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Thermogenic preparations: composition and application of preparations

Composition of preparations

Often, fat burners, which are sold in stores, are based on 2-3 biologically active substances. Now we talk about the components that occur in these mixtures most often.

Ephedrine and its natural sources

It is a natural natural alkaloid thatare obtained synthetically. It carries a strong ergogenic and lipolytic action. Ephedrine burns fats at once through several mechanisms. Ma-huang is the Chinese ephedra. Ephedrine has been used for more than 3000 years, so its effectiveness has long been proven. Moreover, it has a low toxicity. But despite this, there are also contraindications to its use, for example, individual intolerance, violations in the work of the heart and increased blood pressure. Before using it, consult a physician. In our country there is no open sale of this component, it can only be bought by a special prescription, like drugs or on the black market. But it is worth taking into account the fact that additives with herbs and herbs similar to her are sold just like that.

There are some side effects. Overdose can include insomnia, tachycardia and high blood pressure. If the dose is lowered, then the side effects are eliminated. In some cases, you need to stop taking the drug altogether. Due to the fact that the body gets used to it and because of the side effects, ephedrine needs to alternate with other means.


Purine natural base, which is containedin cocoa, tea, some herbs (guarana), coffee and cola nuts. According to the results of some studies, caffeine accelerates metabolism, which means it burns fat. But you need to take into account that he himself acts weakly - to see a good result you need somewhere 600 mg of caffeine daily. However, such an amount will harm the heart and bring many other side effects. If each time drinking beverages that contain caffeine, then there will be an addiction, which means that the thermogenic effect will decrease, and the side effects will increase. If you constantly drink strong coffee or tea, then it is better to do it in the day or morning, but not more than 2 cups a day.

Hydroxyl Lactic Acid

Contains many fruits, and especially infruits of an Indian tree called Garciniacambogia. This substance is not thermogenic at all, but it interferes with the synthesis of triglycerides by the liver, as a result, the citrate-lyase enzyme is blocked. If every day to use hydroxyl ammonium acid, then the processes that lead to obesity will be slowed down. If you increase the dosage, then no unpleasant phenomena will occur. And if they do, then you just need to reduce the dose. Maybe an allergy or an individual intolerance.


Natural amino acid, which is not part ofproteins. It is generalized in the liver of methionine and lysine. It is a very mild corrosive and anabolizing component that speeds up metabolism, which means it burns fat. Studies have shown that it improves the efficiency of oxidation of fatty acids, accelerates their transport into cells, so it turns out that the body instead of carbohydrates begins to process fats. Quarantine has virtually no toxins, so it is safe. If you take it in normal dosages, then there are no side effects. If you exceed the dose, the gas formation may increase and indigestion may occur. This component is taken and independently, and add to sports drinks.


Prior to the acetylcholine monitor. Contained in bile acids and lecithin. This component is perceived as a vitamin, which is necessary in our diet. Choline should be present in it every day at a rate of 0.5-1.5 grams. It is found in spinach, cabbage and egg yolks. Choline facilitates the absorption of food, normalizes the secretion of bile and speeds up metabolism. If it is taken in large doses, it will be very effective. Often take solutions or capsules with powder. If you take it for a long time, then there are side effects - stomach upsets are possible. To get rid of the side effect, simply reduce the dose.

Inositol (Inositol)

Polyatomic natural alcohol. Is quite thermogenic. Accelerates the oxidation of fatty acids in the mitochondria of cells, but to the regret that it would bring a good effect per day you need to take it for a few hundred milligrams. It is best to accept it with other effective components. Excellent acting scaffeine, ephedrine and hydroxyl-ammoniac acid. Side effects-disorders of the stomach and intestines.


Its start from the pitch of guggul resin. It is allocated to the plants that were applied to Ayurvedic medicine. Many experts confirm that guggulsterol activates the thyroid hormone and lowers the cholesterol level.

What will thermogenic mixtures be built upon?

To attack fat, you need to apply a lot of energyin order to have a variety of effects on the mechanisms of consumption and accumulation of fat. Often combine active ingredients, so, the total effect of the drug exceeds the sum of the effects of individual components. If you connect the cafe and ephedrine, then they will mutually reinforce their actions. And if you add to this mixture of tablet aspirin, then it lengthens the effect. Many thermogenic preparations are based on this composition, but not synthetic aspirin, but salicylic acid. Along with ephedrine and cocaine, hydroxyl ammonium acid is also included in the composition. Such drugs are very effective, but they are not cheap. And all this is due to the fact that caffeine and ephedrine are included in the list of prohibited means of the IOC.

How to choose and apply thermogenic preparations?

For a start, you must define your goals. First of all, consider how much fat you need to remove and for how long you need to do it. For good, you should lose one kilogram per week, otherwise you may have problems with health. Write for yourself a diet. Next, look through the catalogs of dermogennymi mixtures, carefully read the composition and find the most optimal variant for yourself. As a rule, the best combination is caffeine with ephedrine. Dosage - 25-30 mg of ephedrine and 150-200 mg of caffeine 2-3 times a day. It is better to take them in the morning and in the afternoon, after 5 pm should not, otherwise sleep may break. If you have already achieved your result, but you need to lose the last kilogram, which stubbornly refuses to split, then you can try this mixture - ephedrine-caffeine-hydroxyl-ammoniac acid. Sometimes you can double and even triple the dose, but all the time this does not work. There may be side effects, but usually a month later, everything is restored. If you have any problems with the heart, especially the prolapse of the mitral valve, then ephedrine is prohibited for you. Also, a lot of caffeine can do you harm. It is best to pick up hydroxyl ammonium acid and carnitine. For a long time to take such drugs is not, the most optimal time is 1-2 months. You can even take a mixture in a day, two days or two days to take, two to rest. You can try drugs based just on carnitine, but you do not need to wait for quick and good effect. It's better to take it to maintain weight.

Thanks to thermogenic drugs, you can not only get rid of fat, but also increase your efficiency. Just take them for twenty minutes before training.

And the most important thing - do not buy unchecked funds, however highly advertised they were. Otherwise, you can get diseases of the brain and heart.

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