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Fear has big eyes: a guide to phobias

Panphobia - constant fear for an unknown reason

Panphobia is manifested as a fear of the presence of some incomprehensible and unknown evil. In medical directories this phobia is not registered.

Ailurophobia - Fear of Cats

This phobia in everyone manifests itself in different ways. Some people who once suffered from cats are afraid of them all the time, and some begin to fear only when there is a threat of their attack. Here are some situations that cause fear: cat purring, many people think that a cat can fall in the street, the sight of a real cat, cats in pictures, the thought of staying with a cat alone in a dark room, fear of animal fur, toy cats.

Acrophobia - fear of heights

People who are afraid to be on top, immediatelyObserve in themselves takisimptomy: dizziness and nausea. If the head is dizzy at high altitude, then this is normal from the point of view of physiology. But acrophobes all inflate into a big problem and then panic fear even a small height when it's impossible to fall.

Antofobia - fear of flowers

This is an incomprehensible fear of flowers. Basically, people who suffer from this phobia are afraid not of all flowers, but of some species and mostly flowers in pots.

Arachnophobia - fear of spiders

Arachnophobia is the most common phobia when arachnids are afraid. In addition, some people are afraid not of the spider itself, but of its image.

Verminophobia - fear of bacteria, germs

Verminophobia is very common in psychiatry,Fear of having a disease, fear of insects, worms, bacteria and microbes. Nicholas II and Mayakovsky themselves were the owners of this phobia. Very often, the company for the production of detergents, body care products, vacuum cleaners use this fear of people to offer antimicrobial agents, which they say are capable of killing all bacteria. Usually, such microbes are not dangerous for a person who does not suffer from various diseases, and antimicrobial agents remove only a part of the microorganisms. Only the most viable and resistant bacteria remain on the human body, which are very difficult to combat. When the microbe disappears, the immune system weakens because it has nothing to fight with. It becomes weak and can not protect the human body from infections.

Hemophobia - a fear of blood

Hemophobia is an obsession withA strong character of fear of grafting blood, not only in himself, but also in other people and even on television. This is accompanied by a strong palpitation, trembling, pale complexion, and sometimes even a loss of consciousness, both weak and strong healthy people.

Herpetophobia - fear of reptiles, snakes, reptiles

Herpetophobia is a phobia in which people are afraidLizards and snakes. And such cases are very often. Different people have different manifestations of this phobia. Some people see a snake, just feel uncomfortable, while others feel panic fear, which completely fetters them. There are times when a picture of a snake is more fearful than a real individual.

Gethophobia - fear of bridges

Geyfirofobiya - a psychological disorder,Which is caused by fear of the bridgeheads. People who are afraid of this, think that the bridge can collapse, explode or break in half. Therefore, they try to bypass them by the tenth expensive. Some experts say that such fear arises from fear of high altitude.

Hydrophobia - fear of pain when swallowing water or any other liquid.

Glossophobia - fear of public speech

Fear of public speaking is when a personAfraid to go on stage. This phobia is one of the most common. Symptoms of this phobia: trembling, palpitations, sweating, tremor of lips, trembling of the voice, podtashnivanie, clamping of the vocal cords, etc. There are times when the fear of the scene becomes part of the common mental problems, but most people are afraid of the scene without any other psychological problems. According to statistics, 95% of people are afraid to appear before the public.

Claustrophobia - this is when people are afraid of closed or close space. This phobia is considered quite common.

Agoraphobia - fear of space, crowds of people, markets, open spaces, squares

Agoraphobia is when a person gets upsetpsyche upon hit an open space where there are a lot of people. This is the fear that appears on the open market, in open spaces. The owners of this phobia say that they do not know what to expect from all these people, so they feel fear. This fear acts as a protective mechanism. In real life this phobia can be caused by people, emotional traumas from people and everything that is connected with people. This phobia is accompanied by nervous disorders and mental illnesses.

Climacophobia (climatophobia) - fear of walking up the ledge, stairs

Climacophobia is when people are afraid ofladders, are afraid of the object itself and movement around them. Very often it happens that people are afraid of the ladder in certain situations, for example, when it is wet or icy, or there are no handrails. People who suffer from this phobia are afraid of an accident. Phobia of neurosis-intrusive conditions and psychasthenia are accompanied.

Nobofobia - fear of the dark

This fear has been going on since childhood, but very oftenPeople suffer from this phobia in adulthood. Nobofobia is a fear that you can face especially in life. How to cope with this problem? Only having understood with yourself, you need to understand what exactly in the dark you are afraid of.

Crowphobia - fear of clowns

One Californian professor of psychology,that small children react incorrectly to people who have a normal body but an incomprehensible face. In addition, children do not like the design of schools and hospitals in clownish style.

Radiophobia - fear of radiation

Radiophobia (radio-tracking) - OnerousMental and physiological disorders, which sometimes even hard to heal. This is expressed by the fear of various kinds of objects that can emit radiation. There is, on the contrary, another notion of radioeither - this is when people completely deny any radiation.

Taphophobia - fear of being buried alive, funeral

Taphophobia is a fear of funerals, beforeFuneral objects and the fear that a person will be buried. This is the most basic phobia of the human psyche. In medical and psychiatric literature it is said that the same mental disorders cause claustrophobia (fear of closed space) and no-phobia (fear of darkness).

Technophobia - fear of technology

Technophobia is a fear of modernTechnologies and electronic devices. Such a phobia is observed in different peoples. Some people refuse from any technique at all. There are cases when new technologies conflict with personal values ​​of people or with strange beliefs.

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