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Top 5 products for diabetics

What is there in diabetics?

Everyone knows that eating diabetics should be with a low glycemic index. Therefore, one should not eat sweets, sugar, honey, cookies, corn syrup and refined starch.

You should try not to eat undiluted juices, if the blood sugar level is very high. Avoid fast foods, they contain a lot of sugar, even if they are unsweetened.

Try to eat green vegetables, walnuts, avocado, sea fish and legumes.

Green vegetables

Vegetables and herbs can and should be used for foodeveryday. In dill, celery and parsley in general, never refuse. Parsley can reduce blood sugar, and also maintains many vitamins and microelements.

In vegetables there is a lot of fiber and almost noFat. They have few carbohydrates, so eat them and do not think anything: cucumbers, cabbage of all kinds, radish, carrots, radish, etc. In order to increase the glucose level in the blood, it is necessary to consume a lot of them. For example, 10-12 g of sugar is contained in 200 g of carrots and beets, 350-400 g of cabbage, 600-700 g of pumpkin or cucumber, 400 gm.

Celery and carrots are rich in naprovitamin A and other important carotenoids. They will reduce the risk of myocardial infarction.

In green vegetables and fruits (peas, spinach,broccoli, peppers, Chinese cabbage, kiwi, asparagus, celery, green pears and apples, green beans, Brussels sprouts, artichokes, leeks, zucchini) contain indoles and luteins that improve health with antioxidant properties.

Thanks to thiosulfates and allicin, whichare in garlic and onions, platelets do not stick together. In addition, these substances relax the pulmonary arteries. Garlic lowers "bad" cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.

Potato is a vegetable that is rich in carbohydrates andstarch, so people who suffer from diabetes should be used without fail, the more, the better. Mashed potatoes faster increase glucose in the blood, than the brewed in the whole form.

Blue vegetables and fruits are rich in anthocyanins and phenolic resins, which prevent the body from aging and are antioxidants.


Seven kernels of walnuts contain 2 g of good quality fiber and 2.6 g of alpha linolenic acid. These components are very important for the work of digestion and recovery of the body.

Instead of sandwiches, you can eat usable nuts ina kind of snacks or you can add them to the usual dishes of isalates. Walnuts - are very necessary for the mind, so in ancient times, it was not possible to use them for food, because they believed that their mind was unnecessary to anyone.

Walnuts, both at high and lowreduced acidity can normalize the acid medium. In addition, using this product, you not only warn atherosclerosis, but you can also heal it if you suffer from it.

The most important information for people who are sickdiabetes mellitus and for their relatives - walnuts contain as much magnesium and zinc as needed in order to reduce the level of sugar. In addition, they contain substances that are able to prevent obesity of the liver.

Use every day seven corn kernels,and you can get rid of iron deficiency anemia and make the vessels more elastic, which is very important for diabetics. Cobalt, iron, zinc imed, which are contained in nuts, will eliminate the symptoms of sugar sickness, which are not desirable.

Nuts are rich in iodine, essential oils by the digestible substances that are needed by every organism, and diabetics are in the order.


Avocado is a very valuable and unique product,which is simply indispensable for people who suffer from diabetes. It is also very useful for people who suffer from cataracts, gastric disorders and hypertension.

This fruit has such a valuable substance - mannoheptulose, which significantly reduces sugar in the blood.

Cells of all organs, including the brain, actively absorb glucose, and this leads to the improvement of efficiency, well-being and concentration of attention.

Vavocado contains a lot of vitamins, one of which B6, thanks to it all the processes occur in the body. This product is especially useful for people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

For the sugar avocado sick like the right hand, because its content of potassium and copper, it stabilizes the chemical balance in the body.

You can cut the fruit into a salad to give it nutritional and taste. In addition, avocado is a plant source of protein.

Sea fish

Presumptive diabetes is very important infood sea fish, because it is very useful because of the amount of protein, vitamins, microelements and other useful substances in it that the body needs so much.

The great benefit of fish is that it is digested much better than meat of animals and birds, as well as icicles, the fish is rich in protein, which contains the necessary amino acids.

It is necessary to know that the content of the protein dependsdirectly from the species of fish. High protein content in salmon, whitefish, trout, stellate sturgeon, beluga. Specialists say that there is more protein in pike perch than in chicken, and in sazan - more than in beef.

In addition to protein in diabetes, it is very important thatfish has a high nutritional value because of the high content of fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6. Most of them are rich in salmon and tuna. These fatty acids have several advantages:

  • reduce weight
  • prevent cardiovascular diseases
  • necessary for intercellular processes
  • have anti-inflammatory effect.

To all other things, the fish is rich in phosphorus, fluorine, magnesium, potassium, iodine, and also vitamins A, E, D and vitamins of group B.

With diabetes, it is best to eat fish, which is filled, brewed and baked.


Lentils, beans, beans - this is the source of abundance of the most useful substances that are necessary for diabetes. Best of all, if they are fresh, well, or at least freshened.

Legumes contain a large amount of starch(soya, peas, lentils, kidney beans), as well as minerals (calcium), phytoestrogens, vitamins and other very useful substances that can protect the body from disease. It is best to consume legumes several times a week in small quantities. Separate for beans lunch - the most suitable time for them.

Legumes form a gel in the intestine, thanks to which glucose from food moves much more slowly into cells.

Beans are one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. 7 grams of soluble fiber, 17% of the daily intake of iron and 63% of the diary of folic acid contains half a cup of beans.

Since this product is rich in protein and fiber, but contains a little fat, it is an excellent food for diabetics.

If you bought canned beans, thenremember that by overconsumption it needs to be thoroughly rinsed to remove preservatives and salt. In preparation, remember that the legumes are perfectly combined with the vegetables.

The most important thing that you should remember when treatingdiabetes mellitus - nutrition is not a pleasure, a cure. Therefore, you need to ensure that it is balanced and contains all the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

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