary taste, which will last for a long time. Glutamic acid, or rather its derivatives (glutaman potassium and sodium, guanylate and ino-Asian) has a green color.

But some time after the activeuse of this taste enhancer, American neurophysiologist John Olin noticed that glutamate sodium caused damage in the brain of rats. In Japan, other effects have been observed in animals: damage to the retina of the eyes and the nervous system. This worried everyone. 30% of people who often eat foods with sodium stglamate began to complain of shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, headache, fever and weakness in the muscles. These symptoms are the "Chinese restaurant syndrome" delineation, since glutamate has been actively used in Chinese cuisine.

After a time after the uplifting hype beganconducted a new experiment, during which it was proved that the use of glutamic acid is not associated with these symptoms. Many believed that the scandal was raised specially. Today, glutamate is included in the international registry of the WHO (International Code of Food Standards, adopted by the UN) as a completely harmless substance.

While no clinical study has confirmed the harm of the glutamate and other flavor enhancers.


Despite all of the above, many of us allequally distrust the enhancers of taste. And not in vain. After all, in most cases they are not really useful. But for another reason. Taste enhancers are used in two cases. In the first case, when you need to improve the taste. In the second case, they are added when it is necessary to hide the low quality of the product or its nutritional value. Glutamate is often used in long-products and products of low-grade meat ice cream. The amplifier is almost entirely mushroom, fish, soy, chicken half-finished products, as well as in crackers, chips soups and sauces, bouillon cubes. Glutamate is added to almost all dishes in fast food restaurants. Many people like quick-soups. But not many think about what made this soup: animal or vegetable fat, flavors, pepper and salt, enhancers of smell and taste, starch, maltodextrin, are all ingredients of a miracle soup. Sometimes you can add a little dry cream, dried vegetables or meat, crackers. And then it becomes clear that there will be no benefit from such a meal.

But we should not be afraid of the taste enhancers themselves, but of the low-quality products into which all these ingredients are added.

Enemies for the figure

People who often eat foods,containing glutamate, often suffer from excess weight. And this is proved by specialists. All business is that most products containing flavor enhancers are much more caloric than home food. Even if the package says that the product contains natural meat broth or something like that, do not believe it. Even such "natural broths" are made on the basis of all the same vegetable and animal fats, starch and flavor stabilizers. One serving contains approximately 170 calories. But in a dish of home-made soup there will be only 100 calories.

Quickly soluble mashed potatoes and noodles are also dangerous forfigures. They contain one starch, palm oil, flour (not the best varieties), soda isol. In addition, there may still be dyes, flavor enhancers, flavorings of the pepper. The more often we use these products, the faster the homemade starts to seem tasteless. Therefore, we are increasingly starting to use these dishes.

Why we are corrected from the taste enhancers

Many nutritionists and doctors have studied this issue, andcame to a conclusion that our gastric mucosa reacts to the taste. The brighter it is, the more active the acid begins to be produced for the splitting of food. Therefore, amplifiers can even be useful in moderate doses for those people who suffer from a reduced secretion of gastric juice. Thanks to amplifiers improves the ability of food. On the other hand, when we eat food with a neutral taste, the process of digestion slows down, which means that the feeling of satiety lasts longer. Many diets work on this principle. And chips, crunches, quick soups and so on only kindle appetite. That's why lovers of fast food are overweight.

Hostages of taste

If you use products with amplifierstaste, it is possible to keep the figure in good shape. But what kind of norm will not bring harm and health? The World Health Organization confirmed that no more than 2 grams a day you can eat flavor enhancers. Find out how many of them are contained in the product is not so easy. Under the Law of the Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumer Rights", the manufacturer can specify only the name of the food additive, but not its dosage. But it should be noted that overdosing of amplifiers in products is almost impossible. After all, who will start eating peredchennuyu or salted. But if every day to eat in Chinese restaurants and fast foods, you can go too far with the norm of glutamine. And along with this, and get unthinkable doses of sugars, fats and other unhealthy foods that can lead to various consequences: from food allergies to obesity.

Therefore, dear girls, eat right. Try to avoid quickly prepared food and cook your own home useful food.

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