/ What can and can not drink during pregnancy?

What can and can not drink during pregnancy?

Drinks to be limited

Coffee. This drink contains cafein, moreover, the chemical composition of soluble coffee makes it possible to make it soluble. The constant use of coffee more than six-seven in the course of the day, refers to drug dependence, like tobacco. And the use of the drug in pregnancy, even the most innocent, like the coffee, can lead to the same dependence on the baby.

Therefore, minimize the use of coffee during pregnancy.

Tea. Strong tea also contains a lot of caffeine. Therefore, it is better for pregnant women to drink tea heavily diluted.

Many people think that replacing black withWill be able to receive less caffeine, but this is not so. In one cup of tea, not less caffeine than in a black circle, so there is also a restriction. However, green tea contains microelements and bioactive substances, so it is better to use this tea in an interesting position.

Fruit tea, which has become fashionable today, is more useful than usual tea if it is brewed from dried fruit.

Sparkling water. This water leads to excessive gassing. Sweet carbonated drinks such as cola, contain many synthetic chemicals that can not be used pregnant. In addition, fizzy drinks do not allow the absorption of calcium. Mineral water without gas contains mineral salts, which can lead to a serious burden on the kidneys.

Juices. As for juices, freshly squeezed juices are considered top-green. In the juices of the packages contain various preservatives, taste improvers harmful to health. In addition, many of the stores contain a lot of sugar.

What can you drink during pregnancy?

Learn how to quench your thirst with purified water, you canSpring or boiled. This becomes especially necessary in the third trimester of gestation, when thirst is intensified due to the activation of water salt metabolism. It is advisable to drink during pregnancy as much as the body requires, except when the use of fluid is limited by the doctor. If during the pregnancy to carry water and drink it often, but a small sip, attacks of thirst will be tormented much less often.

Water is the main drink for the future. It should be about 2/3 of the fluid that enters the body.

What to drink except water?

First of all, freshly squeezed juices in the summer andFruit drinks, prepared from homemade preparations, in winter. Fine to quench your thirst with fruit drinks made of jam, jam, frozen and dried fruits. These drinks contain vitamins and trace elements.

- Herbal teas. Prepare tea for dried fruits and leaves, brewing them. It is good to use the raw materials of plants growing in the area where the pregnant woman lives. Drink herbal teas for a few days, then you can take a break for one day, and then you can brew another plant.

Alternation of tea can get a selection of drinks, repeated once a month.

If the main drink of a pregnant woman will be purified water, herbal teas, freshly squeezed juices and fruit drinks, then sometimes you can afford a little cup of coffee.

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