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Your 28 days or all about the cycle

A bit of theory

About what is it reallyRepresents PMS is 100% know about 90% of representatives of the weaker sex at the age from 15 to 50 years. The peak manifestation of PMS is 27-35 years. This natural female cycle, average, equals 28 calendar days. Just for this period of time comes the so-called maturation of the egg, the preparation of the organism for the fecundation, and in case the conception did not occur, those sapphire days come.

A woman's body is produced every monthSpecial reproductive hormones. As these hormones, or rather their level, which has the ability to increase and decrease in different periods of the cycle, and have a direct impact on the emotional state of women, as well as her physical well-being and even sexual activity. Therefore, knowing what actually happens inside us for the second or any other day, you can not only better understand yourself, but also learn how to subordinate your emotions and with a proper approach to analyze the prevailing life situations.

From the first to the seventh day

"Minuses". The critical days that can be consideredWhich, as a rule, introduce temporary disruptions to the female body, namely: severe attacks of headache, difficulty breathing, and even lead to possible frustration of the stomach.

"Pros". But because of the excessively low level of contentThe secretions of sex hormones, which are called estrogens, the greatest height of the representative of the sex perfectly reaches creative and spatial meaning. On such days, the most incredible izenial ideas can occur in a woman's head: a woman can unexpectedly imagine how she still has to make a complex presentation, convince the boss of the correctness of her project, and even find a recently bought girlfriend's dacha without using the cardato or Ji- Pi-es.

Sexual life. During sex, a low levelEstrogen leads to a minimal release of natural lubrication. Just for this reason, your partner himself or your request should certainly somehow try to diversify the prelude or uvass at hand should be a jar with a lubricant. By the way, as compensation for the mother's virginity, nature awarded women a bonus - at this time the woman's skin is distinguished by a special sensitivity to all touches. Therefore, you can always get unforgettable and truly heavenly pleasure from silk underwear, erotic massage or a gentle touch of a loved one.

On the eighth day of the fourteenth day

"Minuses". In this period, a woman's sense of smell as never beforeIs given special sharpness. This is a great time to change your perfume - you can choose the fragrance that you really need to shower. But at the same time, most of the smells (by the way, a week ago you did not notice them) might simply start to irritate you.

"Pros". With each passing day, depending on the growth in yourBlood of the amount of estragones, the confidence in yourself increases. Understand things in the wardrobe, pay attention to your appearance, renew your friendship with those people with whom for some reason or other you had to tear it apart. Right now you are endowed with the ability to sensibly assess the actions of all those around you who are monitoring your personal emotions. So, boldly find a compromise and take decisions in any area of ​​your life.

Sexual life. This time is considered the most suitable forIn order to conceive a baby. Ieto is not at all surprising, because your thoughts about sex do not leave you for 24 hours a day, and as for the process itself, it can deliver you a lot of pleasure. So your partner should, for his part, make you happy with constant "combat readiness". By the way, according to research, representatives of the stronger sex are able to catch a special female faint smell emanating from the lady at the time of ovulation (maturation of the egg). So at his subconscious level, the man begins to seek the continuation of the race!

On the fifteenth, the twenty-first day

"Minuses". For your skin this is one of the most unfavorableTimes: they begin to manifest themselves as aches and irritations. Plus, due to the excessive excess of progesterone vtkaney begins to retain fluid. You should pay attention to your diet and limit the use of food smoked products and salt products - otherwise puffiness is guaranteed to you.

"Pros". As for your mood, it is on top: you are distinguished by a great sense of humor and feel happy. By the way, with your optimism you can even infect everyone around you.

Sexual life. From the desire, which was the last week you,Of course, do not go crazy. But you are ready to have sex with sense, arrangement and feeling even now. Your movements are feminine and graceful. These days are comparable with the calm before the storm!

From the twenty-second to the twenty-eighth

"Minuses". Finally, the content of progesterone in the bloodreaches a critical point and this indicates that the female body is immersed in the premenstrual phase. This complex period is characterized by headaches, frequent changes of mood, the woman becomes very sensitive to all the little things, hypochondriac, impulsive, diffuse - as in all decisions and actions. The "wolfish" appetite also makes itself felt. The body also begins to "fail" - increased sweating begins, hair growth accelerates, the skin appears greasy, and the hair very quickly fade and become dull. And the culprit is the male hormone testosterone. On such days you as never need to eat foods that contain a high level of carbohydrates. But from salt, sugar, pepper, caffeine and alcohol, you still should stop for a while.

"Pros". Nobody will argue that during this periodyou are doing little good, but a pleasant factor can still be singled out. During the period of PMS slightly increases the overall body temperature, which leads to the fact that the body begins to burn faster all the extra calories.

Sexual life. Before the onset of menstruation, as a rule,the timbre of the voice decreases, so it starts to sound very sexy. So men are ready to violate all their rules and spend hours chatting with you on the phone. And if we talk about sexual desire, then at this moment it "walks" on the very top of the higher school, which takes the basis of all-consuming passion to utter indifference.

And finally I want to add, know how to properly listen to your body and a good mood will be guaranteed even with PMS!

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