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Ice cream: harm and benefit

Of course, this statement is a bitexaggerated, but samasut is correct. In our country, both grown-ups and children buy ice-cream in a variety of circumstances: on holidays and on weekdays, to cool themselves on a hot weather or just to cheer up on a cloudy day. The view of such excessive use is different for all. Some believe that there is ice cream every day, while others believe that its use should be limited to two times within a week.

How harmful is the effect of ice cream onbody is difficult to say. It will be more accurate to pay attention to the fact that with regard to all foodstuffs - in all things it is necessary to observe the measure. Even such a harmless product, like ice cream, can be both harmful and useful.

What is the favorite ice cream?Regarding the way it is produced, ice cream can be both soft and hard. Ice cream soft can not be colder than minus five degrees Celsius. The taste of this ice cream is rather gentle, but it can not be stored for a long time. Ice cream hardened at the mills, frozen to minus twenty-five degrees. It tastes more solid and dense, and can be stored for a year.

With regard to the degree of fat content, there are several types-cream, milk, fruit and berries and plombir.

Ice cream

Fruit and berry ice cream does not contain fat, sugar is present only in a ratio of 30%. It is made from puree of natural juices and fruits.

Milk ice cream in its composition has a smallerThe amount of sugars is about 16%, and its composition includes fat in small amounts, about 6%. Ice cream has 10% fat and 15% sugar. The sunburn contains about 15% fat, thus being the most fatty variety.

An excellent product is natural animal fats,Who are given energy and strength. It should be noted that today many manufacturers also use a mixture of vegetable fats, explaining this by the fact that ice cream has a lower caloric value and a lower price. This is true, but as for its nutritional value, especially against the background of all possible emulsifiers and fillers, it is doubtful .

If the ice cream is made from productsnatural - here is a large number of useful substances: amino acids more than 20, fatty acids about 25, vitamins 20, mineral salts and enzymes that are important for correct metabolism, about 30. For this reason, there is an opinion that one serving of ice cream is capable of "brainwashing" .

If the ice cream was made from natural milk, it is undoubtedly useful. After all, this way, it is caloric, nutritious, able to restore energy and even satisfy hunger.

Some otolaryngologist doctors recommendUse ice cream regularly, as this will help develop a so-called local immunity, which will accustom the throat to a low temperature. Of course, all this is done gradually, ice cream at the same time is cautious, in small quantities.

Benefit and harm

Specialists of the Institute of Nutrition believe that such athe product, like ice cream, can benefit far from everyone. First of all, it is caused by its caloric value - 500 kcal in 100 g. Also, because of the sugar content in it, ice cream is contraindicated for people who have extra pounds, as well as suffering from diabetes mellitus.

It is not recommended to eat ice cream,The fat produced in people who have cholesterol levels higher than normal. The big part of nutritionists are not advised to often get carried away by flavored varieties of anime: lemon or strawberry it.d. The fact of the matter is that the composition of such products necessarily includes fruit essences and various additives of artificial origin. It is safer to eat fruit and berry varieties.

The least fat is milk ice cream, inthe strength of which is the least caloric. It should be remembered that in any form of ice cream contains in sufficient quantities digestible sugar, which increases the glucose in the blood.

Excessive intake of ice cream can causeheadaches. Perhaps, this fact will seem foolish to someone, however, relying on the statistical data, this is indeed so. Approximately one third of the people of the whole world suffer from headaches precisely because of the use of ice cream in large quantities. If there is ice cream very quickly, you can lower the body temperature, while the vessels narrow, and the brain begins to receive blood in smaller quantities. Thus, for this reason, the head begins to ache.

From the use of ice cream should abstainpeople who suffer from ischemia of the heart, caries and atherosclerosis. Every day there is ice cream should not even perfectly healthy people. Recommended - two or three times a week.

Regarding children, one should not allow themice cream change the full-fledged intake of food. But here the opinions of various specialists differ. Some offer to give ice cream to children after eating as a dessert, because you can not kill the appetite in this way. Some experts adhere to the opinion that after eating, the use of ice-cream can make digestion difficult.

But there is also a golden mean - ice cream for children can be offered as an afternoon snack, for example with forest berries, which will helporganism to assimilate fats and sugar.

Note that many people are used toice cream is available on the street. But so we eat together with ice-cream exhausts of cars, street dust, dirt, as ice cream attracts to itself this all. In the event that the ice cream you bought on the street, eat it in the park on a bench or in a summer cafe.

If the measure with the use of ice cream will be respected, it is possible for everyone. And note that in Russia ice cream is used 4-10 times less than in the US or European countries.

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