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Beauty pills: drink or not drink?

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What we lack in everyday lifeVitamins imineralov has long been proven. New technologies for food production have reduced the content of nutrients in food. We can not be confident in the quality of products even with a balanced diet. In addition, many girls follow the figure and try to limit themselves to eating. This affects the overall health. After 35 years, the synthesis of certain vitamins (B and K) is reduced, which are important for our appearance. Many studies have proved that we are experiencing a deficiency of vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, A, beta-carotene, folic acid, calcium, iron, fluorine, selenium, iodine, zinc and other elements. As a result, our skin becomes dry, hair thinens, wrinkles appear and so on.

Additives also help us to keep our youth longer. But there is also a "but" here. Not with all the additives this can be achieved, only with quality, not fakes.

Cream or pills?

Each new cosmetic product thatOnly appears on the wound, promises us incredible results after several applications. All this is confirmed by clinical experiments, and then in practice. This raises the question: why then drink tablets?

Cosmetics works differently than tablets. Yes, it is effective and gives good results, but its use alone is not enough. Many substances from masks or creams can not penetrate deep skin layers, hair bulbs, nail growth zones. The necessary microelements and vitamins can not simply be applied to the skin in the amount necessary to obtain the effect: an allergic reaction or dermatitis may occur. For example, vitamin C is very difficult to include in the right drugs because it is destroyed by contact with air. Therefore, compare what is best, cream or vitamins or BADs can not. All this complements each other and gives the desired result.

Vitamin Vitamin Efficiency

Many are concerned about biologically activeAdditives, therefore they prefer vitamin-mineral complexes. Indeed, some dietary supplements should really beware, as they contain harmful substances. But this does not apply to all additives. Most of them are absolutely safe, they have certificates and permits.

Not all vitamin-mineral complexes are capable ofGive the same effect as dietary supplements. The fact is that in polyvitamins there are no amino acids, flavonoids, phytoestrogens, substances that stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin, as well as those substances that maintain the skin's water balance.

Why vitamins do not help achieve the desired resulta?

Not all girls were lucky to feel the effectTaken drugs. Why? There may be several reasons. First - you bought a fake. The second, more serious - not all the problems with the appearance of blame deficit vitamins. For example, hair can fall out due to stress, hidden infections, autoimmune diseases, and also because of hormonal problems. Dry skin weak nails can indicate problems with the thyroid gland. A rash, however, an unhealthy complexion may occur due to colitis or gastritis. In such cases it is necessary to drink not vitamins, but to be treated for problems with the help of medicines. Vitamins can serve only as an additive to treatment.

There is one more reason why vitamins do notAct. Perhaps they are simply not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. In case of problems with the sporadic gland, fat-soluble vitamins E, D and A are not absorbed. The vitamin B vitamins will not be absorbed in the secretion of gastric juice. When the permeability of the mucous membrane is disturbed, the vitamins will simply pass by, but the toxins on the contrary are absorbed.

To each his own

Before you start to drink vitamins orBiologically active additives, it is worth a complete medical examination if you have problems with your health. Modern methods will help to determine what exactly vitamins and substances are not enough in your body. Thanks to this, the doctor will be able to create an individual program for taking these substances.

You can learn mineral balance usingAnalysis, which is delivered in anti-aging clinics and outpatient clinics of aesthetic medicine. You can learn about the peculiarities of assimilation of vitamins, using genetic analysis.

To whom and how to take vitamins and biologically active substances

Virtually all beauty pills can startTake c18 years. But nevertheless it is necessary to be careful. For example, dietary supplements in which ginseng is contained, it is impossible to take young girls. They are recommended to drink after 30 years. Additives with beta-carotene and vitamins A are better to drink in the winter period if your skin has a tendency to hyperpigmentation. In summer, these drugs increase the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet rays.

If you use nutraceuticals,Do not try to strengthen their effect with other vitamin complexes. There is a high probability that you will not calculate the necessary doses, which will lead to an overdose. If you want to solve several problems with the help of drugs, then it is better to consult a doctor. He will pick up for you their optimal combination.

Food supplements can not be consumed all year round. They are recommended to take courses. Some dietary supplements can cause individual intolerance. In this case, you must immediately stop taking the drug.

Additives that contain artichoke extract can not be taken by someone who has stones in the gallbladder. This substance has choleretic effect, which can lead to blockage of the bile ducts.


  1. The adoption of vitamin-mineral complexes is notWill save you all the problems. They will only give the desired result for a while. To really feel a noticeable result, you need to solve all your problems with health.
  2. Nutricosmetics is not an alternativeSalonnym procedures and creams. This is just an addition to the main program to care for their own appearance, as well as a kind of prevention of premature aging.
  3. Biologically active substances have the best results only when they are selected individually, depending on the genetic characteristics and state of your health.

Before you start taking any substance, read the instructions carefully, and make sure that all the ingredients that make up the body fit you.

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