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Who and how to talk about pregnancy?

Future dad

In your list, it must be the first one you needtell this news. Surely he will not be happy if he learns this from friends or parents. If you are married, then the task is simplified. In any case, you can not be afraid that he will leave you.

Many women, having seen enough of films, think,that they will tell him about it during a candlelight dinner. He will have a lot of joy, he will take your hands and start kissing. And after this you will start dreaming about a joint future.

Almost always this reaction does not converge withour expectations. In life, everything is not so romantic. Some talk about it on the phone, because they can not wait until the beloved comes home, some have romantic dinners, some do not even know how to say it ...

Women admit that by observing the reaction of their husband to themI want as a minimum to hit. Because many men at this moment have such an expression of a person, as if life is over, and ahead of him are torments. This is even in those cases when pregnancy planned. Some men in such situations lose their speech and begin to ask stupid questions like: "What does this mean?" Or "How is it?" Pregnant, you will need to suffer from toxicosis, bear a baby, plump, give birth, and he stands with such a face it is quartered.

Naturally, it's a shame when he does not immediately strangle youin your desires, but remember what you felt when you learned about pregnancy. Husband just takes time to get used to this idea. Almost all males are egoists, that's why they first of all are used to think about themselves. And now he will first think about what will happen to his life, and then he will remember you. Therefore, you can not tell him this news directly. Do so that he himself began to guess about this. Hint to him about it, tell us about your feelings and doubts. Then he will be morally ready for your news and take it as a self-evident.

If you and the father of the child are not married andmoreover, your relationship is unclear, then the situation is more complicated. However, it is necessary to confess. For a young man who is not at all ready for family life, the news that he will become a pope will be a test. In this case, you do not need to demand a man's joy. He must make two decisions: whether to leave him with an idle life and how he will feed the mother and the baby.

Most women think that the bestto report the news on the phone. So in the course of time you will meet, he will think everything over and come to himself, and if he wants to see you, then you will have a happy future.

Even if a man does not rejoice in this news, this does not mean that he will not take care of the child and will not become a good-looking person. Do not draw conclusions on the first reaction of a man.

Your parents

If you live together, then your mother may suspect you are still before you learn something. She is not blind and more experienced.

Parents can very favorably accept news of pregnancy. If their son-in-law likes them, then they will be happy. Pregnancy will bring you closer and the relationship will improve.

Dad say the news is much more difficult. He, of course, will be full of joy from the fact that soon he will have a grandson or granddaughter, but his reaction may be somewhat similar to the reaction of your husband.

If the parents do not like your companion andthey do not tolerate the spirit, then there can be disagreements. Politely listen to them, no one will not follow your parents' instructions. Of course, both you and your baby will be loved in any case. Do not quarrel with parents. Husbands can appear and disappear, but your parents are alone.

His parents

Even if you have a bad relationship, you still need to say. If you are afraid, then let your husband tell about it. He will find a common language with his parents, and in the meantime you will retire, but everything will not return to normal.

Although if you look at your father-in-law, you can see how your husband will be a father. Of course, it's about behavior and character, not about appearance.

Usually, the mother-in-law starts giving all sorts of advice from the very first day, so you listen carefully to them, maybe some of you will be right.

Close relatives

There is an opinion that a woman does not master pregnancyshould speak for up to three months, until the threat of miscarriage is bypassed. However, after all relatives learn about your situation, life will be more enjoyable and easier. After the appearance of the baby, they will ask you to hold it for at least a couple of minutes in your arms. And when you ask, they will sit with him as much as you say.

Perhaps relatives will fill you with advice, but who can give you so much care and love as they are not.


Your news will be the topic of any conversation. Now the ovas will begin to take care of everything and pay much attention. Now you will start to bring all the samovkusnoe, offer to go to the most comfortable places and will not be allowed to raise even a notebook. Only friends will constantly emphasize that they are pregnant. After a while, the husband will get used to the idea that they are free and will calmly do their own business when you wash the sexes.

Do not make this a secret, first you sayone friend, then another, and after a while everyone will already know about it. Therefore, or say to everyone, or to no one, otherwise you may be examined at a meeting and whispered behind your back.


From the people you work with thisnews to hide. In the office of pregnant women try to go around. They are not given heavy tasks and generally treat them as a lot of sick people. Each woman will start telling you about her birth, many will touch your belly. And if you look at it from the other side, tonicksu will not fire you for forgetting something or being late for work.

You can only tell your boss and sopeople who will not refuse to help you. Of course, the bosses probably will not like your modest care for a specific vacation. But it is desirable to put the boss in charge and the sooner the better. So at work you will have the most comfortable conditions. Every time you leave the Nanjiang consultation, you will not need to come up with some kind of regular ticket. If you are not going to sit with your child at home for three years, then start to look for a new job with a graphic that will be convenient for you. And the boss will be able to help you in this as nobody else.


It is not necessary to tell everyone aboutof pregnancy. People may think that you are not yourself. But sometimes this situation is advantageous in some situations. Kprimeru, in transport you can give way, and in the queue to pass ahead. Nobody will refuse you.

Certainly absolutely unfamiliar people will congratulate youand will be punished for you. Women zhigulgazrasta you with pleasure will listen. Childbirth and pregnancy remain in the memory of the woman forever. Therefore, if you have a desire to share your position with someone, then do not be shy.

If you drive a car, then when you stopspeeding, say that you are pregnant, in addition, and your husband can take advantage of this, saying in such cases that they are driving a pregnant woman.

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