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Is it useful to sleep without clothes?

As it turns out, it is not in vain that many people are naked, becauseSuch a dream is not only convenient, but also useful in many relationships. And this fact was proved by scientists who carefully worked on this issue. So, why is it useful to sleep naked? Let's try to understand.

Sleep without clothes helps to lose weight

It's amazing, but the fact that the hongolish helpsTo lose those extra pounds. As scientists have found out, when a man without clothes, the production of cortisol - a stress hormone - decreases. It is this hormone responsible for the feeling of hunger.

Improves quality of life

Almost every person todayAt least from time to time feels a sense of fatigue and frustration. And even going to bed and supposedly having a good sleep, a man wakes up even more tired. Thus, after sleep, the condition does not improve.

Or maybe the whole point is that take out once is notTried to sleep without your favorite pajamas? Do it though for the sake of experiment. Perhaps, along with your favorite pajamas, the difficulties will go away, but you will be able to plunge into a carefree dream, like a baby who does not know any problems.

And it's not just talk and guesswork.When a person sleeps without clothes, the optimal body temperature is maintained automatically. Thanks to this the body does not overheat. This makes it possible to have a good rest during sleep.

Rejuvenates the body

As already mentioned, when a person sleeps in clothes,The body overheats. This adversely affects the development of growth hormone and melatonin. It is these hormones that contribute to the regeneration of the skin and its rejuvenation. If a person sleeps naked, the body temperature does not rise. Such conditions are optimal for the production of these hormones.

Relations between partners are improving

When both partners are sleeping unhurried, it's fineAffects sexual relations in pairs. During the contact, the hormone oxytocin is secreted. Thanks to this, sex in a pair becomes brighter and more saturated, partners feel each other better.

The pain is passing
Clothing, especially uncomfortable and syntheticTissues, prevents free circulation of blood in the body. Generally, clothes can be compared to artificial skin, which you need to get rid of while you sleep, when nothing should stop the body from resting quietly.

First of all, you should try to sleep withoutClothing for those who often sleep poorly or even suffer from insomnia. If you experience pain in the abdomen, sleep without clothes made, at least, less tangible, as will leave the discomfort that forms in the nerve endings of the abdominal cavity.

Normalized work greasyhez

During sleep, the human body continues to activelywork. To make this work as fruitful as possible, you need to rid the organs of any unnecessary pressure. That is why it is important to free yourself from unnecessary, and especially uncomfortable clothing.

When a person sleeps naked, it is ensuredFree access of air to the skin, which improves the regeneration of cells. In addition, the sebaceous glands are activated, which also affect the renewal of the skin. All this, in turn, ensures the optimal metabolism of substances in the human body, which directly affects the overall condition.

Protection of genitals
Sleep in underwear negatively affects theHealth of the reproductive organs in both women and men. The moisture that appears on the underwear, not only causes unpleasant sensations of women, but can also cause some infections. Sleeping naked provides a free flow of air, thereby causing more pleasant sensations and preventing the development of infections.

As for men, for them, without clothes, inEspecially without underwear, is even more useful. Thus, the optimal temperature of the testicles is maintained, which directly affects the reproductive function, improving the quality of sperm.

General recommendations
Of course, just undress and fall asleepIs not enough. Before going to bed, it is advisable to take a relaxing shower or at least a warm shower, to air a bedroom, to ensure a suitable temperature regime in the room. Be sure to take care of high quality quality bed linen, because he has to come into contact with your gentle skin.

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