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Seven rules for women in their 30s

Seven rules

The first rule is peeling
For the skin of hands, body, face. After 30 years, the natural renewal of skin cells slows down and it is necessary to maintain them in an active state.

The second rule - the movement is life
Movement is an important action of all life. Therefore, we train, move, lift weights in the gym under the supervision of the coach.

The third rule is water
Simple water helps keep the skin fresh and supple. In a day you need to drink at least 2 liters of drinking water, coffee and tea are not considered.

The fourth rule is not to smoke
Throw this bad habit of smoking, enough,Pampered, showed teenage disobedience, pretty. As much as you do not like a cigarette, it carries your skin toxins and poisons, and the skin needs vitamins and oxygen. Do you feel the difference?

The fifth rule - take care of a cosmetic bag
Long time has passed for long-playing and cheapCosmetic products. Now you need to keep track of what the shelf life of cosmetics, they can be from six months to one and a half years. Make sure that the sponges are clean, and the quality of cosmetics is proprietary.

The sixth rule - do not overdo it
Rest with potent preparations and creams, for about twenty years.

Seventh rule - tan you do not go
This is not your choice - flaky nose and chocolatea tan. From the sun your skin grows old, take care of her in the youth. The shadow of a luxurious hat on his face, a beach holiday in a deckchair under a sprawling palm tree, elegant pallor.

Youth is how much a woman is good atThe eyes of others and how she looks. Youth is external - a tightness of the body, lack of wrinkles, skin tone and so on. Therefore, most women pick up cosmetics, visit salons, where they make peeling, massage and even hold braces. In Russia, 90 percent of women trust caring cosmetics.

In Europe they think differently. The minds of German women and French women are much more concerned with the issues of healthy eating and active lifestyle, rather than the selection of cosmetics. Youth for Western women is enough physical strength, energy, good self-perception, which allow you to live a full life, achieve success at work, skiing in the mountains, chatting with friends. The rules of youth require combining cares about the beauty of the inner and outer. From old age not to leave, but who does not dream to move it for a while? And first of all it concerns women. For them, the main weapon is beauty and youth.

Golden rules of youth

Purity of body and spirit
Scientifically proved that the negative in the form of screams, words,Thoughts make a woman in the eyes of others unattractive and accelerate the aging process. Discontent, grumbling, anger destroy our beauty, aura. Medicine has proven that the body periodically cleansed of toxins is updated and functions with renewed vigor. The result of cleansing the body are: improving the condition of the skin, nails, hair, the absence of a hanging tummy.

Physical activity
Movement saves from physical and moralStagnation. For beauty and health, it is not necessary to engage in fitness in the gym, it can be just an active weekend break, daily walking or regular sex. If within six months every day find time for sex, then the body can be rejuvenated for 7 years. Externally, a woman will look younger than real age.

Weight within the normal range
For the body, weight changes are a serious stress. When the weight changes, the skin either contracts or stretches. Therefore it is important that the weight was at a constant level. In this case, you can maintain health and skin. After all, thirty years is still a youth.
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