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Aloe for weight loss

Fresh, freshly prepared aloe leaves are rich in various vitamins, essential oils and enzymes.

The juice of this plant was used in the ancient Rome,Ancient Greece, India and Egypt. It was used to treat fungal wounds and chronic ulcers. Now the juice of this plant is a folk remedy for losing weight. They drink aloe juice and to increase and arouse appetite.

Aloele Lose Weight

This medicinal plant has very muchUseful properties. It has a laxative effect, due to the fact that it contains a resinous substance and aloin. These two substances have a strong effect on the large intestine. After taking the juice, after 8 hours, the body is cleaned with a copious stool. Therefore, with the help of aloe, you can treat constipation.

It is worth remembering the dosage, because we need to improve the intestinal motility, and not cause an inflammatory process.

Sokaloe normalizes appetite, excellent effect onWork of the digestive tract, removes toxins and toxins, improves the secretion of the digestive organs, cleans the colon of accumulated feces and decay products.

Because of the normalization of work and recovery of the body, you lose weight, and the general condition improves. Therefore, aloe in this regard is great for losing weight.

Often, the people who want to lose weight forget aboutTheir skin and do not care at all. But because of the fact that you lose pounds, it becomes ugly, saggy, flabby and folds appear.

Aloe is a natural antioxidant, in its compositionThere are substances that are able to block free radicals, so that the process of skin aging is frozen. In addition, the plant increases the production of elastin and collagen.

How to make aloe juice?

At home, the juice is made from fresh plant leaves. To drink it or him it is necessary on a spoon for fifteen minutes before meal in the morning and before a dream. The course of taking 1-2 weeks.

Before you are going to make juice, do notWater plant 3days. Leaves should be carefully cut off, thoroughly rinsed from dust and external contaminants under running water and remove the top peel. Mid-pulp through the meat grinder and through several layers of gauze squeeze the juice of the mass.

This juice can only be stored for three days in the refrigerator, so you do not need to cut half a tree at once. Better then make a new one.

There is another cooking recipe forLosing weight. In equal parts take aloe and honey, mix, daitenastatsya for three hours and take on a spoon every time before eating. Immediately digestion will be adjusted and there will be no flatulence.

Now you can buy in the pharmacy productsForm of capsules or gel. They complexly affect the entire body, except for aloe, they contain about a dozen other different useful micronutrients. This results in a vitamin medication that fights not only with excess weight, but also does not cause harm to the health. When you start taking products containing aloe, the endocrine system begins to be restored, the body cleanses, and the skin begins to cleanse from the acne.

When you go to the pharmacy, let them show you these preparations, they should be as thick in texture as the name of aloe itself.

Wraps from aloe

Before going to bed, take a bath with the addition of decoctionaloe. How to cook it? Take 3 leaves of the plant and grind them well. Now pour them with boiling water (1 liter) and cook for 20 minutes. One minute before you turn off the saucepan with broth, add a spoonful of cream and two tablespoons of honey. When a little cool, pour it into the tub.

Now that you have finished the bathroom procedure, it is necessaryApply aloe vera to the problem areas of the skin - the "orange peel". Take a soft cloth, wrap it around yourself, and on top with a food film. Lie down for half an hour.

After the time has elapsed, wash it off under a warmsouls, apply a nourishing cream, and even better some anti-cellulite remedy. Special attention to problem areas, massage them for at least five minutes, but better ten.

Wrapping can alternate with this recipe: mix the gruel from the leaves of aloe, grated the lemon and two tablespoons of olive oil. Turn around in a soft cloth, from above wrapped food film. After half an hour, rinse and with the help of anti-cellulite funds or essential oil, do a light massage of problem zones.

After three procedures you will notice the effect. The skin will tighten, become smooth and tender.

Disadvantages of losing weight with the help of aloe

The juice of this wonderful plant is extremely useful, but too frequent and large use of it can cause inflammation of the large intestine.

In addition, if you suffer from hemorrhoids,Inflammatory processes in the bladder, kidneys, heavy menstruation, uterine bleeding, or bear a child, then you can not use this plant in any case.

To make sure that you are not so sick, you need to see a doctor for a checkup.

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