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Useful products for vision

The fact that carrots are useful for sight, knowmany. But there are other products that will help preserve eye health for many years. In general, all vegetables and fruits are useful, but to support vision, there are several basic products.

Leafy vegetables
Dark green leafy vegetables, such as cabbage,Spinach, parsley, arugula, contain vitamins A, B, C, K, calcium, magnesium, folic acid, iron, fiber. Lutein and zeaxanthin contained in these vegetables have antioxidant properties that inhibit age-related cell damage. The predominance of such vegetables in your diet will help prevent vision loss, macular degeneration. Also nutrients of leafy vegetables have protective properties against retinal injuries by sunlight.

Bright orange color
Another important component in the diet -It's fruits and vegetables of bright orange color (carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potato, apricot, mango). Contained in them beta-carotene, takes care of the health of the eyes, fruits and vegetables eliminate the dry eye syndrome, protect the retina from age-related changes, help the eyes to adjust to the dark at night.

A fish
Oily fish contain Omega-3 fatty acids,Which are very useful for the whole body: for the removal of inflammation, for brain activity and for the eyes in particular. Preferably fresh fish or canned in oil. If such a fish as salmon, tuna, sardines, herring, mackerel and mackerel is 100-200 g a day, then the necessary amount of Omega-3 is provided to your body. Eating 1-2 times a week improves health, well-being and mood.

Broccoli helps in the fight against cancer, itsUse in the treatment of heart disease, strokes, suspends the development of cancer, recommended to pregnant women and children. Broccoli can not only improve eyesight, but also prevent cataracts. Broccoli contains a large amount of vitamin C (2 times more than in citrus fruits), lutein and zeaxanthin. They are useful for the lens of the eye. And the constituent carotenoids help protect the eye cells from free radicals.

Wheat grains
Sprouted wheat grains have a largeThe amount of vitamin E and is an antioxidant. Sprouted wheat favorably affects the whole body, regulates metabolism, increases immunity, rejuvenates, relieves inflammation, normalizes the intestinal microflora, removes cholesterol, restores visual acuity, treats obesity. Vitamin E prevents the development of cataracts and affects the reduction of macular age degeneration. Also, this vitamin is rich in almonds, seeds, nuts.

All legumes are added to the diet with a shortageZinc in the body. Since beans, lentils, peas have zinc in their composition, they must be eaten. Isolation of the necessary vitamin A in the liver is due to zinc. Zinc provides stability of the retina and transparency of the lens of the eye. Zinc is still rich in sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, beef, peanuts, cocoa, poultry.

Bilberry helps relieve fatigue from the eyes (longSitting at the computer, reading), helps to update the retina, helps to see better in the dark. It is used in the treatment of conjunctivitis. A good antioxidant.

Dark chocolate can improve eyesight. It includes flavanol, which improves the flow of blood to the retina of the eye.

But fatty foods should not be consumed, it canWorsen the blood supply, disrupt the metabolism, which will negatively affect the health of the eyes. Also remember the sunglasses that protect the retina of the eye. Remember that the visual acuity is affected by smoking and excessive use of alcohol.
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