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What you need to know about acupuncture?

Needle-reflexotherapy was born a long time ago. She came to us from the east. But similar practices existed among many peoples, including among the ancient Slavs. Some people think that acupuncture should be carried out not only by a good specialist, but also by a person who has a good aura. The thing is that many people have long considered this method of treatment "touching the soul." That is, a person who was engaged in acupuncture, through the needles, transferred his energy to another person. It was important to know where the needles can be pierced. As we know, there are many points on our body - receptors, which are responsible for organs and our health. If these points are stimulated in a certain way, then our body heals, rejuvenates and so on.

Proceeding from this, it is possible to draw a simple conclusion, that before somidti on such procedure, choose the good expert. He should like you as a person and as a master of his craft.

And now let's take a closer look at what is so good about acupuncture?

Decreased appetite weight

Thanks to acupuncture it is possible to get rid ofExcess weight. This method has already been tested by many girls. It is called "The Golden Needle", patented by Dr. Mukhina and is popular with many celebrities. To get rid of extra pounds, you just need to wear a small needle with a lock in active points for a while, called "hunger" and "thirst." These points are located near the auricle. Depending on the complexity of the situation and the presence of certain diseases (cardiovascular, endocrine and others), a course is established. The duration of the course is not too long and can range from 3 to 12 months. The course can consist of four sessions. In addition, three to ten preparatory sessions are held before each session. This is done with the aim of determining a more active ear.

This method of weight loss is great for those people,Who for any reason can not go in for sports or sit on diets, go through courses of anti-cellulite massages and thermal procedures, visit saunas and tadaleye. Also, this method is used by those who simply do not have enough time for the above methods. With the help of the "Golden Needle" you can put your body in order without violence by superorganism. It is proved that during the course a person ceases to like certain products (refined and fatty), instead, he is more attracted by vegetables and fruits, herbs, fermented baked milk and pure drinking water. It is these products that are used to reduce weight.

The needle is so small that it does not causeAbsolutely no discography and just a couple of minutes after the introduction it really does not feel. Care of it is very simple: it is enough to wipe the place with punctate alcohol in the course of the first week. To ensure that the needle looks aesthetically pleasing and does not attract unnecessary attention, it can be replaced with an ordinary jewelry jewelery - a earring for piercing. But the weight of the earrings should not exceed 1.5 grams. As a result, such a replacement does not affect. And most importantly, if your friends are interested, then you can answer that this is an ordinary piercing. Today you are surprised by this nobody.

Correction of the sword

On the auricle there are points of view 1 and 2,Which correspond to the suffering eye. As in the first case, with the help of glare reflexology, you can correct your vision. To begin with, preparatory sessions are held (three to ten). In these sessions, you will insert into the ear-pierced needles - buttons, piercing earrings or small ringlets-mittens. The weight of the jewelry should not exceed 1 gram. Ornaments are carried until the expected result is achieved. The results are determined by the oculist using special equipment and tests for vision.

Anxiety, depression, insomnia

Against these symptoms in acupuncture is usedAgain, three to ten preparatory sessions are conducted. After them, the "rest" point, which is located on the earlobe, is inserted a silver ring. The patient can choose this decoration himself. If the state is not too heavy, then you can do without puncturing the lobes. Installed simply removable needles-buttons, the size of which is 1-2 mm. In a state of depression, anxiety or insomnia, the patient simply needs to massage these buttons. Most often, the result is achieved very quickly, depending on the initial state - for several days or even hours. But immediately after the effect is achieved, the decoration should be removed in order to avoid confusion, drowsiness and hypotonia. During the course, you should refrain from driving vehicles, as well as alcohol.

Contraindications of kigloreflexotherapy

As with any other procedure, uAcupuncture has its contraindications to the procedure. This includes pregnancy, diabetes, acute pyogenic and inflammatory processes, high temperature, skin lesions in the area being treated, blood diseases, bleeding, vomiting, nausea, cardiovascular diseases, acute hypertensive crises, severe mental illnesses, tuberculosis, syphilis, oncological diseases, postoperative periods, Intolerance of metals that make up the medical alloy and so on.

What to do after acupuncture?

During the first week you need a placeto puncture with medical alcohol. If needle needles have been installed, then they must be massaged 2-3 times a day for 25-30 seconds before the appearance of light pain. In this way, you will stimulate the desired zones. If you feel uncomfortable or have any problems (itching, irritation, and so on), you should immediately inform the specialist who is handling your treatment.

Myths about ИРТ

ИРТ never for short terms will not relieve you fromProblems. If you are complete, then within a week you will not become slim, and if you are sick, then you will not feel healthy at once. It takes time to notice the effects. The term is determined by the doctor and not by you, but by your body. The doctor's task is to monitor the dynamics and correct the treatment process.

ИРТ can not cope with heavyDiseases, and it is not a panacea for ailments, as well as aesthetic shortcomings. It is not necessary to hope that the treatment will work without your efforts. It's not enough just to put the needles on the couch, with the chicken leg, waiting for your weight to go somewhere. You need to adjust your diet, start to lead a healthy lifestyle. And acupuncture will help to strengthen the effect and reduce the burden on your organism. We must always remember that our health is in our hands. Therefore, it is better to try to prevent the appearance of health problems better than to remove them later.

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