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What should I take care of from the beginning of pregnancy and before the appearance of the baby?

First trimester

Naturally, the first purchase is a pregnancy test, through which you can find out how your life will proceed.

Now in a drugstore a heap of any tests of various firms. The most famous are the paper test strips. Everyone can buy them, and they are sold not only in pharmacies, but also in stores. But it is worth remembering that their result is not always true. Therefore, if you decide to test yourself in this way, then you should buy several tests at once.

Inkjet tests are much better. They are more expensive, but they can be used several times and at any time of the day. Thanks to such a test, you will be able to determine even the smallest changes in your organization.

So, if the test showed a positive result,then take time for the vitamins. To know what vitamins you need, you should go to the doctor. He will prescribe a special complex of vitamins, which will contain calcium, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B. With such vitamins you will wait for life, and the child will fully develop.

Now you have to purchase a meterarterial pressure and balance. This you need throughout the term and after it. When you start to select the scales, stop by electronic. They are much more precise than mechanical, so you can know even about the smallest weight gain. The first ten weeks should add weight to 200 grams per week, then to the twentieth week, to 300 grams, to the 30th to 400 grams, and from the thirtieth to the births, 200 gram each. To conduct more accurate calculations it is worth weighing each time at the same time, for example, every Sunday morning. Record your observations and show your doctor.

When you pick up the pressure gauge, bothAlso, give a preference to the electronic version. So you can know not only your lower and inner pressure, but how many strokes per minute does your heart.

When you go shopping, go toshop of underwear. Each week your breasts will increase, so you need to find something convenient. It is better to choose products from cotton. Moreover, pick your panties. Seychasogromny choice of underwear - with an overestimated or understated waist. Both options will not press on the stomach. Thanks to a large assortment you can pick up the laundry according to your taste.

Second trimester

In the second trimester, toxicosis disappears, the tummy begins to appear, so you can continue to buy useful things.

The most important thing is shoes. After all, in your situation, whether you go to work, to a store, to a women's consultation or to a friend, the whole weight will be thrown on your feet. Therefore, hairpins and high heels are desirable so far neobuvat. Buy shoes on a more stable heel, on a small platform or even on a flat bottom. Moreover, pay attention to the fact that they were made of natural material, so that your feet can breathe. That you are not depressed by the fact that you can not walk on your heels, get a few pairs of shoes: for a holiday, for office, for walking.

Now it's time to go to the shop for pregnant womenand to be brand new clothes: blouses, dresses, jeans, tunics and tadaleye. Now the clothes for future mothers are sewn in a special cut and sewn the belt, which can be adjusted, so your clothes can grow together with the belly. Even in this position, you can be a queen!

When your breasts and stomach begin to grow intensively,stretch marks. Therefore, it is worth boldly asking questions to the doctor on this topic and buying gels and cream from stretch marks on the abdomen, legs and chest. The most important thing is that they need to be used every day to avoid the appearance of these uncomfortable companions of pregnancy.

At the end of the third trimester, the stomach will already beheavy, so you need to buy a bandage. This is a belt that supports the stomach and the loins. With him you can feel more comfortable. In any specialized shop a bandage will help you pick up experienced sales people.

Third trimester

Now it's time to go on maternity leave. Your mum has already formed a rumor, so you need to buy him a CD with classical music. Scientists have long proven that classical music cleanses the body of the organism from the negative. Excellent for relaxation will suit a disc with movies and animals.

Before the birth of the baby, there is little time left. It is necessary to be prepared for this both physically and morally. Buy books and magazines of the people and pregnancy. Also it is worthwhile to search for something useful on the Internet. It is worth communicating with other future mothers and visiting forums, collect information about polyclinics and maternity homes. It will be useful for you. To get all the answers to your questions, it is worth registering for future mothers. Specialists-gynecologists, psychologists and experienced obstetricians will tell you how to behave in the maternity home, how to listen to your body, how to breathe properly and how to ease the pain in bouts. Also, you will be told how to breastfeed and take care of only a newborn baby.

In your situation, you need to think aboutthe acquisition of a dishwasher and washing machine, if, of course, you do not have them yet. After all, when the baby appears, there will be no time left for washing and washing dishes. And this technique will help you a lot.

Soon to the hospital

Soon it will be necessary to go to the hospital, thenYou need to decide where you will give birth and sooner conclude a contract. Why soon? Because the right moment apart from you, many more women are preparing to become a mother, and when you get out of the contract, you will get a guarantee that everything will pass in the best possible conditions. In addition, this agreement gives the opportunity to attend to one of the relatives during childbirth.

When you have found out everything, the contract is concluded, you canto buy something for my child. Nobody believes in superstition any more, but if you still do not want to buy a dowry for your child, then you should make a list of the most necessary things, and with one of your relatives go shopping to look for tiny caps, sliders, booties and blouses. childbirth will lie in the hospital, relatives will be able to buy everything that you have looked after. Still, some things have to buy a baby right away. These are the things that you will need in the maternity hospital - thin and flannel undershirts, thin and flannel diapers, sliders on the straps, diapers from 2 to 5 kg or from 3 to 6 kg, cap, baby soap and cream. You will need a dressing gown, shirt, which are well absorbed, washable slippers and other personal care products. It is worth taking care of okrema and ointments, which prevent and treat cracks on the nipples. Because this problem often occurs.

When you go to the hospital, tell the futurepopochke, so that he took care of video shooting and photos on the day of discharge. Moreover, it is necessary to immediately prepare an outfit, in which you will be discharged, because this is such a holiday for everyone, but for you it's the same. You should look 100% complete. Let the pope bring you your outfit and cosmetics before you leave the hospital.

For especially fastidious mummies, manycompanies provide the service "The first train for your baby." If you order it, then a happy dad, parents and other relatives can come for a baby and a limousine, which will be decorated with flowers and balls. So happy family will be delivered directly home. Rejoice and lead a full life together with the baby you've been waiting for so long.

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