/ What vaccinations are needed for adults?

What vaccinations are necessary for adults?

Particular attention should be given to the scheduleVaccination. There is an age for each vaccination. And before doing it, the doctor should carefully examine your health condition in order to avoid possible negative consequences.

Whom do you need to be careful of which diseases?

If you have never had measles, mumps orRubella, then you definitely need to get vaccinated against these serious diseases. The rubella is very dangerous for pregnant women, since the virus of this infection has a teratogenic effect. As a result, the fetus can develop a baby, and this can even lead to the death of the embryo.

Parotita is more afraid of the male halfOf the population. The thing is that the virus of this disease affects the sexual sphere negatively and can even lead to infertility. That's why it's time to take care of your health and vaccinate.

Hepatitis A is dangerous because it affects the liver. A liver, as nazyvestno, is the main body of detoxification of all poisons and toxins that come from the environment in our body. If the liver is affected by hepatitis, it ceases to function. To avoid this, make timely vaccination against hepatitis A. Especially those who like to travel to hot countries or those whose liver is weakened by other chronic diseases are at the risk of infection with the virus. Some forms of hepatitis are transmitted through the blood, so you should always monitor the sterility of medical devices.

Inoculation against the influenza

In the past few years, many doctors have been arguing over whether to get a flu shot. Some argue that it is simply necessary, and others advise to abandon it. What's the matter?

Not by hearsay, we know that sometimes epidemicsThe flu ends in tragedy. Increasingly, the virus mutates and simple antibiotics with it can not cope, so those who have weakened immunity, it is worth seriously thinking about vaccination. For today, influenza can lead to death or complications on various organs (heart, liver, kidneys and so on). But despite this, some doctors advise to refrain from such vaccinations, since there are cases when a patient on a vaccine has a severe reaction. So whom to listen to?

The thing is that when there is a suddenThe outbreak of a new flu, scientists have to develop new vaccines in a short time and at the same time there is no time to take into account individual approaches to each. Therefore, at the first time after the onset of new vaccinations, different reactions may occur in humans. But even those complications that can give vaccinations, do not go to any comparison with the danger that carries the virus. This is especially true of atypical and drug-resistant forms. From here comes a simple conclusion - vaccination is necessary!

In the first place in vaccinations against influenza needElderly people and pregnant women, as well as those who have babies in their families. As a rule, in these groups of people, immunity is weakened, so there is a high probability of catching the virus.

Tetanus and diphtheria

Infections such as tetanus and diphtheria have longGone in the past, thanks to mass vaccination prevention. These vaccinations are made in childhood. But do not forget that the immunity acquired vdetstve, it is necessary sometimes to reinforce. If this is not done, then the organism of the adult person is defenseless against childhood infection and begins to respond to it very sharply, up to a lethal outcome. Therefore, every 10 years, it is necessary to repeatedly vaccinate against tetanus and diphtheria.

Pneumococcal infection

Pneumococcal infection has not yet caused massiveEpidemics that would entail great human sacrifices. But the vaccine against this infection must be done, because very often it leads to death. Be sure to get an inoculation against pneumococcus in elderly people who have reached 65 years of age, as well as those who have immunity weakened by various chronic and long-lasting illnesses.


This disease is very dangerous for everyone: As for children, so for adults. It has severe consequences: severe neurological disorders and paralysis, which for life can leave a person disabled and helpless. Previously, this terrible disease met frequently and assumed a scale epidemic. For today, thanks to timely vaccination, it is not so dangerous. As a child, each child is given pink droplets that protect him from poliomyelitis for life. But even among adults there are groups of people who need to do this inoculation again. This includes some groups of health workers, as well as those who visit countries where this disease still occurs.

Vaccination during pregnancy

There is another category of population thatVaccination is simply necessary. This applies to pregnant women. During pregnancy, the body must take heavy burdens, and hence immunity weakens. Thus, if a woman falls ill while pregnant, her recovery will be delayed. Some doctors oppose that during this period to do vaccinations. After all, without them it is a responsible and difficult period. In addition, during various medical studies and unnecessary contacts with the needle, there is a risk of becoming infected with the hepatitis C virus. And then each of us immediately begs the question: is it worth doing any vaccinations during pregnancy and if so, then for what period? It's very simple - you need to plan your pregnancy. Then the fulfillment can be ready for the birth of the baby.

There is a special scheme by which womenFor a few months before the expected pregnancy graft. Vaccinations are many: from hepatitis, chicken pox, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis. A timely vaccination will not do any harm to neither the baby nor the mother. And the most important, the woman will feel confident and protected from these dangerous diseases.

However, some vaccinations are allowedTime, but only in the second-third trimester, when they do not carry a strong threat to the baby. The list of such vaccinations includes vaccination against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis.

And several more obligatory vaccinations

The list of mandatory vaccinations includes vaccinationOf human papillomavirus. Immunization, as a rule, is carried out in three stages of women aged 11 to 26 years. If you have weakened immunity, then it is necessary to get vaccinated against chicken pox (chicken pox). Adults rarely get sick with this infection, but if this happens, the disease will be very difficult and will have different consequences.

Elderly people aged 60 years and overIt is absolutely necessary to do vaccination against herpes zoster. This infection greatly weakens immunity and can manifest itself when the immune system is broken. Shingles threatens and those who in childhood had been infected with chickenpox, so for prevention, you can make this inoculation and at an earlier age.

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