/ How to manage your dreams?

How to manage your dreams?

In the early 1070s, America usedSleepy telephones. A person who has just woken up and remembered his dream could call this phone and get an interpretation of the dream at the level of Sigmund Freud's theory, as well as some instructions and tips for managing his dream.

After that, mass seminars came to the aid,Which were conducted on the bases of popular and authoritative institutes and universities. For example, the seminars on the theory and practice of lucid dreaming at Stanford University were known and were in demand. Then 10 lessons cost 1500 dollars. Then came the American Association, which studied the dreams, on the basis of this appeared a lot of specialized literature and all sorts of masters on this issue.

Americans were not pioneers in the field ofConscious desires. This term is also not invented by them, but by the Danish psychologist Frederick Van Eden. He published a book-guide, the footman could manage his dreams in the 19th century. In the book, Idrenasskazival that he himself had mastered his dreams so much that he could even fly a dream (many dream of flying in a dream), meet with deceased close people and make trips to the far end of the earth.

American professor of StanfordUniversity Steven Lauberge became a modern dream management guru. He knows how to manage his own selves, and also wrote a series of practical books that provoked people to get involved in the art of dreaming. In addition, he created a special device, more like virtual glasses that are able to respond to the movement of the eyeball and can cause a person to enter into a dream and realize it in a dormant state. Such an invention costs about 200 dollars.

But is it possible to master your dreams yourself andTo make corrections in them? It all depends on your efforts. Based on the works of Eden, LaBerge and Castaneda, there is a plan of step-by-step actions that will help you in this. All these people say that any person who sleeps at night can master the art of lucid dreaming.

How to learn to manage your dreams?

Step # 1

To learn how to manage your sleep, you need in itrecover. In other words, first you need to learn to be aware of yourself in a dream and do not learn to do it, then you can not manage sleep. More precisely, you need to learn to control yourself in a dream.

The most important question: how to do this? To do this, you need to come up with something that will give you a snooze. For example, spend the whole day looking at your hands, in the mirror on your face and ask yourself the question: Do I sleep or not? One day, when you fall into the palms of your eyes, the reflex will work and the questions will come to your mind: I sleep or not? Accordingly, you yourself will reflexively answer this question: Yes, I'm dreaming.

Step # 2

Further by description, focus your attentionYou need on people and objects that fall in your sleep. It looks like you're riding a swing and trying to keep your eyes on some objects that sweep past. Again, focus on your hands. As soon as the picture becomes blurred, experts recommend looking again at the subject to which you are already accustomed (your hands). Other details and objects in the dream should be viewed superficially, with quick glances, but each time returning your opinion to the familiar object - your hands.

In his books, Laberge says that it is for thisthe methods of infants learn to hold their heads and apply to reality. In the first days of their lives they can not focus their attention on the same objects. Over time, the focus of attention becomes stronger and the picture in a dream becomes as real as it actually is in life.

Step # 3

It is very important to keep your dream journal. Write down all the scraps of dreams and feelings that you have experienced in them. It is very important to record everything that happens without getting out of bed-practically in a dream. One day you will realize that everything is not as you write it down, you will notice some inconsistencies. For example, you in your dream will notice an article in vegas on how to make masks for the elasticity of eyelids at home, and when you look a second time at a newspaper, you will already see another article-say, how to build a house. It is your records that will help you to track all the outlines and will make it clear that you are not just in your dream, but act (in this case, read). And when the plot of the dream will change drastically, it will become a clear sign that you are changing your son on your own.

Step # 4

All the strange things that happen in a dream area good sign for you. This is a clear consequence of the fact that your intention to change sleep is strengthened. It's not at all frightening that you are not yet able to do this to the fullest extent, the main thing is that the process has begun. For you, it should be the main goal, because it is through the intention of all events occur: meetings, conversations, travel, flights and other miracles. The swindlers do not include laws that belong to the waking reality (laws of nature, religious canons, physical quantities, morals and others). You can build a life of your dreams only with the help of your desire, which is easier to depict as a firm will. You must decide for yourself that you want to talk to someone or move somewhere, and it will happen right away. This is how the life of the dreamed dreams is born, if you are, of course, allow yourself to believe it.

This is a theory. Practice requires patience, time and perseverance. If on the first night you did not succeed and you decided to quit this business, then you will not achieve any results. Take everything in your hands and act. Even if you can not learn how to manage your dreams, then at least start to wake up, which is very important for our health.

Do you want to learn how to manage your dreams? Or maybe you already know how to do this?

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