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How to improve digestion?

The cause must be sought in malnutritionRights. Snacks in the public catering, the replacement of a full-fledged lunch with harmful hotdogs are closely embedded in our lives. Less and less often people eat natural food cooked at home. It is not surprising that the digestive system begins to malfunction. However, this problem is fixable, you just need to change your diet.

You can not immediately attackFood, first you need to drink an glass of water on an empty stomach. In the water, you can add a couple drops of lemon juice, provided that you do not have high acidity. Such a daily procedure can significantly improve the digestive tract.

Fractional power and its efficiency
It is necessary to make adjustments to the diet. Instead of the usual 2-3-times you need to switch to five meals a day. And take the food you need in small portions and thoroughly chew it. You need to eat every three hours, you can have a snack with fruits or vegetables. The serving size should not be more than 250-300 grams. The first results from fractional nutrition can be observed in a week. The organism will be reconstructed into a new regime, in which energy will not be stored in the reserve as fat, but consumed in the processes of vital activity.

Overeating is a malicious enemy of proper digestion
In no case can you overeat. From the table, you need to go out with a feeling of mild hunger, as satiety will come a little later - in about 15 minutes. Overeating threatens with a set of excess weight, and also because the stomach will stretch. Thus, to saturate the stomach will require more food, which will eventually lead to inflammation of the pancreas or to pancreatitis. In addition, overeating will lead to severity in the stomach and a feeling of discomfort, as well as a feeling of fatigue.

Improve digestion by folk methods
In folk medicine in the fight against frustrationDigestion has long been using garlic. It normalizes digestion, increases appetite, and is also the strongest disinfectant. Very often infusion of green leaves of garlic is used for poisoning. In addition, garlic contains antioxidants that fight fungi and viruses.

In addition to garlic in medicine use mustard. Due to its medicinal properties, it not only stimulates digestion, but also cleanses the human body of excess slag.

Regulation of food temperature - a step towards good health
In the process of eating, you must avoid too hot and too cold dishes, as this leads to irritation of the walls of the esophagus. Food should be warm or at room temperature.

Fiber and metabolism improvement
Great influence on the activity of the digestive systemFiber provides fiber. It allows you to feel the state of satiety, with virtually no calories in it. Fiber prevents overeating and protects the body from carcinogenic substances.

The daily rate of fiber intake isApproximately 30 grams. It can be obtained if the diet includes fresh vegetables and fruits, whole porridges, bran and black bread. And most of all it is in apples and buckwheat porridge. So enough will be one or two apples a day to make up supplies in fiber for a day.

By sticking to these simple rules, you can achieve results in a short period. You will feel a surge of energy, as well as an improvement in your mood.
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