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Treatment of hypertension

It is worth remembering that the treatment of hypertensiveFirst of all, it is necessary to start the disease with non-pharmacological methods of influencing the increased arterial pressure. Such methods include the following:

  1. With excess body weight, it is necessary to throw off excess kilograms;
  2. Significantly reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The representative of the weaker sex per day is allowed to drink no more than 350 milliliters of beer, 35 milliliters of vodka or 150 milliliters of wine;
  3. Noticeably increase physical activity. To physical activity it is necessary to include walking 30-45 minutes not less than 4 days;
  4. Noticeably limit the ingestion of sodium. In a day it is recommended to eat no more than 6 grams of table salt;
  5. It is obligatory to include in your diet vegetables, fruits and all products, which necessarily include magnesium, potassium and calcium;
  6. Quit smoking and reduce the intake of foods rich in cholesterol and animal fats.

The high efficiency of these simple methodsThe results of the study, which was carried out by American scientists, show. As it turns out, a decrease in body weight, and a restriction in the use of salt in cooking, made it possible to cancel the medical treatment of hypertension more than in 90% of patients. Those who followed all the recommendations correctly, blood pressure stabilized. In addition, people who lost weight and limited themselves in consumption of salt, halved the number of heart attacks, strokes, myocardium, heart failure and arrhythmia.

By the way, at the moment of the decision of a question concerningThe need for drug treatment must take into account another factor. In most people, blood pressure is higher at the time when it is measured in the doctor's office. This condition is called "hypertension white coat." This phenomenon is connected with nothing else than with increased nervousness. It is for this reason that the arterial pressure is recommended to measure at home. Today, the methods of its independent measurement are available to everyone. If the indicators of pressure measured at home are normal, it is likely that people are not in need of medicinal treatment. But anyway, this question should definitely be discussed with a medical specialist.

And to give a more precise question aboutThe need for treatment is possible with the daily monitoring of blood pressure. The essence of it is that the monitor is attached to the patient, which measures the pressure every 10-20 minutes through a simple cuff. All results are fixed, and after a 24-hour period, the doctor can familiarize himself with the dynamics of changes in these data. The study of such a city allows not only to solve the problem of the presence or absence of a "hypertensive gown", but also to make a selection of the best regimen for the administration of medications.

At the moment when treatment is selected,It is recommended to measure the pulse and pressure at home every 2-3 hours (night is excluded). All the results must be recorded and taken with you, going to the doctor. The methodology is very simple, easy and informative.

For today, the rules for controlling blood pressure are:

  • Every hypertensive patient must have an apparatus for measuring blood pressure.
  • It is necessary to carefully monitor the accuracy of the instrument and to time it out in time to calibrate it.
  • Measurement of blood pressure should be carried out exclusively on the shoulder.

And yet, the indicators of normal pressure for a person in the 30th anniversary of 50 do not differ. Age norms exist only for children.

To what level is it necessary to reduce pressure and how to be a person who has a working pressure of 160/140 mm Hg. And he does not complain about health?

160/140 mm Hg. Is the upper limit of the norm. In other words, this is the "target level of blood pressure". According to several large international studies, lowering the pressure to the target level markedly reduces the possibility of the formation of cerebral stroke and myocardial infarction. In those who suffer from diabetes, the target level of blood pressure is below 130/75 mm Hg.

Taking medication for hypertension at the moment of liftingPressure is prohibited. Today, medicines are taken constantly against the background of compliance with non-pharmacological methods. Treatment is selected in such a way that the cardiovascular arterial pressure does not exceed 140 mm Hg, and during the day there were fewer jumps. At the time of correctly and correctly selected therapy, if jumps occur, they tend to be insignificant.

New drugs to prevent the appearance of pressure

In recent years, the science that studies the increasedArterial pressure, gone far away. Back in the mid-1990s, the place of adelphan and other aged combination drugs, which had side effects, changed medications that contain a single-chemical substance. This, as a rule, it provided a clear dosage of the medicine and a forecast of their complications and side effects. There were even tablets slow during the day release of the active substance, which are very convenient because they can be taken only once a day.

For today, still do not stop developingNew forms of medicines, as well as new ways of acting on the body of hypertensives. Again, the combined tablets were created on a new technology and are presented as modern and more safe preparations. These new drugs can be divided into two types:

  1. Tablets, active substances which are excellentCombined, while enhancing the effect of each other. In these tablets, the doses of the components are minimized. Such medications are convenient and easy to use and due to lower doses they have significantly fewer side effects.
  2. Tablets, in which componentsSimultaneously, they affect several mechanisms of hypertension development. All active substances are contained in conventional doses. Medicines of this type are prescribed for patients in whom hypertension is difficult to treat.

According to international studies, much more effective treatment of patients with hypertension is observed when combined tablets are used.

And the last. All modern drugs do not cause drowsiness, lethargy and depression. All these side effects were characteristic features for drugs that were not used long ago in the treatment of hypertension.

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