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Spanish massage


If an ordinary massage we have long mastered, thenSpanish is quite young. The Spanish doctor Enrique Garcia came up with this technique, taking the basis of the technique of chiromassage, which was proposed by Dr. Ferrandis in the twenties of the last century. In addition to this, other techniques, which are inherent in yoga and Ayurvedic science, are laid down in the methodology.

Features of equipment

Enrique Garcia formulated three positions of the technique of Spanish massage.

  1. You can not allow the use of several techniques, only one. Because each technique has its own effect, and therefore, with the application of two techniques one can exclude the other.
  2. Especially the Spanish massage techniquesIncludes more than a hundred different kinds of techniques. With such a variety, the features of each client are taken into account, besides, there is no getting used to the methods because of their diversity, and the massage is very effective.
  3. The techniques of this mass are very plastic,So it is impossible to feel any pain, but despite this, the master penetrates deep into the tissue. Massage causes the health-enhancing effect of endomorphines, which cause joy and pleasure in a person when they appear.

Earlier it was mentioned that the massage technique of HenriqueGarcia is based on the technique of chiromassage of Dr. Ferrandis. Etiquette is aimed at strengthening the muscle tissue and eliminating its pathologies. Chiromassage is done on the face, lower limbs and back, because these are the most problematic parts. For the entire session, no repetition of any of the receptions is possible. First, a person should relax, so massage does not begin with warming up, but with relaxation. After that, deeper techniques are used, often on-the-circle movements, which are performed with fingertips or a palm.

Spanish massage absorbed a few different techniques.

Miotensivnaya technology has a relaxing effectOn each muscle, in the process of massage, the joints are activated, and are worked through by articulations. This technique restores the elasticity of the musculo-articular joint.

Samatoemotional technique strengthens the nervousSystem. Here, attention is directed to the contrast of sensations-these are relaxation techniques and sufficiently enhanced actions to irritate the reflex zones. Such movements are performed by fingers or palm in different directions, with different force of pressure and different speeds. It happens that master uses other items for enhanced effect: feathers and stones.

Lymphatic drainage is a technique that removes excess fluid and metabolic products from tissues.

Hemolymphatic technique normalizes local blood circulation, reduces intracranial and arterial pressure.

The neurosedational technique is directed at reducingStress, apathy, irritability, sleep disturbances, and also stimulates certain think-tanks. Such a massage gives a person a feel for what the baby feels in the mother's womb.

The Spanish massage should be visited not more than three times a week.

Polish massage

After the session, lymph drainage system is active, blood circulation improves, and the skin is saturated with oxygen. As a result, the edema disappears, the face oval becomes clear, and the skin is fresh and radiant.

When the master conducts a session, it isUses a variety of special creams, suitable for your skin type and oil. Nutritional substances in the massage penetrate into the tissues and make the skin young and fresh, and there is no trace left of the stress.

Wonderful techniques and techniques of the Spanish massageslow the aging of the skin. Patients who have already tried this technique, claim that the result is already visible on the first procedures. Of course, to face problems did not return again, do not stop halfway, have to go through a certain course of treatment and in addition, periodically repeat it to maintain the appearance. Cosmetologists say that this massage can avoid surgical intervention.

Spanish massage by its technique is enoughcomplicated, in order to achieve the desired effect, you need exact adherence to techniques and rules, as well as a deep knowledge of anatomy. As you already understood, such a massage should be performed by a professional specialist. That is why before entrusting your face and body to the masseur, make sure that he is really a qualified master.

Spanish massage for young people

In young women, the nervous system is overexcited,therefore, what happens in reality is not always perceived adequately. Because of this, mimic muscles always stay in hypertension, and if it is not removed, early small wrinkles will appear on the face. Therefore, young girls need to turn to a specialist for technique, which is aimed at relieving tension and relaxation. And after this procedure, you can start other manual actions that will affect all levels of the skin structure.

Spanish massage after 40 years

Women of middle age in the first placeIt is necessary to remove tension from the shoulder girdle at the myostructural level. Surely such women are working and every day they receive new information, therefore they receive different emotions, so you need to use neurosedate techniques. At this age, the vascular system is very tired, so it needs drainage. Should wrinkle the wrinkles of the nalbu, on the nasolabial folds and in the eye area. This technique will allow you to get rid of the appearance of new wrinkles for a while. Particular attention should be paid to the chin, here it is necessary to activate manipulations at the dermal-deep level. The neck area also needs drainage and elaboration of the expression line.

After the massage for a better effect, you need to put a modeling mask on the décolleté area and face.

Indications for Spanish massage:

  • varicose veins
  • stress relief
  • lymphostasis
  • edema reduction
  • decreased immunity
  • malnutrition of cells and tissues
  • lowering of blood pressure
  • increase of skin elasticity
  • age and pathological dryness
  • tone improvement


  • skin diseases,
  • diseases in the acute stage,
  • bronchial asthma during the flowering period (May-June),
  • malignant neoplasms.
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