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The labia hurt. What could it be?

Vulvovaginitis - the appearance of the tumor of the labia

There are various reasons for the appearance of tumorsOf the labia. The most common of these is the rubbing of the delicate tissues of the female genital organs with underwear, which in turn leads to their subsequent irritation. There are also frequent cases of infection of the labia during and after masturbation. The main signs of vulvovaginitis are itching during walking and urination, yellowing with a specific odor, reddening and swelling of the labia.

Thrush or Candidiasis
The causative agent of this disease is the candidate(Yeast-like fungus). In the natural microflora of every woman there is a fungus of this type. It can be located in the genitals, organs of excretion, in the oral cavity. An increase in the number of candida in any of the listed human organs leads to the disease. Symptoms of thrush: secretion of curd mass with a specific odor, painful sensations in the vagina, both during sexual intercourse, and after. Sometimes there is an itching of the genital organs and reddening and / or an increase in the labia.

This disease is difficult to diagnose andAccompanied by pain at the entrance to the vagina. Inflammation of nerve endings in the genitals is the main cause of the disease. The emergence of vulvodynia is mainly associated with the transfer of an infectious disease, chronic thrush, or with prolonged exposure to the body with antibiotics. The main signs of vulvadynia: severe itching of the genital organs when interacting with foreign objects (pads, tampons, etc.), prolonged pain in the vaginal area, intense burning of the labia during sex.

This inflammation and the defeat of the so-calledBartholin glands located at the entrance to the vagina. It can lead to swelling of the labia and painful sensations in the genital area. The disease affects the function of the glands, clogging the tubules and interfering with their normal functioning. There is very little release of lubricant. Today, doctors can not say with certainty the reasons for the above described illness. Although it is commonly believed that the painful sensations in the area of ​​the vagina and labia causes such microorganisms as staphylococcus, gonococcus, and others.

Symptoms of bartholinitis are associated mainly withConduct of sexual life. During excitement, a woman can feel intense pain in the vaginal area, which does not go away and after some time after sexual intercourse. Also, in the vaginal area, densities may occur.

This disease has a second name -A dysbacteriosis of genitals. As a rule, it manifests itself as a gray-green discharge, which has a characteristic smell of "decaying fish", itching and pain in the vagina. The causative agent is the microorganism Gardnerella vaginalis, which upon ingestion begins to develop in the microflora of the vagina, causing pain of the labia and other symptoms.

Varicose veins during pregnancy
Often there are cases whenPregnancy itching labia. A woman can also have tumors and tenderness of the genitals. First of all, it is due to the fact that the fetus squeezes the arteries of the genital organs, and this leads to a worsening of blood circulation. There are also cases of pregnancy in varicose veins of the labia. This is a fairly common disease in this period. In some pregnant women, varicose veins occur both before and after childbirth.

If you find one of the aboveSigns of any disease, immediately consult a gynecologist or dermatologist. Do not wait for the disease to give complications, because they are very deplorable.
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