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15 Simple Ways to Improve Sleep

1. Evening physical activity

According to studies, it is proved that moderatePhysical loads before bed contribute to the regulation of the level of hormones in the blood, which makes it possible to quickly and tightly fall asleep. Give preference to an early dinner and evening walks.

2. Leave the workplace at work

Work and stress stress are the causes of lack of sleep. Do not think about working before bed. The bed is intended for rest, but not for work. So leave work at work.

3. Discard the day's sleep

A bit of a nap during the daytime is useful. But if after a day sleep at night you are suffering from insomnia, then it is better to refuse from resting during the day.

4. Technique of relaxation

Even if you do not like yoga, vseravno recommend the use of a couple of poses that contribute to relaxation. If you can not sleep, try to relax and not think about anything.

5. Do not go to bed in a bad mood

When you are in a bad mood, even if you andFall asleep, most likely, you can not avoid nightmares. If you quarrel with a native person, then before going to bed try to make it up with him. You'll see, after that you quickly and soundly fall asleep.

6. Do not drink much coffee

If you want to sleep, then do not use coffee. If you used it during the day, you will not get to sleep at night.

7. Take notes

Keep a diary and write down events that happen to you during the day. Note that you are irritated and then your attention will not be focused on what is happening.

8. Turn off the TV

Refuse to sleep while watching TV or games on the phone. These things can stimulate the brain, which at night will not work correctly, which will lead to insomnia.

9. Listen to calm and pleasant music

Calm music calms and prepares to sleep. Avoid heavy, rhythmic music. Only a pleasant melody!

10. Think of a good

In the life of each person there were pleasant and joyful events. Therefore, think before going to bed is not a problem, but a good one. So you can recharge the positive and quickly fall asleep.

11. Get a comfortable pillow

The old pillow can cause a nap. So buy a new pillow and you will feel the difference.

12. It is not necessary to go to bed, if the decision is not made

Having an unresolved problem, before falling asleep, weigh the pros and cons, try to make a decision. Probably in the morning you will change it, but after all the "decision-maker" will turn off in your holofold while sleeping.

13. Observe the sleep mode

According to the research, it was found that a prolonged sleep at the weekend restores strength, but often it is the cause of sleep disturbance during work days. Observe all the time the sleep mode.

14. Do not go to bed if you do not feel tired

Before going to bed, take a walk on the fresh air. Drink a glass of milk and watch a movie from which you begin to feel tired and begin to sleep.

15. Do not panic.

If you can not fall asleep, stop panicking and constantly look at the clock, get up and take yourself in a business, and when you feel drowsy, lie down again on the bed.

All ljudiochen different, but when it comes toA sound and sound sleep, everyone needs water and the same: a dark cool room and unencumbered consciousness. Try to learn to control everything that happens around you and yours will envy everyone!

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