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Douching: rules of conduct, indications and contraindications


In the vagina there is a mucous membrane, whichDiscerns a bony secret, it is in itself and that is the cleanser that removes dead cells outside. Allocations are harmless and natural, they can appear with hormonal changes in the body during the cycle (for example, with ovulation). That's why, if you are all right and you do not have any infectious diseases, then your body is self-administered with cleansing and there is no need to syringe. It is quite enough to just take a shower every day with intimate detergents.

Many female representativesDouche in order to cleanse the genitals from secretions. You have to remember that you can not douche every day, this procedure flushes out your natural lubricant, and as a result you change the acidity and disrupt the normal microflora of the vagina, and this will lead to irritation and dryness. The protective functions will decrease, in addition, the pathogenic microorganisms that lead to inflammatory and infectious diseases can be infected.

Women who are already over 45, especially during menopause, generally need to forget about what kind of procedure this is. During this period and so there is a problem of vaginal dryness.


When the discharge is unhealthy and isThe consequence of the disease, unpleasant smell, have an unusual consistency and color, cause irritation, burning and itching, so it's time to turn to a gynecologist who will help you determine the diagnosis and tell you what you need to be treated for.

In such cases, syringed with medicines that fight the disease and help to ease and remove discomfort.

For example, diseases that are caused by sexualWay, treated with solutions of antiseptics. But imipolzuyutsya only for prevention of vыchnochnom order (for example, if there was an unprotected sexual intercourse with maloznakomymuzhchinoy), but only these drugs get rid of the symptoms is impossible.

If you suffer from inflammatory diseasesPolovyhorganov, then you can help the broths of medicinal fees - calendula, sage and Iromachki, as well as various antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs. They will remove the inflammation and accelerate the healing of the mucous membrane.

Young girls and girls and a doctor canPrescribe such a procedure (for example, with vulvovaginitis), but for this you need to use a soft, thin rubber tube. And doucheing is carried out only by a specialist who will do this with special care and caution.


Many women douche in order toProtect yourself from a pregnant pregnancy. However, it is worth remembering that this method is not reliable, because at 80% of cases pregnancy occurs. This is due to the fact that the spermatozoa very quickly move to the cervix uteri - in some cases they need it for 1.5 minutes. And you yourself know that for such a short period you can not have time to get douche. In addition, sometimes spermatozoa can be in the mucous secretions where the jet of syringe does not reach. Therefore, if the sexual act has occurred in auspicious day, then you will still become pregnant.

What kind of solutions can be used?

If you want to be syringed for hygiene purposes,Then use chamomile. Table top of the herb pour a glass of boiling water and let it brew for about twenty minutes. You can try and 2-3% solution of boric acid, baking soda or solution of furfuracilin. One tablet furatsilina need to dissolve in a glass of warm water, just in a glass of water you need to dissolve a spoonful of soda. Everything, infusion for syringing. Such broths and solutions do not cause any harm, so they can be syringed. However, soap and manganese should not be used - they will dry the mucous membrane.

As for medications you may be promptedDoctor-gynecologist, because everything depends on what illness or problem you have. If you suffer from thrush, then you can syringe with tea tree oil or infusion of elderberry. Take 30 g of collection per liter of water. So zhetakoy solution is useful in colpitis andendotservitsitah - an inflammation of the cervix and vagina. Recently drugstores started to supply such a drug as hyposol. It contains methyluracil and sea buckthorn oil, therefore it has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is used in many diseases - erosion, colpitis, endocervicitis, nonspecific vaginitis. Besides this, douching with this drug helps the healing of post-surgical erosion treatment. To effect was better, an hour before the procedure with diglyme, douche with a decoction of chamomile.

If you suffer from inflammation, then you will helpChlorophyllipt. It contains chlorophylls of eucalyptus leaves, therefore it has such anti-inflammatory effect. One spoonful of this solution should be diluted with one liter of warm water.

Vagotil-a preparation which is used very muchwide. It has bactericidal effect, is able to heal damaged mucous membrane, moreover, it is used in the treatment of trichomoniasis in combination with other drugs. He perfectly stops bleeding and relieves itching after removing polyps and biopsy. 1-3 spicy spoons should be diluted in 1 liter of warm water. These procedures can be done 2-3 times a day.

Could you do douche alone?

In any case, you first need to go to the reception toDoctor-gynecologist, and he will tell you what to do in your case. If, after all, you are syringing yourself, then be sure to read the instructions of the ready-made solutions. If you are preparing otvartrav or other solutions, then make sure that they are not hot, only warm.

In any case, self-medication is very risky. You can spread the infection, and then cure it will be more difficult, so if you notice a problem, go to the doctor.

Remember that before making a visit toDo not syrinize the gynecologist. You obviously will not be an example of such a disease, with which the doctor had no business yet. But the procedures can hurt that the doctor incorrectly diagnoses and even worse, will appoint the wrong treatment.

Rules of douching

  1. Douching is best in the bathroom. Lay down your back, and throw your feet on the wall.
  2. First of all, relax, otherwise, because of strained muscles, the solution will go badly into the vagina.
  3. For such a procedure, you need to use specialirrigation syringes, they have a special tip, so they are very comfortable. If there is no such, then you can use Eshmarha mug or usual rubber syringe. The broth or solution should be poured into the vsrintsovku and carefully insert the tip into the vagina so as not to damage the inside. To make the procedure you need 200-300 ml of decoction or solution.
  4. Keep the solution poured a little,so that there was not much pressure. Otherwise, the fluid can enter the uterus and develop inflammatory processes. The solution should wash the vagina, after which it pours out.
  5. For treatment syringing should be done in the morning and in the evening, and when the condition improves-once a day or even a day. One course of treatment is about 10 days. The procedure should last 15 minutes.

It is impossible to scribble

  • in the first time after abortion or childbirth,
  • during menstruation,
  • before visiting the gynecologist. So you wash the vagina with the mucosa, and it will be difficult for the doctor to diagnose you.
  • during pregnancy, this procedure can not be carried out, because the air can pass through the cervix, in addition, they can transfer to the fetus from the mother; there may be premature birth.
  • with some diseases (parametrize, metroendometritis, adnexitis).
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