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Mushrooms: about the benefits and harms

Now there are about a hundred kinds of mushrooms,Which can be used for food. Mushrooms are prepared not only as a separate dish, but also add to soups, salads, cereals, ragout, sauces and potato dishes. They are so popular due to their unique, aromatic and extractive substances, due to this have such a pleasant taste.


Mushrooms contain fats (1%), proteins (more than 5%), carbohydrates (3%), moreover, useful for our body micro- and macroelements - iron, copper, potassium, cobalt, copper, calcium and others.

We should use potassium as much asSodium, which our body receives a huge amount in the form of table salt. Now in our diet there is a lot of food that is over-saturated with spices or canned, and this is very harmful for our health. That's why you need to reduce the consumption of this food, and there are more fungi in which potassium is contained.

The mushrooms contain a daily requirement of the body of potassium -120 mg, and we need it for life, together with phosphorus for good teeth and teeth.

If you eat calcium and phosphorus together,Then theyreperformed much faster than individually. When used, their proportion should be 1: 1.5. Moreover, phosphorus compounds help to flow well the basic energy processes in the body. A person should eat 0.8 g of phosphorus per day.

Cobalt forms red blood cells, if in the body it lacks, then anemia appears.

Especially human need for life, copper, zinc, and manganese, which can also be obtained with the use of mushrooms.

Beneficial features

  • Fungi contain 18 amino acids, which develop a memory, mental activity, interfere with the development of atherosclerosis.
  • All microelements, which are rich in mushrooms, are neededUs for a good metabolism, reducing the risk of development and the emergence of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, these trace elements interfere with viral infections.
  • Vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B6) allowIt is normal to function the nervous system and is very necessary for a good state of nails, skin and hair. In mushrooms of these vitamins much more even than in cereals and vegetables.
  • B-glucans strengthen the immune system, in addition,These substances prevent the appearance of tumors. But in order for them to help you they need to use several hundred kilograms for a short period of time.
  • Melanin is a natural antioxidant.
  • Mushroom chitin removes heavy metals from the body.
  • Vitamin PP strengthens the walls of blood vessels and positively affects the organs of hematopoiesis. In mushrooms this vitamin is the same as in the beef liver.

In addition to all the useful properties, the fungi contain the fat-soluble vitamins D, C and A. The protein in the mushrooms is twice as large as in the egg, and three times more than in the meat.

Mushrooms are used for medicinal purposes. To cure the nervous system in folk medicine, fly agaric is used to cure alcoholism - a manure, tumors and radiation leukopenia - birch mushroom chaga.Ochen tasty white mushroom (boletus) has antitumor and tonic effect.

Harm of mushrooms

We all know that a lot of people get into the hospitalPeople mushrooming. The reason for this is the inability to distinguish non-edible fungi from edible, the acquisition of mushrooms in dubious places, the lack of basic information on the effect of human activity on the chemical and biological composition of fungi, and much more. Mushroom pickers often kill the creeper, collecting this product. Do not abuse the food wormy, softened and ripe mushrooms, because of this, may arise diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, such mushrooms are sources of energy that update the mycelium.

There are 20 mushrooms especially dangerous and unsuitable forConsumption: red fly agaric, pale toadstool (fly agaric) and all kinds of fly agarics, false gray-yellow forehead, satanic mushroom, chanterelle, raincoat, stitch, dark-scaly or rusty mushroom and others. Often, of course, there are outbreaks not poisonous mushrooms, and the so-called edible, an excellent example of this is a thin pig. If it is improperly cooked, then you can get poisoned. Fungi in each period of their growth have a different amount of poison, in addition, it can vary from the conditions of development andprogress. Experts say that the fungi that grow on poor arid soils are less toxic than those growing in humid conditions on humus soils.

Chitin, which is found in mushrooms in considerableQuantity, almost not assimilated in the human body. Therefore, they are so badly digested. In addition, if mushrooms become very involved, then it can lead to acute chronic pancreatitis and inflammation of the pancreas.

Due to the high content of chitin, some of the percentages that are contained in the product are inaccessible to the body.

Children under 13-14 years old can not digest chitin. If you do not want your child to start out in the body, then do not let him eat mushrooms.

Mushrooms - this is a plant that canAbsorb from the air radioactive compounds toloxin. Be careful when you collect them. Choose an environmentally friendly place, so as not to damage your health.

When you are leaving the forest for mushrooms, put inBowl only those that you have no doubt. Do not rely on chance, do not endanger the health of your loved ones and yourself in particular. There are six mushrooms that even after boiling remain poisonous: fiber, pale toadstool, fly agaric, fly stain, flywort, fly agaric, panther fly agaric. Avoid these mushrooms, in any case you can not eat them.

For insurance, treat each fungus better. Even boil mushrooms boil for at least fifteen minutes, but remember that at a temperature of 100 degrees, almost all useful substances are destroyed.

If you have properly picked mushrooms and tasted themCooked, then they will bring you pleasure otih use. It's important that the hostess knows some tricks. For example, to mushrooms quickly assimilated them in a smaller way to cut. Remember that most of the chitin is contained in the legs, so they need to be cut smaller than the caps.

How would you make mushrooms, they are allHeavy food, except the camphor with mushroom powder and mushroom broth. But when you eat mushrooms, protect yourself from overeating and obesity, because this product contributes to loss of weight.

How to store mushrooms?

It is very important to remember that after you cutFungus, it should be cooked or processed as soon as possible, because after 4-5 hours at room temperature, secondary metabolites begin to accumulate in it. You can store mushrooms longer in the refrigerator, but not more than a day. You can not store them in polyethylene, tk. It accelerates the decay process due to the lack of air and moisture that the fungi secrete. Therefore, they form substances harmful to humans. It is best to put them in the refrigerator in containers with rigid walls.

Dishes made from mushrooms must be stored in clay or enameled dishes in the refrigerator.

If suddenly the human body getsToxic substances, withdraw them later is difficult and every person has it at different rates. In such cases, you do not need to self-medicate, but you should immediately go to the hospital.

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