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Argan oil: application, composition, medicinal properties

Description of the argon oil

Argan oil is a vegetable oil thatAre obtained from the fruit of the barbed argania-this is the tree of the family of the Sapotovs. It is considered to be one of the rarest oils in the whole world, because argania is not such a common tree. It grows only in deserts and not everywhere, but only in Algeria and Morocco. Today, the UNESCO organization protects this tree because It is on the edge of extinction. The company has a huge territory of 2.56 hectares in the south-west of Morocco made Argan Biosphere Reserve. Its lands occupy a large territory from the Atlantic Ocean and up to the mountains of the high Atlas and Anti-Atlas.

All countries except Morocco learned about this oilSo long ago, however, Abdelhadi Tazi, a Moroccan historian, said that in Morocco it was started to be exploited in the 8th century. Fruits of argania prickly are nuts, which have the name "argan", from which they produce this wonderful product. Nut carefully grind and hand squeezed out of oil, which is then poured into special bottles andused in the field of aromatherapy and cosmetics.

Chemical composition

Argan oil is unique because of its chemical composition. A huge number of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-6 is hidden in this oil - 80% of the product consists of them.

Such acids include oligo-linoleicAcids that are able to prevent the aging process and prevent the development of cardiovascular acids. In addition, linoleic acid does not occupy the last place in value, because it can only be obtained from the outside - our body does not work it.

Also argan oil containsNatural antioxidants - tocopherols and polyphenols, which have an anti-inflammatory effect. Moreover, there are vitamins in oil - A, E, F. Another feature of this oil is that it contains very rare substances, such as sterols, which have an anti-inflammatory and desensitizing effect.

Where to use argan oil?

There are two types of argan oil: Cosmetic and food. The edible oil is dark in color and has a pronounced taste due to thermal processing. It is very nutritious, it is used in cooking, the amlou is made from it, where honey and crushed almonds are also added. Such pasta Moroccan people are usually eaten for breakfast along with bread.

Cosmetic oil has a lighter color, it is used for applications on the skin and for the hair. In addition, it is very useful to use it for skin diseases.

The healing properties of argan oil

Argan oil has a tonic,Analgesic, moisturizing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. It is used in medicine for the treatment of immune disorders, diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, to alleviate muscular and joint pains, and also with problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Due to its unique properties, thisThe product copes well with dermatological diseases, such as eczema and dry skin. Another advantage of this oil is that it has a wound healing effect, so with it, burns, scars, abrasions and nicks are treated.

Cosmetologists do not see moreA valuable competitive product than argan oil. It is capable of complex skin care: restores and protects the skin, moisturizes, nourishes, in addition, reduces the amount and depth of wrinkles, as well as stops and delays the aging process. This product gently penetrates the skin and begins to act not only at the level of the epidermis, but also the dermis.

Nature as if specifically created argan oilFor the care of hair and fragile nails. It miraculously moistens the cuticle, moreover it strengthens and restores the entire nail plate. Avenos after its application become soft, elastic, strong, well-grown and restored damaged and brittle tips.

Arganizer for hair

Argan oil is suitable for absolutely anyType hair. It is able to protect the scalp and hair from external harmful factors-ultraviolet rays, wind and moisture, and also allows hair to actively grow, prevents loss, moisturizes, nourishes and restores curls. Moreover, with the help of this wonderful product you can once and for all manage a stack An annoying problem, like dandruff.

Argan oil is a universal and exclusiveA remedy that will be useful for colored, damaged, dry, brittle, weakened, porous, visited and dropping hair. After the first procedure with this product, you will notice a positive result.

How to use argan oil for hair?

This product can be used with otherOils (grape seed oil, pink, almond oil) and in pure form. There is a very light and simple method that is especially useful for dry and dull hair. Between the fingers, you need to grind a few drops of oil and properly distribute the entire length of the hair after washing. You will notice that the hair has become lighter and softer, its advantage is that it does not zhirnit and does not make the hair heavier, because it is immediately absorbed and does not form any sticky film of nalocone.

Before you wash your hair, you can doSuch a mask: massaging movements rub the scalp in the scalp, and also distribute all hair, wrap the head with a film, top with a warm towel and leave for half an hour. Then just as usual, wash your hair with a shampoo.

You can do this mask in combination with other useful oils, for example, you can mix the oil of arganiai and burdock oil in an equal proportion, so you let your hair get stronger.

For damaged and dry hair, do thisMask: take a spoonful of olive oil, half a spoon of argan oil, 1 egg yolk, 5 drops of sage oil and 10 drops of lavender oil. Mix everything thoroughly and gently apply it over all the hair and rub it gently into the scalp with gently massage movements. The mask acts for fifteen minutes, after which the hair needs to be thoroughly rinsed.

In addition to masks, you can add argan oil in the conditioner for hair, shampoos and even in the paint, so it will be better applied and distributed, and the color will be more saturated and last longer.

Argan oil is used in industrialCosmetology for making various kinds of hair care products. But there is one very big problem, and it lies in the fact that many companies produce such funds, and oil itself in the form of a fake. Therefore, it should be noted that this product will cost good money, cheaply you will not buy a quality product. For youth and beauty have to pay a lot of money.

Interesting fact

From one tree of argania it is possible to collect only 6-8Crocks, and 1 kg of oil can be obtained from 50 kg of fruit. Therefore, in order to produce 1 liter of oil, it is necessary to collect fruits from 7-8 trees. As already mentioned earlier, oil is extracted by hand, and this is not an easy job, because the walnut shell is 16 times stronger than the shell of the well-known walnut. Berber women remove this shell with their hands and use stones. Therefore, in order to produce one liter of oil of a wonderful wood-burning, one must work hard for 1.5 days.

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