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In the struggle for healthy legs: thermal waters and thalassotherapy

The heyday of these health centers is explainedThe need for the fact that at present we must adhere to methods of treatment that would not be as aggressive as those that Western medicine offers in many cases. In addition, at the spa or vtermal point you will not be offered a method of treatment directed only to the elimination of tired legs syndrome and varicose veins, but to create an environment that provides psychological and physical recovery, that is, you will receive a full range of therapeutic measures.

What you should consider when visiting a health center

Always remind the center that youSuffer from venous insufficiency (if the course is available). There is no need for experts to conduct a second examination. To you and without that will appoint or nominate corresponding or meeting treatment.

Stay in such centers is usuallyIs not cheap. If possible, try to spend a few days there, not one, because the most effective is to receive several therapies that follow one after another. Thus, it may be better to visit the health center 2 times a year for several days than one day, but every month.

Most spa resorts of thermal centers offer methods for treating tired legs syndrome. Therefore, there is no need to know beforehand whether the health center you choose provides such services.

Treatment with thermal waters is a good remedy for tired legs

Regarding the treatment of varicose veins,Then thermalism does not produce any effect with this disease, but at the same time it is a great opportunity to ease the symptoms of tired legs syndrome. Like most alternative methods of treatment, that is, those that do not follow the usual principles of Western medicine, the use of thermal waters is an effective preventive tool. The seances of thermalism tonify the walls of the vessels and effectively prevent the onset of the legs.

If you decided to visit the thermal center,It is desirable that this is done not only with a goal to get rid of the problem of tired legs, but also in order to obtain a comprehensive treatment. The full course can take 3 weeks. It's great if you have the opportunity to go through it all, because you will feel like they were born again.

In any case, there is not a single disease, the currentWhich during your stay in the center did not change for the better. It is most convenient to first find out the methods of treatment used in the health centers that you plan to visit in order to decide which one will satisfy your needs in detail. For the most part, the means that can be used in thermal centers correspond to those that were considered in the article devoted to hydrotherapy. Naturally, each center can offer its own special methods of treatment with water. In addition, the great advantage of visiting such a health-improving institution is that here the thermal waters are used to treat exactly the problems with the feet.

Thermal waters are the waters that go toSurface of the earth and have a temperature higher (about 5 degrees or even more) of the average annual temperature in a given area. Heating of water occurs when it passes through various underground layers. Thus, the effectiveness of treating many diseases with thermal waters is explained by the fact that they have a high mineral content.

Thalassotherapy: sea treatment

In this case, as a means to facilitateproblems related to health, is the sea water. This is the basis of thalassotherapy - a discipline that was propagated by Hippocrates, saying that "the sea cures all the diseases of man", which was widely practiced in ancient Rome. Thus, thalassotherapy has been counting thousands of years. In the territory of Ancient Egypt, papyri have been found, in which the use of thalassotherapy was mentioned, but its flowering is in the era of the Roman Empire. In the 19th century the second birth of the method of using sea water for medicinal purposes occurred, and numerous health centers appeared on the sea shores in different parts of the world. The initiative to revive the tertiary therapy, which by that time was forgotten, belongs to French doctors. For example, at present the International Thalasso Federation says the following about this type of treatment: "In an exceptional situation ... this is a simultaneous use of the benefits of the marine environment, which includes the sea climate, sea water, marine mud and other substances extracted from the sea, under the supervision of a doctor and preventive or curative. "

Means of thalassotherapy

Sea water is the main means of thalassotherapy, as it contains about 80 elements that contribute to better health.

Thalassotherapy methods help relax andstrengthen the body, and also support your body in tone. Water for medical procedures is taken from different depths and at a considerable distance from the shore (usually more than 1 km), where it is not contaminated by anything. In addition, water is subjected to a different process of purification in order to eliminate toxic and pathogenic substances.

The reason for using sea water isthat its composition is similar to the composition of the blood plasma. Thus, due to the effect of sea water, the organism restores the osmotic equilibrium in the cells.

In any case, thalassotherapy is not usedonly sea water, as well as the effect that sea air gives. When the waves break up on the shore, they excrete the negative ions. It has been proven that the latter contribute to the formation of serotonin - a neurotransmitter of antidepressant effects. Therefore, strolling walks is a strengthening exercise, not only because the blood circulation is stimulated, but also because they allow the use of negative ions to improve mood. In addition, thalassotherapy uses marine algae, which possess antitumor, antioxidant, antiseptic and antiviral action. They contain a large number of useful substances, various vitamins, calcium, iron and proteins, with which the god Samora water.

Be healthy!

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