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How to choose a breast pump and how to use it

Probably in our time of high technology andInternet, every mother knows that a breast pump is a device in order to quickly and naturally express breast milk. Another 35 years ago, no one knew about it and could not even dream of it. Doctors constantly pointed out that milk should be decanted, and mothers in turn carried out their instructions. But now everyone as one expert maintains that it is always difficult to express moloquently and even situations that are harmful. But despite this, moms are already starting to buy a breast pump, because they listened to their girlfriends and think that with his help you can solve all the problems with feeding.

Necessity of pumping

Let's figure out why thisequipment? He was made to ease our lives, but not in order to free ourselves from breastfeeding. This means that any mother should be set up from the very beginning that it will be necessary to feed the baby with the breast.

Breastfeeding is an assistant who is created for some "difficult" situations.

In what stresses can not do without expressing?

  1. If the baby and mom are not together. For example, if the mother is sick, then herpotent drugs can damage the baby. In this case, the breast pump imitates sucking and keeps the milk flow until the recovery. And mom can then easily continue to breastfeed.
  2. If the crumb does not take the breast. Perhaps he is not full, sick or just toosmall to suck independently. There are cases when the baby can not take the breast, because the umas are the wrong shape of the nipple or an unpressed, taut chest. In such cases, the milk is expressed and feeds the child from the bottle.
  3. If mum should leave. In our time, mom immediately after childbirth canback to work, but not all can work on a free schedule. A separation at eight o'clock with feeding is incompatible. In this case, Mom again expresses the milk, and the child can eat in her absence.
  4. If mum needs to heal cracked nipples. This is a very unpleasant situation, but everything happens. In this case, fattening must be abandoned for a long time, so that it can be cured nipples. The milk pump will help to save mother's milk and continue feeding.
  5. If the wet-nurse has a very rough chest or lactostasis. Lactostasis is when dairyPotokii milk stagnates in some lobes of the chest. At first, after the birth, such a thing happens. If the lactation is not normalized, the breast is painful. To fix this, you need to express milk until it feels comfortable.

When and how much needing

If the minds have nipple injuries, then you needresort to manual decantation. This must be done, because the milk is expressed only for one purpose - to give the breasts a rest. If you use a breast pump, you can further injure the nipples, because it simulates the sucking of the baby. There is another situation in which one can not do without manual expression - it is mastitis (inflammation in the dairy and often due to lactostasis) or a condition close to it. Here the process that saves the situation is done with a massage that is aimed at the hardened areas of the chest. Of course, the breast pump is not capable of this.

In anyother situations, mom decides whether she needs a breast pump or not. Often there are no such situations when it is impossible to do without this technique.

Manual extraction is a long process, but its advantage is that it is cheaper and more natural.

Types of breast pumps

  1. Breast pump with pear and pump. These options are cheaper than all the others. And this, unfortunately, is their only virtue. And the shortcomings are a whole bunch: in the pump pump, there are no bottles, so frequent transfusion is necessary; they are inconvenient to use; their productivity is very low; frequent use of this technique can lead to cracks. They can not be used regularly.
  2. Piston. This model is already more thoughtful and perfect. It stimulates the chest, so, along with the massage, the milk is emitted by the natural way. Some models of such breast pumps have a chest attachment with protuberances in the form of petals, this is much better for expressing milk, because so Mommy gets more pleasant and comfortable sensations. Piston models are effective (for about 10 minutes, about 200 ml of milk are decanting), are noiseless, imitate suckling of a baby, mamasama can regulate the expression, its intensity. It is easy to disassemble and sterilize. The downside is that the hands are constantly busy, well, the price, of course, is not small. The most famous brands: Medela, Chicco, AVENT ISIS. Mamochki otlichno speak about breast pumps of these models.
  3. Electric. Immediately need to say that there is such a techniquea lot (from $ 75). But in order to conveniently and regularly express milk, it is very suitable. Here you can express immediately two breasts; Mom herself controls the intensity; no physical effort is not necessary; milk sucks the child's sucking, as if the baby really sucks, so the cracks do not form. There is one-way - it works from electricity, so it's practically not mobile. The electrical part can not be disassembled and sterilized. Such a device works silently, some very complain that they are disturbed by the constant buzzing of wushars.
  4. Electronic. Such breast pumps are often used in maternity homes. It works from the socket, it costs a lot and has microprocessor control. This is a more professional variant of expression.

The choice is a very individual process!

Many think that choosing a breast pump is a very simple matter. But in fact it is even more difficult than choosing any other technique. In addition, it is worth considering that each mummy is individual.

It is necessary to say more - many women can not pick up any of the existing types of breast pump. So do not listen to friends, in this case you should not rely on someone else's life experience.

First you need to decide what you needthat technique. If you work and you need a lot of pumping, then consider the electrical and piston models and it's best if they go with a petal nozzle. They will save you time, but remember that they are expensive. If you want to purchase a sucker to be just in case - for "security", if there is an unexpected situation, then choose a simpler and cheaper model (from $ 20). But remember that the model may not suit you, because very often the milk suckers with a pear or pump are just not stretching the milk. Before buying, please read the instructions. There you can see how to operate the device in all its details and then you will already understand whether to take it or not to take it.

How to use a milking pump

Remember that the breast pump is not a dishwashera car. Therefore, if you click a few buttons, you should not be sure that you will achieve the desired result. First, assemble the device and properly sterilize all its details. Find a place in the house where no one will disturb you. Tune in, think about that this device stimulates the production of milk, think about your baby. Relax. You can even take a bath or shower before that. If you do not have such a possibility at the moment, then drink warm tea or attach to a grubby towel or diaper. When you feel a rush of milk, start to decant it. And remember that you need to follow strictly according to the instructions.

To make a breast pump, you need to considera lot of factors, so do not rush to buy. First, start feeding the baby, and then decide why you need a breast pump, and then pick up a model that is convenient for you.

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