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High pressure. The reasons for the increase and ways to deal with it

Hypertension is a disease in whichthere is a stable increase in blood pressure. The fact is that a slight increase occurs quite often. During sports, with a sharp change in the position of the body, a change in the climatic belt, during a strong experience. It is a constant high blood pressure is very dangerous and fraught with strokes, heart attacks, as the vessels of the brain and the heart are under greater strain.

Optimum arterial pressure for healthyof the person 120 on 80. And in most cases it is from him that they repulse, determining whether the person has increased pressure or vice versa. But the fact is that we all lead a different life, we have different physique and body condition. For some, very high rates will bring inconvenience and cause poor health.

We measure the pressure

It is highly desirable that the one in the house betonometer. Tonometers are mechanical and electronic. Mechanical doctors are most often used in out-patient hospitals. Electronic tonometers are divided into semi-automatic and automatic, and depending on how the air is pumped into the cuffs.

The most common are the tonometers that measure pressure on the forearm, but there are also those that are worn on the wrist.

In order to know your increased pressure,be sure after buying the device, check your indicators in a relaxed state. From them you will be pushing, determining the level of indicators in times of poor health.

Causes of hypertension

Hypertension can appear due to the wear of the vessels, with an increase in the load on them. Bad habits, excess weight, constant stresses only aggravate the situation.

Constantly increased arterial pressure maymanifest if you do not take care of your health in time. Sometimes people have a pressure drop and the condition worsens very sharply. Often, this occurs after a sharply increased load. A sign of late toxicosis in pregnant women is often an increased pressure. And it is very dangerous both for mom and for a little man inside. That is why at every admission in the women's clinic the pressure is measured and watched even during childbirth.

High blood pressure can be inherited. Since you are vkurse that you can be affected by the disease of the cardiovascular system, you must not tighten and control the pressure from adolescence, and better before.

One of the signs of diabetes is high blood pressure. Here, perhaps, it is necessary to rely only on a doctor's consultation.

High pressure causes a lot of inconvenience. A severe headache can cause vomiting or dizziness. It is important not to bring the body to the limit when tachycardia causes the heart to jump out of the chest. Ideally, you should visit a cardiologist who prescribes medications that you can take with increasing pressure. And, please note that the recommendations may differ depending on how much the indicators have improved. Some drugs you will take at the time of the crisis, if it does happen, and there are pills that take for a long time.

If the overcast weather is overfulfilled or a hard working day already makes itself felt, your head begins to splinter, start taking action.

Brew yourself a herbal tea-room temperature, with a slice of lemon.

Drink apple juice. Hypertonics are often helped by acid berry, such as cranberries, for example. Massage the whiskey, you can apply a vinegar, soaked in vinegar. To many it really helps. Dissolve the hair, if they are strapped into a bun, try to relax, close your eyes.

Help prevent overpressure

There are several unfavorable factors, which cause hypertension, but many of them can themselves be avoided.

Excess weight implies a surplusfatty tissue, which means a high level of cholesterol and a decent load on the cardiovascular system. Eat less fatty foods, give up coffee or leave only the morning cup for vivacity, naturally without a cigarette in addition. It is advisable to adhere to a special diet, but in general, its essence in the refusal of harmful food.

Try to abandon the salt or at leastreduce its consumption to a daily rate. Salt retains water and thus provokes the appearance of edema, which in turn additionally load the vessels.

Smoking negatively affects the whole body,therefore it is no wonder and for anybody not a secret, that vessels nicotine precisely do not strengthen. How much has been said and written about the dangers, but we will not be left behind. If you do not want to live all your life nalekarstvah and with headaches, in the telestar, quit smoking.

Alcohol in large quantities adversely affects the condition of internal organs and, of course, on the vessels, including. The less alcohol gets into your body, the better.

Avoidance of stress in vusvryad be successful, but the ability to control yourself and not to fall into hysterics popovod and without, in general, will save you health and improve the quality of life.

Start doing sports, because the sedentary imagelife has not benefited anyone. Swimming is perhaps the most innocuous, but at the same time useful and suitable for almost everyone, a sport. Sign up for a section on yoga or pilates. If you do not find time to visit the fitness club, do it at home with a witness or books. You not only strengthen the vessels, but also diversify your life, improve your body, relax.

Appreciate your own dream.Of course, in the crazy rhythm of today's life, very few people can afford a 8-hour night's sleep, but 6 hours you just have to sleep. And then the morning will be pleasant, the mood wonderful and the working day will begin with a pleasant awakening that will set a positive tone.

Unfortunately, it is often necessary to fight with excessive pressure with the help of medicines. But you have all the chances to minimize their use and help the body to overcome trouble.

A healthy lifestyle is the best assistant in many things. Take care of your own organism, heart, blood vessels.

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