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Necessary products in the treatment of cancer

Maintaining energy and strength

If the body is very tired of cancer, then you needKeep the strength to fight it, so you need to pay attention to the squirrel. Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and cancer itself - all this increases the body's need for protein. Thanks to proteins, you can cure sickness faster. But how to get enough protein?

The nutritionist says that an excellent source of proteinIs meat, fish and poultry. The only problem can be that some people during a cancer can not tolerate these foods. It is for this reason that you should eat foods that are easily digested:

  • Beans, nuts, almond oil, peanut butter, soybeans
  • Eggs
  • Cottage cheese, dairy products, yoghurt, cheese.

It is best to obtain a protein from naturalNatural products. If this body does not help, then you need to make in the diet protein powders, for example, powdered milk or whey from soy. If there are problems with chewing or ingestion, then you need to add powders to soft foods, for example, in fruit cocktails and mashed potatoes.

It is very important that the organism does not need a protein in the fight against cancer.

How to avoid weight loss

In the process of cancer treatment, such aThe problem is like weight loss, and she is completely unfriendly in this situation. Since the body struggles with the disease and is treated, the metabolism processes in the body can significantly accelerate.

If there is a significant weight loss, then try to eliminate it as soon as possible, because it affects the strength to fight the disease. How to avoid weight loss?

  • It is very important to eat high-calorie foods, for this the protein is ideal.
  • If the sense of taste is lost, then you need to add oregano, cinnamon or curry.
  • Perhaps the body will need more fat. Many experts say that you can eat ice cream or pizza, so the body will get a lot of fat and calories.

But not always with cancer diseases decreasesthe weight. For example, in the treatment of breast cancer, massetela increases. Therefore, one should not think that proper nutrition during cancer treatment means food with a high fat content of calories. First of all, you need to consult a nutritionist or a treating doctor about what you need to worry about first.

Fighting with stool

Practically 80% of people who passChemotherapy, suffer from vomiting or nausea. How can this escape? What should you eat? Since ancient times, ginger is considered the best means of nausea. There are other products that will help to avoid this: white rice, dried grains, potatoes, dry toast, dry pretzels, sprinkled with sugared, crackers and starchy foods.

Of course, there are other methods. During the period of treatment it is difficult to eat nourishing, so it is best to eat small portions, but often. Experts say that you need to stop eating the food, because you are used to, you need to do this to music, by candlelight or by nature. You need to do everything that can distract you and help you solve the problem.

How to not manufacture your body

In cancers, the most important part of theThe body's nutrition is the water, you need to drink a lot of fluids. Doctors say that the treatment is painfully accompanied by light dizziness, nausea and fatigue, which may be due to the fact that the body lacks water. People who are treated with chemotherapy should drink 8 to 10 glasses a day a day.

There are such chemotherapy drugs thatNegatively affect the work of the kidneys. A large amount of water can protect the kidneys from this. If a person suffers from vomiting and diarrhea, this means that the body is immune and it is necessary to replenish water supplies. You must drink any liquid that can quench your thirst. Excellent juices, sports drinks and water. But if the weight increases with the treatment of cancer, then you need to pay attention to the calorie intake in the chosen drink.

Should I drink drinks that contain caffeine? In general, they can be consumed, but it is necessary to regulate the amount swallowed, it is unlikely that the attending physician will react positively to eight to ten mugs per day. It is necessary to ask the doctor whether it is necessary to exclude from rational alcohol. It depends on the treatment and type of cancer.

What to use in any case it is impossible

During the treatment of cancer,Which you have never loved and just can not eat. If you can not eat them, then do not torture yourself. People who have ulcers in their mouths will have problems with eating certain types of fruits. People who suffer from diarrhea and vomiting will not be able to eat bread from wholemeal flour, as well as corn. Naturally, you should always listen to the advice of your doctor about nutrition. It all depends on the type of disease and situation, in any case, the expert can always give accurate recommendations.

Risky diets and food additives

Do not need to adhere during the treatment of ailmentExtreme diets and eating certain foods, vitamins and supplements in huge quantities. This is not good - you run the risk. Experts say that excessive use of soy products, for example, tofu, can increase the rate of breast cancer. Even antioxidants, which are considered a means to prevent cancer, can be damaged during treatment. In no case should not take supplements. No one other than the attending physician, can not give advice and recommendations, so you should definitely consult the snaps.

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