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Plyushkin's syndrome

Americans also call this disease "messi"Syndrome "from the English word" messi ", which means" chaos, disorder ". In addition, American scientists in the field of psychiatry Clark, Meinkikar and Gray gave this disease another name - the Diogenes syndrome or zhesindrom senile poverty.

It sounds rude and unpleasant, but because we are stillWe will use the habit of our hearing in the article - Plyushkin's syndrome. By the way, given that this disease is a mania, it must be said that there is scientific, it is possible to say, its medical name-syllogism.

The essence of the problem

The essence of this syndrome is, like manyKnow, in collecting (collecting) and long-term storage of a large number of old and unnecessary things, quite simply, junk. Although, perhaps, for a person who keeps such things, they are valuable. Scientists, psychologists and psychiatrists believe that this syndrome can have several causes and explanations.

First, the reason can beEarly trauma of the head, concussion of the brain or the consequences of surgical intervention. This is a physical problem. Changes in the frontal lobe lead precisely to such consequences.

Secondly, the face is just a very high degreeEconomy and frugality. Man really believes that these things can still come in handy. This kind of syllogism can manifest not only elderly people, as is commonly believed, but also in young people.

Thirdly, there have been cases in which Plyushkin's syndromeWas transmitted by inheritance, together with the accumulated things over the years. It is clear that there is not only a hereditary predisposition, but also an ispsychological trauma, for example, in a child who has been watching "gathering" from his parents all his life.

Fourthly, this syndrome is strongly associated withFear of poverty. Very many elderly people, survived the hunger, blockade and war, are very afraid to experience it again. And therefore they store themselves in apartments, houses and dachas, so that they should not throw it away in vain. They can be understood, because many of these people lived for years in conditions of total deficit and later. However, sometimes such gathering becomes a pile of housing just garbage, from which there is no use.

How to get rid of Plyushkin's syndrome?

Naturally, this disease is not treated by standardMethods and medicines. Treatment should only be the quality of psychological assistance to a person, except for cases of trauma to the head or the consequences of surgery.

No treatment should be carried out without consentPatient suffering from this syndrome. But many of these people do not completely recognize themselves as sick or psychologically unstable and refuse any help. The only thing you can do for people with syllogism is to try to correct their behavior and direct such "gathering" in the right direction.

Perhaps you can find a way how to helpTo leave a man with the accumulated things is painless. For example, you can find on the Internet a lot of communities where there are people who need many things. You can persuade a person to hand out all things if he feels sorry for them. Thus, you can bring tangible benefits to yourself and other people.

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