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Toxicosis: early and late

Is nausea and permanent vomiting dangerous at the beginning of pregnancy?

As a rule, this state is calledearly toxicosis. Typically, vomiting up to nine to ten times a day is usually attributed to mild form and a woman in this situation does not need hospitalization. According to doctors, this state of health is already in the fourth month of pregnancy. And in order to speed this process, it is necessary to monitor what you eat. Eat as often as possible - every 2-3 hours, in small portions, in a supine position. Plus it is very important for everything that the food is chilled. Avoid coffee and fatty foods. It is worth noting that in the process of increased toxicosis is often appetite suppressed, so at this point it is worth eating easily digestible food with a hefty number of vitamins.

Do not forget the drinking drink, because withvomiting the body is dehydrated. Very good effect gives alkaline mineral water, which is recommended to drink in a small quantity 5-6 times for the whole day.

It is strictly forbidden to abuseMedicinal products that act as pressure-reducing agents. Women during the first trimester of pregnancy, as a rule, are predisposed to hypotension, which must always be remembered. And one more thing, in case you've been vomiting, and you can not manage it on your own - you need to go to the hospital, where they will take care of you and ease your condition.

Heartburn after nausea in the second trimester: how to get rid of it?

Heartburn is often a companionPregnancy, and in this there is nothing strange. To cope with it, it is necessary, if you have not done this yet, ultimately stop smoking. Refuse all alcoholic beverages, as well as spicy and sweet food. A good prophylaxis of heartburn at the time of pregnancy is milk: you should definitely drink every day a half liter of milk, and do not overeat before you go to bed, and sleep better on a high pillow.

In the event that all the above described measures are notwill bring a positive result, take a special drug that fights sizzhogo. These drugs are usually safe at the time of pregnancy and help to overcome heartburn in five minutes. But do not exceed the norm, a lot of tablets a day.

If your relatives have toxicosis, you need to take additional measures!

Sometimes it happens that the toxicosis does not come backfor a long time. But you should always remember that if your sister's mother or grandmother suffered late toxicosis during pregnancy, then this risk, unfortunately, is also uvass. By the way, if a late toxicosis was observed in you with a previous pregnancy, you need to draw conclusions!

Do not forget to informyour doctor about what chronic diseases you will suffer (if, of course, you have such diseases). Strictly observe the planimedical supervision, which for you personally is compiled by your doctor. Unfortunately, it is not a secret for anyone that today there are many expectant mothers who care negligently about the observations in the women's consultation. And as the medical statistics show, among pregnant women who at least partially ignore medical examination, there are more frequent complications not only during pregnancy, but also at the time of delivery. And in case of a complete refusal - a thousand times more!

It should be remembered that during pregnancy youcategorically forbidden stress, so they are best avoided in every way. Often this is impossible, because the emotional state of pregnant women in itself suggests this. To avoid this, it is worth going to a psychologist on counseling or together with her husband to visit the school of motherhood. In difficult situations, you should seek help from a psychotherapist. A well-composed regimen and wakefulness, in particular a dream or rest, when you lie in the position of the left side. This all is able not only to reduce the stress load, but also to improve the work of internal organs and the system as a whole.

A balanced diet can help to avoid and reduce the severity of late toxicosis. The diet should include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, natural fibers, microelements and vitamins.

It must be remembered that effective results always ensure prevention. Therefore, always consult with your doctor about the risk factors for the development of late toxicosis.

What kind of examination is mandatory in the maternity hospital at the time of late toxicosis?

Mandatory examination, which should be carried out with pozdnemtoksikoza must necessarily include the following items:

  • Permanent and regular measurement of body weight;
  • Measurement of blood pressure indicators. By the way, next, note that during pregnancy, the altial pressure should not exceed a norm of 125/90 mm Hg. P.
  • Determination of a one-day diuresis - the ratio of used and allocated fluid;
  • Regular delivery of urinalysis. According to this analysis, the urine should not contain protein;
  • Obligatory biochemical analysis of blood;
  • Cardiothachography (CTG) of the fetus. Thanks to this method, it is easy to determine the heart rate of a baby in the womb and its motor activity. Based on the data obtained after cardiotachography, you can find out all the details about the physical condition of the unborn child;
  • Ultrasound of the fetus, as well as dopplerometry. With the help of these most procedures, the intrauterine condition of the fetus and the blood flow in the placenta ipupovine are evaluated.

Is it true that late toxicosis can adversely affect the baby's health?

At the time of late toxicosis, except for allthe remaining disorders, there is a violation in the placenta, which is related to the circulation. And as you know, thanks to her, the kid gets all the necessary nutrients, including oxygen, which provides normal breathing and is an integral part of the full development of the baby. As a result, the child is in a state of protracted hypoxia. In other words, he lacks the necessary amount of oxygen. As a rule, this can lead to negative consequences - a lag in growth and even a violation of the formation of not only light, but also other organs. By the way, in this situation, the occurrence of premature birth is highly probable.

To avoid all these negative consequences will helponly just regular observation during the entire period of pregnancy of the female gynecologist. Only in this case, the health of the future mothers and the baby will be under full control!

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