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Useful properties of tomatoes

Gifts of nature

Eco-friendly products - oneFrom the principles of proper nutrition and health maintenance. It is the products grown in natural conditions that give much more vitamins, and therefore, benefits. In the season of fruits and vegetables you can not use its natural gifts, because they are not only delicious, but also very useful for the body: enrich it with vitamins, supply energy and strength, rejuvenate and, thanks to their valuable properties, protect against various diseases and colds. One of these vegetables is a tomato.

Benefits of tomatoes for the body

The most valuable and useful for health is inTomato pulp, which contains starch, fiber, proteins, many vitamins, as well as many pectin and mineral substances such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, iron, sodium, iodine, chlorine and other important elements. They, in turn, contribute to the proper functioning of the intestine, prevent the appearance of kidney stones, help to give the muscles and blood vessels elasticity.

Tomato is famous for its strong laxative,In this case, unlike many other laxatives, it does not wash away from the body useful substances, mineral salts and does not break the intestinal microflora. Other means of such a result can not be achieved.

The juice of this vegetable can also help the body, inA particular liver, removing toxins from it. It enriches sugar with hepatic tissue. Favorably affects the body with such diseases as anemia, hypertension, arthritis and obesity, as well as gastritis with low acidity, memory loss, various cardiovascular diseases and general decline of strength.

Caution when using tomatoes

Of course, this vegetable has many positiveProperties, but not all individuals are encouraged to use it. People suffering from pancreatic inflammation, a stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, can include tomatoes in their diet, of course, but in small amounts. In the same situation, people are prone to allergic reactions to tomatoes.

In addition, we must remember that early tomatoes can not be used in any case, since this can lead to various diseases.

Tomatoes for beauty

When you eat tomatoes, you can bring inOrder your appearance. With the help of a tomato diet, you can lose a few pounds very quickly and without much effort. For 5 days to eat only tomatoes - this will be enough to lose weight.

But besides that you will feel light andFreshness, your complexion and skin will acquire a healthy pinkish hue. Many cosmetics contain flesh and juice of tomatoes, which once again proves the effectiveness and benefits of this vegetable. Vitamins of tomatoes have a positive effect on the shine of hair, the growth and strength of nails, and also contribute to the improvement of vision.

What we eat affects the work of everythingOrganism. Therefore, in order to be healthy and beautiful, it is necessary to monitor the correct distribution of daily caloric content, the quality of all foods consumed, and the replenishment of the body's needs for full-fledged food products.
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