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Rules and secrets of a healthy sleep

The purpose of sleep is to restore lifeStrength of the organization. It is interesting that the duration of rest is not an essential criterion for the quality of night sleep, because for each person his biorhythms and his individual time, necessary for a complete recovery. For example, the body of a pregnant woman needs a longer sleep. I think many women who have experienced pregnancy remember how they wanted to sleep especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Remember to be healthy, beautiful,Tight, you need a good and, most importantly, sleep properly. If a person does not sleep regularly, his appearance changes, not to mention his ability to quickly cope with the tasks assigned. Therefore it is important to get enough sleep, while following certain rules.

Do not overeat at night. Eliminate alcohol, tea and cucumbers

Heavy indigestible food neverDid not help a good sleep, because the body should rest, but not work. The same applies to the full stomach. Holidays should not be an exception, because a holiday is a pleasure, and not an occasion to deliver discomfort to your body. However, it is not possible to sleep normally on an empty stomach. Therefore, a light snack will only benefit. Drink a cup of yogurt or eat a sandwich and a restful sleep is assured.

If you want to sleep, exclude tea, coffee or alcohol before bed. These drinks are excitatory and the body can not fully recover.

The best time to sleep is from 11 am to 7 am

For proper rest it takes 6-8 hoursContinuous. The ideal time to sleep is from 23:00 am to 7:00 am. However, each organism has its own biorhythms. Someone already tends to sleep at nine in the morning, and he also wakes up at five in the morning without difficulty. Someone is ready to think hard and think after 23 hours. Therefore, there are no strict limits, but it is still important to remember that during the period from two to four in the morning the organism experiences a deep-sour, thanks to which a large number of vital hormones are produced, the body gains strength and replenishes its costs.

A good bed is a guarantee of a good sleep

Agree, it's nice to sleep on a cleanIroned bed and doubly nice, when this bed is quality, beautiful, pleases the eye and body. First of all, we spend money on food, on clothes, but on the bed - if there is enough money. Nevertheless, she is a faithful companion of quality sleep.

Pose in a dream

An important role is played by the posture in which we sleep. First of all, the pose should be comfortable, but, you see, the favorite pose "face to pillow" often promises a "wrinkled" appearance in the morning. Any self-respecting dame does not want to appear in the rumpled form on the eyes of others.

So, it is the position on the right side or on theSpine provides the correct position of the internal organs during sleep. The position on the left side strengthens the load on the heart. But the beloved in some pose, as she called "face in the pillow", that is, on the stomach, is the most incorrect, because in this position the chest is squeezed, as a result of which the respiratory and heart rhythm is broken.

Microclimate in the bedroom

Do not forget to ventilate the bedroom before going to bed, andIt's better to leave the window ajar for the whole night. It's much better to take shelter than sleep in a stuffy room. In a fresh room, the brain is well enriched with oxygen, therefore, you will rise in the morning with a good mood and clear head.

Atmosphere of sleep

Create an ideal atmosphere of sleep: A fresh room, a beautiful bed, a cosiness in the bedroom, and, of course, a quality mattress, a pillow and a blanket. On a good orthopedic mattress and the back will be healthy, and the rest will be full. Do not overdo it with a pillow! The thinner the latter, the more useful it is for the spine. Large soft cushions disrupt blood circulation in the brain tissues, as a result, absent-mindedness, fatigue and inattention.

Relaxation is an assistant to a good sleep

Active life rhythm is so wedged inOur lives, that sometimes even during sleep can not relax, but what's there to relax, just fall asleep. So many thoughts in my head accumulated over the day, problems, we build plans, solve problems. And where is the rest, how to restore the vitality? ..

First of all, you need to learn to relax,It turns out not so easy, master the technique of relaxation and meditation. If there are many ways to relax, choose the most acceptable option for you. It can also be a relaxing bath with aroma oils, aroma lamp, relaxing massage, yoga meditation. Well helps to relax the walk before going to bed. Well, do not forget about sex! This is the best relaxant!

Where do I put the alarm clock? ..

Have not you thought about the fact that every morningBegins with stress? .. The alarm violates the pleasant euphoria of sleep, then the thought that it's time to get up, run, work. Morning stress disrupts human biorhythms, resulting in aggression, irritability, fatigue. The best option, of course, is to go to bed early and learn how to be on your own. If it does not work out, choose an alternative to a sharp wake-up - an alarm clock with a pleasant growing melody.

Daily regime

Whatever one may say, the body likes order, andWorks like an hour, when you support this order: go to bed on time, eat on time, get enough sleep, plan your tomorrow. Learn to go to bed and wake up at the same time, the weekend is no exception. Then it will be easier to fall asleep, and the organism will rest, and as a result, you will look for all two hundred.

Sport is an assistant to a sound sleep

It's no secret that regular physicalLoads improve the well-being, at the same time, regular training helps to fall asleep. The main rule is not to do loads before bed, otherwise you can get quite the opposite result.

To date, so often talk about qualityLife, the meaning of proper nutrition and physical training for health. At the same time, the role of sleep in a person's life is somehow underestimated. However, nature did not in vain in the process of evolution save a dream, taking away a third of his life from a man. The science of somnology deals with the study of the nature of sleep and its disturbances. Modern science shows that sleep is not a passive process with many reactions. The brain actively works at night, sleep is necessary to restore its energy costs, to ensure the normal functioning of memory. Do not ignore sleep, listen to your body and stay healthy!

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