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All you need to know about plums

How did the plum come out of nowhere?

For a very long time nature has introduced gentle and soft cherry plumose snake, and as a result, a wild delicious plum appeared.

The coastal regions of the Caucasus and northern Iran are considered the birthplace of this fruit tree. Over the years, thanks to the selection of fruits, they acquired different shapes and colors.

Benefits of plum

All year this delicious fruit is used inculinary, perfumery, medicine and cosmetology. With the help of plums you can cook a variety of delicious dishes. In addition, the entire summer season and until the end of autumn this fruit corrects our health. Fresh plums restore the work of the digestive in the form of a light laxative. Yellow fruits are rich in vitamin A, therefore they perfectly influence the vision. But the blue plums are considered the most useful. They contain vitamins P of group B, so they can especially help with rheumatism, gout, tuberculosis, high blood pressure and urolithiasis.

Therapeutic properties of the plum

Both fresh and dried plums, in particularprunes, are very useful for intestinal atony and constipation. In addition, the discharge drains unwanted cholesterol from the blood. If you suffer from kidney disease or hypertension, then these fruits are simply irreplaceable for you. They contain potassium compounds, which have a diuretic effect, so they excrete the salts and water of the organism. Plum leaves are also very useful. Lotions and decoctions of the leaves of the plum have a healing effect.

In 100 g of these fruits contains 214 mg of saltspotassium. And we need our body because it has physiological properties, participates in the process of transmission of nerve impulses, supports acid-base balance and cardiac activity, and helps in muscle contraction. The action of potassium promotes the excretion of urine and the intensification of the processes of bile separation.

Plum is very useful for atherosclerosis and for increasing the secretion of gastric juice.

And plum leaves, and fruits contain coumarins, substances that prevent the formation of blood clots on blood vessels, dilate the coronary vessels and heal thromboses.

Plum fruits are easily absorbed by the body, theyrelax the lower digestive tract, clean the stomach and form blood corpuscles. Diseases that are associated with excess bile, plums can especially help. They strengthen the liver, remove toxins from the body and purify the blood. Drying can help reduce fever.

But if you ate a sour fruit, it means that it is not ripe yet, so they will not bring any benefit.

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Plum of delicacies

Plum is a fruit that is useful infresh form, and after processing. These fruits are dried to get prunes, frozen to cook compotes, add to the pie fillings, make jam, puree, jujube, jelly, gravy, candied fruits, marinades, pastille, various seasonings and squeeze the juice. Of the sinks are made tinctures, liquor, of course, soft vodka, called slivovitz, in addition, the ethers are dried, marinated and wetted.

Plum in International Medicine

The people of plums are widely used for kidney, liver and rheumatic pain. Woodwood has a diaphoretic property, flowers - laxative effect, and the cortex - antipyretic.

People who suffer from sluggishness of the intestine, must make all the diet of these fruits, because they prevent the development of putrefactive processes in the intestines.

Plum of viscosmetology

Plum can rejuvenate the skin and make it supple. But before using this fruit, you need to know that it is very important to make 17-20 procedures (masks) unchanged.

If you have normal and dry skin, then you need to mix together the slush with thick cream or sour cream. If you have oily skin, then the plum pulp should be mixed with chicken protein.

Just plum pulp is used not only for masks, but for creams and lotions.

Bone seeds

Very useful will be the bones of this fruit to people who suffer from low back pain. You need to insist on the bones on vodka or grind them into powder and rub them into sore spots as an anesthetic.

Cancer Prevention

We have already found out that the plum contains a lot of vitamins and microelements, which are necessary for us for the vital activity of the whole organism.

In addition to the diseases that can be treated andprevent plum, there is still such a terrible disease as cancer. Researches of scientists have shown that in this fruit there are anthocyanins, which do not give rise to cancerous tumors. These are dye-substances, which give vegetables and fruits a purple color. Anthocyanins contain not only in plums, but also in other fruits and vegetables, for example, in eggplant, too, there is, but the plum is rich in them much more.

Scientists confirm that anthocyanins not only do notgive birth to new cancer cells, but also can slow down the growth of tumors that have already arisen, also protect the nervous system from destruction and improve memory. For the prevention of cancer, it is necessary to eat 200 grams of purple plum fruits a day. You do not need yellow plumage, they do not have anthocyanins, but they are rich in vitamin C.

Contraindications to the use of plums

You can not use plums for obesity and sugarIn addition, children need to give plums especially carefully, because they may have stomach pains, diarrhea, rumbling in the stomach and frustration of the gastrointestinal tract.

Carefully need to drink plum juice with gout and rheumatism, because these diseases need water, and the plum juice of it, on the contrary, displays an organism.

Plum juice is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus because of the sugar content, such juice can be consumed by diabetics only in small doses.

How to collect, buy and save plums

To collect a plum crop it is necessary for 2-3 days up tobut so that they are not green. The house needs to store the fruit in a plastic bag with holes, in the same refrigerator, which is intended for fruits and vegetables. Under such conditions, plums can store about 20 days without losing any useful substances. But prunes should be stored in a dry and cool place.

To permanently save plums, you need to get out ofthem bones, and put the fruits in a convenient container and put in a freezer. You can, for example, use vacuum packs. It is best to use glass containers, because they do not release harmful substances, unlike plastic. With such storage, the fruits retain all the useful substances.

When you buy plums, you need to remember that ifthey were in an immature form, they would never be able to find the necessary microelements and vitamins. That is why choose only ripe fruit. But also remember that you do not need to pick up overripe fruit, they are not meant for long-term storage. Remember that the plums must be necessarily with a wax coating.

Plum is a unique product that canhelp most of the different ailments. These rafts are so multifaceted that they can be used for prevention, and for treatment, and simply because they are unusually pleasing to the taste.

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