/ What you need to know about obesity?

What you need to know about obesity?

Degrees of obesity

Before making a diagnosis of obesity,You need a special formula to calculate your ideal weight. The formula is very simple: you need to take out 100 years. That is, if your height is 170 centimeters, the ideal weight should be 70 kilograms. There are also special tables that determine the normal mass of the body. This takes into account not only growth, but age as well Also the type of physique.

As we have already said, obesity can be the first,Second, third and rarely fourth stage. The first degree is diagnosed if the body weight is above the norm by 10-30%, the second - 30-40%, the third - 50-99% and the fourth - 100% and higher.

However, one must bear in mind that such a criterion is notCan be considered sufficient and objective. In order to diagnose obesity, it is necessary to additionally measure the fatty layer with a special device called a clipper. After all, there are cases when the weight exceeds the norm, but a person is not considered to be obese. This applies not only to simple people, but also to bodybuilders, as well as to athletes whose muscle mass exceeds the average.

The extent of obesity can also be classified byBody mass index. To do this, the body mass must be divided into a square of growth in the range. There are three stages of obesity. The first stage is 30-35 units. BMI, the second - 35-40 units. And the third - more than 40 units. BMI.

Causes of obesity

The World Health Organization has triedTo find out the causes of obesity, and eventually came to the conclusion that people suffer this problem, not because of genetic predispositions or viruses. Rapid weight increase is associated with negative changes in lifestyle. In many countries people get fat just because of malnutrition and a sedentary lifestyle. If a person consumes more calories along with food than his body spends during the day, then they will turn into fatty deposits. The situation is only aggravated by the fact that people lead a sedentary lifestyle and have no systematic physical exertion. In such conditions, surpluses of energy do not rest on muscle mass, as in athletes, but are postponed vigil.

But there are other causes of obesity. This disease can erupt due to a violation of the thyroid gland - hypothyroidism. If the thyroid gland will produce an insufficient amount of the hormone, then the exchange will significantly slow down. And even if a person will eat less food, then all the same he will quickly recover. If you have recently noticed that your weight is rapidly increasing, then be sure to visit the endocrinologist to avoid problems with the thyroid gland. The doctor gives the direction of the tests for hormones.

There are other variants of endocrine obesity. For example, the breakdown of prolactin and insulin metabolism. Most often, women are at risk of menopause. This is due to taking hormonal drugs. But for today the connection between oral hormonal contraceptive obesity is not proven.

Not only women are obese, but alsoMen. Most often, the "hormonal" obesity in men arises from the reduction of hormone-testosterone. The reasons for this are very different. Sometimes it's about taking anabolic steroids or other drugs that are designed to grow muscle mass. Doctors believe that obesity can be associated with heredity. As it turned out, there is a gene in the genome that is responsible for the predisposition to dermatology in the presence of other equal conditions. Such a gene is identified, but the degree of its influence under conditions of normal nutrition and exercise is not revealed.

Some scientists believe that the causes of obesityCan be the administration of neuroleptics, antidepressants and some psychotropic drugs. A series of studies showed that if you take sibutramine drugs that suppress appetite, this in the future can lead to obesity.

Sometimes obesity is associated with chronicFatigue, depression and systematic lack of sleep. Overfatigue has a negative effect on the hormone exchange of a person, and can disrupt the secretion of hormones that are responsible for appetite. Thus, the above conditions do not provoke a fatigue, but provoke overeating.

The main causes of fats

Dangerous and harmful habits. After all, alcohol and smoking have a negative effect on our digestive system. These habits weaken our immunity and contribute to the breakdown of metabolism.

If the digestive system does not work properly, then it will be impossible to get rid of excess kilograms. And the extra pounds are harmful to the body.

Actions of antifire

First of all, it is necessary to find out the reasonObesity. If the fatigue is caused by hormonal problems, then you need to be treated at a special clinic where the doctor will pick up a suitable diet for you.

If obesity arose due to violations inDigestive system, then do your own diet. Do not stick to strict diet. They will not help you. Precisely help, but for a very short time. A diet is needed to add more food that contains fiber. Eat as much as possible fruits and vegetables. Bran will be useful. Try to eliminate too fatty foods, fried and too salty from your diet. Be sure to eat legumes (only not canned).

Put in order the microflora of the intestine. For this, every day, drink a glass of yogurt. Completely abandon fast food and convenience foods. It is better to cook at home from natural products. Also, do not buy food with additives. Any supplements depress the microflora.

In addition to nutrition, change your daily routine. Time to go to bed, do not overdo it, avoid stressful situations. Try as much as possible to move during the day (at work, at home).

Go in for sports. You can go to fitness, dance, aerobics. Choose a mobile class that will suit you, and lose weight by boat. And most importantly, lovely girls, always stay healthy.

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