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Diet for weight reduction by glycemic index

Scientists of the Harvard Institute found that in such diseases as ischemic heart disease and diabetes of the second degree, a huge role is played by the glycemic index.

The glycemic index is used to describeAssimilation of carbohydrates in the body. This is an indicator that measures the amount of sugar contained in the blood, for 2 hours after eating. Sugar is measured on a 100-point scale. Because of this, it is possible to find out which of the products has a more toxic effect on the body, and what not to use to reduce weight and a healthy diet.

The diet, which is so much talked about today,Is that a person uses carbohydrates, which do not affect the sharp increase in the level of sugar and insulin in the blood. Due to this diet, a person prevents the occurrence of diseases (diabetes, heart disease) and reduces weight.

Principles of diet.

  • Products with a low content of glycemicThe index is slowly and gradually absorbed in the body, which can reduce the sharp jump in blood sugar in patients with diabetes, 1, 2 degrees.
  • This diet to reduce body weight is notExcludes the use of carbohydrates in food (doctors of the world community have been proven that human food should consist of carbohydrates, since they provide the body with 60% energy).
  • This diet is built on the consumption of nourishing foods, so the body requires eating much less often, and the value of consumed foods is much longer.
  • This diet implies a decrease in the consumption of foods high in fat.
  • It is necessary to eat natural and full, but not semi-finished products and finished products.
  • When a diet is allowed, use of vegetables (in limited quantities) containing starch, as well as fruits and legumes.
  • Low-fat dairy and nutritious foods, vegetables, fruits, legumes, buckwheat, lean meat, are also allowed with a diet.

Go to a diet.

The transition to a diet will not be difficult. It is enough to limit the content of carbohydrates with a large glycemic index. There are several basic recommendations for switching to a diet:

  • In the breakfast ration you need to introduce porridge - oatmeal, barley and bran.
  • Eat bread exclusively from wholemeal, sour dough and whole grains.
  • Limit the use of dishes containing potatoes.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • Eat a salad of hearty vegetables, seasoned with a Provencal dressing containing vinegar.
  • Also in the diet can include pasta.

Recall that such a diet will not harm the body,Thanks to the use of products that are useful and rich in vitamins and minerals. This diet does not exclude the use of carbohydrates and reduces the risk of diseases.

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