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Stone therapy: healing stones

How did the stone therapy?

Specialists consider that this procedure came toTo us still from the very antiquity. In Mesopotamia, doctors have to heal a sick clalina with small hot stones. They thought that stones can listen to the body, recognize why a person is sick, what he lacks, what substances, apotheos filled the body with these substances.

Old Indians claimed that the stones are able to take away the bad energy from a man, but the Japanese monks knew about the properties of hot pots in the beginning of our era and practiced it.

In addition, very often warm stones were treatedThe inhabitants of ancient Rome and the Chinese emperors. During this procedure, the soul was filled with calmness, the body was relaxed, and the person was distracted from bad thoughts and routine matters. Maybe, for this reason, such a procedure has reached us and today is especially popular, because it is considered an excellent way to relieve stress.

Modern methods of treatment with hot stones

MaryNelson Hennigan, member of the associationMasseurs, has made a huge contribution to the development of modern stone therapy, she developed a special method of treatment with cold and hot stones. Massage is carried out in accordance with the technique of acupressure massage.

For the treatment of the most exotic andRare stones (jadeite, Hawaiian pebbles, etc.), which are heated by a special device to the desired temperature. Then the stones are laid on the active important points on the human body (so they act on the internal organs), and after that the master starts making a self-massage.

At the massage the specialist uses only tenderSoothing light movements with small pressure and stroking. All this is done under calm, pleasant music, which inspires harmony in the soul of a person with stone therapy.

Useful properties of stone therapy

Basically this procedure lasts half an hour. To get a better effect, you need to spend 5-6 sessions of stone therapy.

Stone therapy and medicine today go hand in hand. This procedure:

  • Positively affects internal organs;
  • Promotes microcirculation of blood in tissues, normalizes metabolism;
  • Soothes a person, distracts from all problems, has a relaxing effect.

For women, this procedure is even more useful than for men.

In addition to the positive effects thatWere described above, stone therapy stabilizes the hormonal background (if it is disturbed, then cellulite appears and aging begins earlier), and this is necessary for every woman for quiet life.

In addition, this wonderful procedure tones up and calms down.

With a calming effect:

  • The activity of the central nervous system of man is suspended;
  • Proprioceptors and exteroceptors work more rhythmically and moderately.

With toning action:

  • The human body comes into tonus;
  • In the central nervous system of man, the processes of excitation are magnified.

What kind of stones can I use with stone therapy?

In most of the salons for stone therapyUse heated basalt, marble or jadeite. Experts say that thanks to its porous structure, these stones slowly cool down and give the person warmth and positive energy.

It is very important before the procedure to check basalt radioactivity.

The stone has its own positive property, which must necessarily be mentioned.

So, with stone therapy you can use such stones:

  1. Hematite is a stone that is recommended to use for pale skin to speed up blood circulation.
  2. Pearl is a stone that gives tone to the skin and preserves a person's youth much longer.
  3. Aventurine - a stone that improves the complexion.
  4. Lapis lazuli is a stone that has a unique anti-inflammatory effect. Especially its use is useful after taking a sun bath.
  5. Diamond is a stone that can protect the skin from the appearance of new wrinkles.
  6. Rock crystal is a stone that is used to relax.
  7. Moonstone allows you to get rid of the skin, which is prone to irritation, redness, acne and acne, and also reduces the fat content of the skin.
  8. Amber is a stone that is considered to be the most miraculous in this area. It treats skin diseases, various suppuration and ulcers. In addition, amber prolongs youth.

Stone therapy at home

Procedure of stone therapy you can easily carry outAlone at home. Today, special centers are being trained in this therapy. When you finish the course, you can not only get a job in the salons and beauty centers, but also do such a procedure at home to other people.

To do stone therapy at homeYou do not need to know anything special. The most important and important thing is to pick up the drum stones correctly. They must be perfectly smooth and flat. This vasurezhet from scratches on the body, and will also allow the stones to lie, not moving, on their backs.

It is best to pick up those stones that have volcanic origin. If you can buy them, then do it. In addition, for such a procedure gemstone stones are perfect.

To cool and heat stones, you need to use hot and cold water, in addition, you can even cool the stones in the freezer.

So, in order to make such a procedure of stone therapy in-house, you need:

  • Special conditions where you can relax. To make it easier to mute the light, light the candles and turn on the pleasant relaxing music;
  • Stones that will help you make massage;
  • Freezer or a small bucket of ice, hot water;
  • Delicate cream-gel for the face;
  • Aromatic oils that you choose to taste:

Wish to have a great time and relax.

How to heat and cool stones

The temperature of the stones depends on the effectYou want to achieve. For example, to relax the muscles, expand the blood vessels and improve blood circulation, you need to use hot stones - 45-50 degrees, for this, simply immerse them for several minutes in hot water. And in order to narrow the blood vessels and capillaries, give muscles and skin tone use the cold stones - 0-15 degrees.

General massage

To do this, you will need a partner.

  1. You should lie on your stomach, and your partner massages a single leg with his hands from the ankle to the buttocks, and the second leg should be covered with a warm blanket.
  2. On the warmed-up massage, the leg needs to be put in several pans: under the knee cap, on the palm above it, on the shin, on the buttock, now it is necessary to leave them until they cool.
  3. Free the second leg from under the blanket and do the same.
  4. Lay many small stones on your lower back.
  5. When the stones on the legs cool down, remove them, again massage and cover with a warm blanket.
  6. Buttocks massage stones with slaps and circular movements, then cover with a blanket.
  7. Loosen the loin from the stones and massage on this site, sliding with a large stone.
  8. Now the partner moves to the back. It is necessary to put a stone on the neck and a few smaller stones - on the shoulders. Leave them to cool.
  9. Now the masseur must remove the stones, and turn out on his back. The stones are placed on the upper part of the legs, and the small jaws are clamped between the fingers.
  10. A small stone massages the thorax, and after this area is laid the stone before cooling.
  11. Gently and gently as the final movement - you need to lead a small stone in the stomach clockwise.


Such therapy is contraindicated in:

  • Pregnancy;
  • menses;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • Psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis;
  • Acute infectious diseases, and exacerbation of chronic diseases.
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