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Hormonal failure: symptoms, consequences, causes, treatment

Progesterone and estrogen are female hormones that control the processes in the female body.

Hormonal failure due to increasedThe amount of hormone production or vice versa, and related infectious diseases. Hormonal disorders can occur for many reasons, including because of diseases of the reproductive system.

Hormone Pregnancy

When pregnancy hormone levels in the bodyWoman. The human hormone gonadotropin hormone appears, which produces a chorion in the body of a woman only when it carries a baby. But the hormonal background is changing not only because of the new hormone, but also because more estrogen and progesterone are being developed. And when a woman has already given birth, a new hormone is produced, which regulates the appearance of breast milk.

Symptoms of hormonal failure in women

  • Violation of menstruation (small or too heavy monthly, constant delays, too high soreness, etc.):
  • Appearance of extra hair on the body;
  • Obesity;
  • Dizziness, headaches;
  • Uterine bleeding;
  • Irritability and persistent depression;
  • Diseases of the milk glands;
  • Edema;
  • Decreased sex drive;
  • Insomnia;
  • Pressure jumps;
  • Increased sweating;
  • Increased fatigue.

If suddenly a woman notices herselfSymptoms, then it is necessary to go to the doctor-gynecologist, so that he helped bring the hormonal background in order. At the same time you need to drink herbal teas, change your diet, eat more fruits and vegetables. Similarly, treatment with leeches (hirudotherapy) can lead to the level of hormones in the body of a woman. Even regardless of the reason, the commotion started to malfunction.

If the body begins to grow hair in the wrong places (neck, neck), then you have an increased content of the male hormone - testosterone in the body.

If the menstrual cycle is broken, then the causeThis may be an imbalance of gestagens and estrogens in the female body. These two hormones answer for the prescribed course of menstruation. In the first half of the menstrual cycle, estrogens work, and in the second - gestagens.

Consequences of hormonal disorders in women

  • Asthma;
  • Migraine;
  • Miscarriage;
  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Infertility;
  • Problems with the glands;
  • Polycystic ovary;
  • Myoma of the uterus;
  • Fibrocystic disease in the chest;
  • Malignant tumors;
  • Heart attack, stroke;
  • Diabetes.

Most of the problems in the hormonal backgroundOccur in women after 40 years, but now began to suffer this and young girls. Maybe the reason for this was negligent attitude to their health. Both young girls and women of age need to pay attention to changes in their body, follow the menstrual cycle, because hormonal failure should be treated as soon as possible in order to avoid embarrassing consequences.

Causes of hormonal imbalance

  • Wrong way of life;
  • Incorrect nutrition;
  • Stress;
  • Early menopause (in women after 40 years);
  • Hormonal preparations;
  • Birth control pills.

How to know the level of hormones in the body? It is necessary to make a general analysis of blood and analysis for hormones.

Hormonal spikes in the female body are observed in such cases:

  • After the abortion;
  • At the onset of menopause;
  • When carrying a child;
  • With puberty;
  • When breastfeeding.

Symptoms of hormonal disturbances during puberty:

  • Severe leanness;
  • Undeveloped mammary glands;
  • Strong body hair growth;
  • Absence of menstruation up to 16 years;
  • Irregular cycle of menstruation.

Symptoms of hormonal failure at the onset of menopause

  • Scattering;
  • Joint pain;
  • Fatigue;
  • Early rise;
  • Swelling of mammary glands;
  • Sharp mood changes one week before the month;
  • Depression;
  • Night sweats.

If you have menopause and thisDue to anvagalnormal failure, it can not be cured. Such women will be able to iron out the state of the infusion of wormwood, celandine, lily of the valley and gooseberry goose. A week before the month you need to drink these infusions. And be sure to include in your diet more fruits and vegetables.

If hormonal disorder begins after abortion, then it should be treated promptly, otherwise serious health problems may arise.

After childbirth, after a while, when the hormonal Buryanite calms down, everything will gradually return to normal and to treat such problems is not necessary.

If you have found uterine fibroids, polycysticOr a polyp, and it caused you a hormonal failure, then you need to urgently go to treat, otherwise you will grow your health. These diseases can develop into malignant tumors.

To treat hormonal failure is necessary depending onThe reason that caused it, you often need to take medications that contain hormones in order to normalize the hormone level in the female body, and also to remove the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, prevent relapse and restore the menstrual cycle. If the case is too neglected, then the surgeon will intervene.

Symptoms that require urgent medical attention to a gynecologist:

  • Monthly with a periodicity of less than three weeks;
  • Bleeding between menstruation;
  • A delay of more than one month;
  • Too abundant menstruation.

Once every six months for prevention, you must visit a doctor-gynecologist. Perhaps you will notice some problems at an early stage and you can easily eliminate them without starting up.

Healing herbs for hormonal failure

Help yourself, you can food andHerbs that are easily purchased at the pharmacy. Buy an infusion of field carnations, he best cope with hormonal failure. Drink it 4 times a day for two weeks. Half a month to take a break and repeat the treatment again. This plant is rich in alkaloids, which stimulate the immune system. After the course of treatment, the level of hormones normalizes, the blood is cleared, and digestion is established.

Just normalize the hormonal balance will help such a folk remedy as a lungwort, it strengthens immunity. Use only young stems and leaves, add their purees, soups and salads.

With a hormonal failure

Pay attention to your nutrition. Bring in your diet products with a high content of phytoestrogens, which are plant natural counterparts of female hormones. In addition, such products carry an anti-cancer, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect. So, beans, mushrooms, wheat and berries are rich in estrogens. But the most useful dish for a woman is an omelette with onion and champignons. If several times a week for eating this dish, then you will get everything you need to eliminate the symptoms of hormonal failure and for its prevention.

Daily regime

Even if you rotate every day like "squirrel inWheel ", taking care of family and work, do not forget about yourself. If you do not sleep, remember that it affects your body, and you do not have time to recover after a hard day. You should sleep at least 7 hours a day, but if you can not sleep, then you do not have to torture yourself. Help yourself a bath with the addition of a lavender, a glass of milk with honey, warm tea, a favorite pastime or pleasant music. You can not think about problems and working before going to bed, so you can not relax, otherwise you will lie with your thoughts until the morning, never closing your eyes.

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