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I'm pregnant, what should I do?

Talk to the child's father

Never need to be afraid to tell your boyfriendDisguised. Of course, the reaction may be different, but whatever it may be, anyway, after talking with a young man you will already know what to look for. Remember that a man may need time to find out what happened. Therefore, do not immediately get angry and offended. If the guy did not show particular joy or was frightened, you must understand his feelings. His life at one point is changing dramatically and he needs time to reconcile with the new course of things. Therefore, if the young man did not show a sharp negative in response to your words, do not attack him and do not tell him love. Just love and responsibility are two different things. Let him decide whether he is ready to be responsible for the life of the new man.

If the young man immediatelySpeaking against the birth of a child, then you, in the first place, it is worth considering whether it is worth linking your life with this guy. But only if you want to have children. If both of you look at the situation the same, then it is possible, such a life partner is quite suitable for you.

Do not pay attention to someone else's opinion

Never look back at others andMake decisions depending on what someone says. Remember that the grandmothers on the shops of the amusement parks will always find a reason to crock, even if you yourself will be the benchmark of the people. Therefore, if you become pregnant, never think about the opinion of the community on this matter. Whether you're sixteen or thirty-six, it's just your business. If you feel that you are ready for the birth of a child even in the youngest age, then you do not need to go on about the public opinion that will scream that "life is broken, nothing will be achieved." Each person has his own goals and desires. Perhaps, you are the person who prefers to careers and cheerful parties the upbringing of children. Therefore, in order to listen to gossip behind your back and be upset over them, listen to the person whose opinion is really important - listen to yourself. Remember that for each responsibility, we are responsible for ourselves. Even confronting obligations on others, finding an excuse, in the depths of one's soul, everyone knows that only he himself is to blame for all the sorrows. So listen carefully to what your feelings say about what happened.

Is it for you?

If you find out that you are expecting a child, then in the firstTurn, before making any decisions, ask yourself, do you need it? Many women are afraid to even think about this, because children are flowers of life, happiness for every fair sex and so on. In fact, everything is absolutely different. Not every lady at a young age is ready and wants to become a mother. Yes, there, not all women generally want to be mothers in any age. And in this there is nothing terrible. Not everyone is given the pleasure of educating his child. Some women see the meaning of life as entirely wine. So before you decide to give birth, understand if you need it. It is you, not the husband (guy), parents, society, which condemns the lack of children and so on. And if you understand that you just do not need this child and do not want to engage in upbringing at all, but on the contrary, when you look at it, you will feel that you lose everything that you really want and what you are aiming at, then you should not give birth. Remember that there is nothing wrong with the fact that a woman honestly admits herself and the child in the unwillingness to have children. It's worse when she decides to lie, and then suddenly becomes a bad mother, hating her children. So never give birth to a child for someone. First of all, it must be desirable for you. If this does not happen, no matter how much your child wishes your baby, you will begin to get irritated with modernity because of the child, and because of the love of your half-husband to him. You will understand that you are doing the wrong thing, you will be angry with the insect and try to remake yourself, but instead you will only become even more guilty of the child in all your problems and misfortunes. Therefore, if you feel that you do not want children, you do not need to leave the baby. The church screams about the sinfulness of abortions, but does not think that it is more sinful to condemn a person to live with the idea that his mother does not like it, developing complexes and being angry with the whole world. Therefore, act in such a situation according to conscience. Even if no one understands and supports you, be honest with yourself, and then you do not have to suffer all your life because you did what someone wanted, not you.

The same applies to situations whereThe young girl, on the contrary, wants with all her heart to have this child, and everyone dissuades her. If you have such a strong maternal instinct, then believe me, you will be able to cope with the situation and love your baby even when everyone is turning away from you. If you really want to grow it the most beautiful and happy, then you will be able to do any work and you will be uncomfortable with difficulties. At the same time, you will not need any pope, grandmother or nidyushka. You will live in your cozy little world and give each other joy and strength.

Conversation with parents

If you find out that you are pregnant,Be sure to talk with your parents. Especially if you do not know what to do. It is not necessary to be afraid, because in the end, the truth will still seem to come out. Therefore, best of all to torment yourself and not be tormented by expectation and ignorance, but immediately about everything to tell the father and mother to know how they relate to the current situation. Of course, if the future mother is very young, it is unlikely that the reaction of her parents will be too joyful. But there is nothing surprising in this, because for each child wants a promising and happy life for his child, and early motherhood slightly reduces the chances of such a possibility. On the other hand, any loving parents, no matter how strict they are, will always come and help their child and will always support him. So do not be afraid to tell the pregnancy. After the first shock your mother and Iotets will think everything over and maybe will be able to help you make the right decision. If the parents react sharply negatively, up to the fact that they chase the child out of the house, then the young mother will know for sure that it is not worth it to help the family, And deciding whether to leave the baby, will be aware that she should not rely on help, she can rely only on herself. Fortunately, this happens rarely. Basically, crying and screaming, the parents throw themselves at the aid to their daughter and do everything to make her happy, no matter what decision is made.

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