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Salmon: calorie, nutritional value and benefit to the body

A bit of history
Even in the Middle Ages salmon was very popular inEurope. It was harvested for the winter, previously dried in the summer. But in Russia, during perestroika, this fish was a great rarity. Salmon is still a delicacy, but it is already quite affordable for many. This species of fish is found on the coast of the Pacific and North Atlantic Ocean. The salmon family includes such fish as pink salmon, salmon, chinook salmon, trout, keta, etc.

On useful properties
Salmon is often used in various diets. Calorie content of salmon is only about 155 kcal. At a low enough caloric content, this fish contains a lot of vitamins. Nutritional value of this product is - proteins (20 g), fats (8.1 g), carbohydrates (0 g). Salmon meat contains a large amount of phosphorus, potassium, chromium and selenium, vitamins A and B. All these vitamins have a beneficial effect on the hair, nails and skin, and improve the quality of the nervous system of man, vision, and have vasodilating action. Useful properties of fish normalize metabolic processes in the body. With the constant use of salmon, memory, attention, coordination of movement is improved.

Salmon also contains a large number ofOmega-3 fatty acids that a person needs to prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system and to feed brain cells. It is normal for an adult to use about 3 g per day. Fatty acids. Exceptional properties of Omega-3 fatty acids is also in the fact that they affect the biological aging of the body. Omega-3 prolongs youth by lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar levels and clearing the walls of blood vessels from the arising thrombi.

Consequently, salmon is not only low-calorie, but also has a high percentage of medicinal properties that have a beneficial effect on the entire human body.

Tastes differ…
In addition, that salmon is extremely useful, it is also very tasty. The meat of this fish is red. Bones in it are large enough that it is very convenient to choose them from meat.

Fish meat has a unique taste, soLike even a very demanding gourmet. There are a large number of different dishes from this type of fish: you can smoke, dry, marinate, and also apply for food in a hot form. Salmon meat can be boiled, stewed, roasted and baked, added to salads, and preserves and canned goods are also made from it. Salmon caviar is also a great success and can decorate any festive feast.

Limitations to the consumption of salmon
Unfortunately, there are some limitations to theConsumption of this fish. Salmon meat includes mercury, harmful for the full development of the child's fetus, so pregnant and lactating mothers should for a while refrain from salmonids. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of this fish and people with liver and stomach diseases. Salmon, despite the low calorie content, is still a very fatty product, so it should be eaten with caution and people with excessive body weight.
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