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Tea Mushroom - home doctor

Infusion of a tea mushroom - very tasty and usefuldrink. In the 90s he was impudently superseded obsessively advertised by the synthetic soda and "natural" juices. A three-liter jar with floating mucus blossom-jellyfish (by the way, because of the external similarity with the jellyfish, officially the name of the tea fungus - medusomycete) clearly lost in design to the beautiful bottles and boxes. But a slightly aerated sour-sweet taste of nastomeduzomitset - not only a tonic drink, but also a natural antibiotic, Iantiseptic, which can not be said for any famous soda.

In every historical epoch, the requirements forMedicinal products and stories about their "miracles" are set out at the level of medical knowledge that formed in those days. So with the tea mushroom. The ancient Roman warriors and Vikings drank his infusion ("tea kvass") before the battle, especially not knowing in its medicinal properties, just feeling the tonic and strengthening effect of the drink. But in ancient China, the tea mushroom was regarded as a source of magical power to prolong life. Its rounded, slightly elongated shape with curved edges, reminiscent of the roof of the Chinese temple-pagoda, fit well with the canons of the mystical teachings of the healers during the Dzinza dynasty two hundred years before the birth of Christ. The way of growing a tea mushroom has been preserved in the strictest secrecy. Chinese doctor, a specialist in tea mushrooms, in 414 managed to cure the Japanese emperor. He stayed to live in the Land of the Rising Sun and began to grow a tea mushroom for sale. Since that time, he began his victorious march through the countries of Asia, and then Europe.

In the 1950s and 1970s, the multimillion dollarThe army of owners of three-liter cans with a tea jellyfish had no idea about the elimination of the isorganism of toxins, slags, the attraction of cosmic energy for a well-meaning home, and the purification of the aura. People just drank tea kvas, they did not guess that the meduzomitset actively contributes to the solution of these issues. It is now determined that as a multi-disciplinary home doctor, he has both curative and magical properties (this is now necessary!). They assure that you can talk to the mushroom, and if you ask him well, he will fulfill any desire and fill the house with positive energy.

At present, there are many recommendations onUse of a tea mushroom and ways of preparation combined with other medicinal herbs infusions. After all, tea kvass is a natural vitamin pharmacy. He will strengthen immunity, and with a hangover on his feet will be no worse than a pickle. In a word, a panacea of ​​the 21st century. Even television was unsuccessful and advertised cosmetics on its basis.

But there is one BUT ... Too well, it's not good either. In a number of European countries, doctors do not share enthusiastic admirers and believe that positively affecting all the cells of our organism, the infusion of the fungus simultaneously activates the growth of cancer cells. Therefore, their doubts do not allow introducing meduzomitset into the list of official drugs. Studies of the properties of the tea fungus continue, time will put it in its place.

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