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Causes and symptoms of anembrion

A woman hears a diagnosis of embryony and can notUnderstand how this is possible, because there were all signs of pregnancy, confirmation of the district gynecologist, and the tests do not lie. Shokovosostoyanie and grief can not adequately assess the situation and understand it.

Similar, as it is not terribly aware, can happen to each of us, so we will try to explain the causes of anembryonia, how it can be prevented and detected on time.

What is this and why is happening?

Anembryonia is a frozen, undevelopedpregnancy. The vice of development is due to the fact that the fetus is at least solidified to the uterus, but nevertheless does not contain an embryo. It happens that the embryo develops, but ceased to develop.

Statistics show that this happens15 percent of women. For those who have ever survived a dead pregnancy, they have all the chances of further enduring and giving birth to a healthy baby. But mothers of small crumbs are uninsured, he embryos into a subsequent pregnancy.

Symptoms of anembrion

Most often, frozen pregnancy occurs inThe beginning of the first trimester, for up to six weeks, sometimes a little later. After the fertilization of the egg with the sperm, the cell division begins. Some of them become embryos, the rest form fetal membranes and placenta. So, sometimes those cells from which the embryo should be formed stop dividing, while others continue to divide as they should. As a result, the egg continues to increase in size, but in fact, it is empty.

This is the main trick of frozen pregnancy-the woman does not even suspect what is happening inside. Hormones of pregnancy continue to be developed, thereby deceiving the organism.

It happens that the body reacts to anembironiumSpontaneous miscarriage. Of course, then the woman is most likely to feel pain and will find a secretion (after which it is worth immediately seeking medical help). But in most cases, a woman completely feels all the pre-pregnancy in the form of toxicosis, engorgement of the mammary glands, enlargement of the uterus, absence of menstruation and so on.

The most faithful acknowledgment of embryos (not counting ultrasound)There will be a decrease in the level of hCG. If you are worried, then this analysis can be taken in any laboratory every three days. In the rest, the frozen pregnancy does not manifest itself.

Causes of anembryonia

Thanks to new technologies, research methods, doctors were able to identify several of the most probable cause embrionia.

One can single out several external factors of influence.

An acute infectious infection that a woman couldTo be ill at the time of embryo filling, can serve as the reason of the frozen pregnancy. The virus can directly affect the embryo itself, or significantly worsen the state of the futuremuma, cause an increase in temperature, thereby having a damaging effect on the development of the embryo.

Pyelonephritis pneumonia (any other acuteBacterial infection), involves the use of antibiotics as a treatment, which in turn can negatively affect the development of the embryo.

Toxic substances cause disruption of the whole organism of the mother and exert a huge load on all internal organs, the uterus and the embryo that has just begun its development.

Is it worth it to lyraskazyvat about the destructive effect of radiation on a person? What can one say otakom process, as the birth of life.

Harmful habits such as smoking, alcohol dependence or drug addiction significantly increase the risk of anembrionia.

Genetically abnormalities are the most common cause of a stiffened pregnancy.

Changes in parental germ cells alsoCan lead to the death of the fetus at the safest stages of development. For example, if a viable, healthy sperm cell is seen with a pathological egg or vice versa. An incorrect set of chromosomes entails a disastrous effect on the embryo. The same radiation can cause genetic changes and cause rejection by the mother of the fetus.

Hormonal infections in the body of a woman can also lead to anembrion. That is why the alignment of the hormonal background is the foundation of the foundations in the centers of restoring the reproductive function of the family.

Diagnosis of frozen pregnancy and subsequent actions

Anembrionia is diagnosed exclusively withUsing ultrasound. And never conclusions are not made only a single result of ultrasound. The main task of both mothers and doctors is to keep the pregnancy, it is not uncommon for an unskilled doctor or an instrument with insufficient sensitivity to produce lyobalite. Any competent doctor will not make hasty conclusions and will invite you to undergo a second examination in a few days or a week. Most likely, it will be extremely difficult time in the moral plan, but it is necessary to make sure that in the fetal egg there really is no embryo or just to be congratulated by good news.

Nevertheless, there are normals that say that when the size of the fetal egg is more than 20 mm, not the videnembrion, in this case the highest probability of anembrionia.

Additionally, the level of chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is analyzed. If the indicators are low, then with the help of them it will be possible to calculate at what time the death of the embryo occurred.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, you will beTwo options are suggested. Most likely, this will be a scraping of the uterus (cleansing), removal of the fetal egg. And the second option is a medical abortion, if it is a question of the smallest period (in Russia, so far only cleaning is possible).

On this your life does not end, moreover, there are all chances for a quick conception and healthy pregnancy with happy births. But do not rush and plan right after anembrion.

It should be given time for the organism to recover. With the help of a number of drugs and vitamin complexes, which will appoint a doctor, the uterine mucosa will recover. Usually it is recommended to be protected for about half a year after a dead pregnancy.

Precisely determine the cause of the embrion in practicedoes not seem possible. Doctors can only guess why this happened, looking back at external factors. Alas, but the results of histological research here also will not help, since for a while the scraping of cell division has already stopped.

More detailed diagnosis of treatment is prescribed only in cases of repeated miscarriages.

We hope that you will not be faced with such a diagnosis, but if this happens, you must remember that the next attempt will be successful, and you will necessarily become the best mom.

Frozen pregnancy is often due toPathologies of the fetus and the body thereby rejects the embryo at the very beginning of development, thereby giving you the opportunity to bear and give birth to a healthy and strong baby, which we wish you.

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