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How not to recover with the years? (20-30 years)

Why do we do it in our youth? And how to prevent this?

Although some scientists argue thatThe composition of the figure is not genetically transferred, this has not yet been proved. But initially none of us is unprogrammed by nature to be fat. From parents, we can give up a penchant for completeness, views on life and everyday habits.

Let's find out the reason, where do the extraKilograms in twenty years? As a rule, children from birth until the end of their studies live with their parents. Parents feed us, instill in us some interests, a way of life. And all these factors have a great effect on weight. If the family to take healthy food, walk in nature and lead a healthy lifestyle, it is unlikely that the child will grow fat. Conversely, if all of you were growing up with sweet, fatty foods, you did not move much, it will affect your figure in the future.

At the age of twenty, metabolism, likethe rule is still intact. Therefore, even if you have extra weight, then get rid of it much easier. Start with the diet of your diet. Eliminate all flour, sweet, fatty, salty. Eat small meals and healthy food: porridge, vegetables, fruits and tadaleye. Go in for sports or moving. If you stick to all this, then in just a couple of months you will be able to transform beyond recognition.

Modern youth in the risk zone

Very often teenagers choose not the most healthyLifestyle. For example, they spend pocket money on fast food, chips and hamburgers. Instead of water, they choose beer or soda. In the institute, they eat different chocolates and cookies. If you calculate how much money a week goes to, this will be a considerable amount, which you can buy a lot of useful food: dairy products, vegetables, cereals, and so on.

It happens that parents prepare tooThe high-calorie food from which the children recover. It is difficult to change the tastes of parents, but you can take the initiative in your own hands and cook your own dishes for yourself.

Another trap is the Internet. With his appearance, not only the teenager, but also adults began to move less and spend more time at the computer. This is not the best way to affect the figure. In addition, around there are many more interesting activities: go roller-ride, swim in the pool, go on a picnic with friends.

If you are used to sitting at home in front of the TV and you are not interested in anything, then for sure you have problems with weight. I think the reasons are clear.

30+ - between the work of the family

Most often, women at this age suffer fromExcess weight after the birth of a child. During pregnancy, a woman adds an average weight of 10 to 12 kilograms on average. Most often this happens from eating buns with butter, macaroni, dried fruits, nuts and other high-calorie foods, which are useful for future mothers, but at the same time very badly hurt the figure. Salty the gourmets of harm will not bring a figure, which can not be said about the sweet. But what to do? Replace the sweet with more useful products, for example, dried fruits. You'll spend a lot longer chewing on them, which means you'll be more satisfied with them. In addition, it is necessary to understand that from the excessive eating of sweets your future baby can have problems with metabolism.

Studies have shown that the children of those mothers whoA kilogram during pregnancy, are more likely to be obese in the future. According to the National Institute of Health and Quality of Medicine, the maximum for how much you can recover during pregnancy is 18 kilograms.

On a note! To avoid severe fatigue during pregnancy, reduce the number of calories in your diet. In a day you should consume no more than 2000 calories. This applies to the period of lactation. The number of calories should remain so. Do not lean on nuts, condensed milk and sweet tea. When the child grows up, do not eat up food for him and cereals, these foods contain a lot of calories. Also do not forget the full sleep. Its shortcoming affects your figure badly. Try to allocate time for yourself - do exercises, take a contrast shower, walk in the nature. This will help to stay in good shape.

Family values

Women gain weight excessively not only during the periodpregnancy, but also during lactation. In addition, family life also affects. When a woman has married, has given birth to a child, then she relaxes. Why exert further efforts to maintain the body in good shape?

With the acquisition of the family, the person calms down, andhis rhythmic life becomes more even and predictable. Such changes affect not only women, but also men. Why is that? Household causes affect the weight. What is family time? This sit-down in front of the TV, delicious food. The way of life becomes inactive. We change our habits. Instead of walking in nature, many couples prefer to watch their favorite film. But after all, you and I can do many other things together: to ride a bike, go to the gym, just take a walk. Lose weight in lonely, but together - it's much easier to do.


Most often it is the woman who is the inventorideas of weight loss. Men are more indifferent to extra pounds. They love themselves in any form. Therefore, women have to make a lot of efforts to make her husband hook up to the program of losing weight. How to do it? Very simple!

Never put your lover in front offact - you need to lose weight. Better gradually draw him into this process: by talking, hints, discussions. Begin to change the habitual diet, as well as habits. Find a common useful hobby that will replace the viewing of movies. But replacement should come to the liking of both, so you need to make the right choice.

As mentioned above, gradually change the dietFirst, exclude one or two harmful products from it and replace them with useful ones. So do until you completely get rid of all the harmful foods that you are accustomed to eating. But remember, the new food should be tasty and like your second half. After all, with tasteless food it is much easier to break free of use. Accustom gradually and your child to healthy food. This will benefit him.

Women, always be democratic. If your husband does not want to lose weight and eat healthy food, do not insist, otherwise you can only harm. A man must himself want something. Therefore, our business is only a push, and there is a matter of choice. In addition, if you manage to achieve the desired results in losing weight, it can be a stimulus for your second half to follow your example. So maybe, get your goal out.

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