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How not to recover with the years? (From 40 years and older)

40+ - ahead of illness in one step

At the age of 20-30, we cared forto look like. For 40 years, you need to think not only about your appearance, but also about your health. Once in this age many diseases (often age-related) begin to appear, and even menopause is close. Recent studies by American scientists have shown that the average age of diabetics fell from 52 to 46. To reduce the risk of developing this disease, it is enough to lose weight by a couple of kilograms. This is by force. How? It's simple. First, make a list of foods that contain simple carbohydrates (sweets, sugar, pastries and so on). Then find in this list those products from which you can easily refuse and stop using them. Revise and other diet: enter low-fat food (lean, fish, cottage cheese, dairy products). Thanks to these products, you can reduce the calorie content of your diet by 25-30%. You do not need to eat twice a day, apnyat-six. But portions at the same time should be small - for 250-350 calories. Such food will help you get rid of hunger and you will begin to lose weight.

Active lifestyle

Extra pounds after forty startappear and because of a low motor activity. We sit all day at work, and then we come home, and we sit down to watch TV. Thus, the body can not consume the right amount of calories during the day. Muscles begin to lose their elasticity, and simple physical exercises become for nazslozhnymi. Therefore it is necessary to give a physical load to your body constantly. Kakietrenki most suitable for this age? Those that help burn fat, but will be safe for the spine and knee joints. You can start with a normal walk or bike. If you do not feel uncomfortable, start going to the pool. If you are on a shower, then you should not choose training with bars and heavy dumbbells. Better engage in simulators - they are safer. From cardiovascular safety, the safest is the orbitrek or ellipsoid. You can include in the list of alcohol and aerobic loads, only in moderation.

Do not forget to do before each workoutWarm-up. It is very important to warm up the joints and ligaments well, so as not to get injured. A neat stretch after training will help to strengthen, restore and make them more elastic. Drink water during exercise. It will speed up the metabolism and you will not feel any discomfort.

To make it easier for you to limit yourself to eating andengage in a sport, set a goal for yourself. Find the motive for losing weight. Ask the question: "How many extra pounds prevent me from being beautiful and healthy?", "When do I have to achieve the desired result?" And so on. Such questions will help you lose weight.

In 50 years, life is only beginning

85% of the women of the whole planet celebrate theirthe fiftieth birthday is not in its best form. Why is it so? The main reason is the decrease in the exchange of materials. Every ten years it drops by 10%. Together with the decrease in the exchange of substances, extra pounds are also growing. In addition, in our body by the age of 50 there is a hormonal reconstruction. Ovaries cease to gradually develop the female hormone estrogen, and this leads to an increase in adipose tissue. But the most important reason for rapid weight gain is not hormonal, apsychological. The woman has already taken place as a person, has achieved success, created a family, raised children and so on. What is done is done, and for something new there is no strength. The general vital tone falls.

But the capabilities of our development are endless. Age is not permanent. Even in 50 years, you can achieve a lot. It is at this age that many European women start to live really. They already have everything, and therefore they have a lot of free time for themselves: they travel, engage in sports, fall in love and so on. In a word, they conquer new horizons. Unfortunately, in Russia everything is the opposite. The older the woman, the more she forgets to take care. But it's never too late to change everything!

How to deceive the exchange of materials?

It is because of a metabolic disorder that we begingaining a lot of weight. This has already been discussed above. But it can be deceived. All that is necessary is to actively move. You do not have to go to the gym. You can start with a good cleaning in the house. Go to the country, there certainly will be many things that will not allow you to sit in one place. In addition, you can go to the forest with mushrooms or berries, ride a bicycle, do some garden work. Instead of the night seats in front of the TV, go and enjoy the sunset, breathe in the air. Walk just down the street. To start dumping extra pounds, a day must pass at least 15 thousand steps.

Horse riding, swimming, gymnastics, walking - allThese employments will help you lose weight, and in addition improve the condition of the cardiovascular system. Choose for yourself the kind of sport that will be easy for you: Pilates, fitness and so on. But be careful with the back and the joints. They are very easy to damage. It is better to be supervised by a good specialist who will make up an individual program for you and will follow the correctness of the execution of movements.

Main risk areas

  1. Symptoms of menopause are very unpleasant. To get rid, consult a doctor who will prescribe hormone replacement therapy. Do not try to self-medicate, this can lead to negative consequences.
  2. With age, our diet should becomelow-fat. The older we get, the more fat-free foods should be in our refrigerator. But believe me, even under such conditions, food can remain tasty.
  3. Less sport and more peace is the wrong statement. Take physical activity, continue to dance and so on. Do not take these useful lessons to the TV.
  4. The older we become, the less friends we have. We stop acquainted with new people, avoid relationships. Perhaps the whole thing is in the spirit of a new relationship or in the realization that you are no longer the person who used to be. We are afraid of new partings, losses that seem inevitable. Everyone had his own bitter experience in this matter. But do not close from the people. Give them yourself, your energy. In addition, the more friends you have, the better. With them you will be able to engage in general interesting activities, walk, go shopping, discuss something, share new recipes, emotions, experiences. There are a lot of options.
  5. Do not fuss. Usually people in adulthood begin to fuss less, but this is bad for the figure. This will be spent less energy, respectively, and calories will accumulate faster. Sometimes fuss and useful.
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