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Sea-buckthorn juice: composition, properties, contraindications

Multivitamin juice is considered to be juice fromSea buckthorn, because in it all the benefits of this amazing berry are preserved. A person who uses at least a few spoons of this juice a day can provide the organism with a large number of components that are very significant for life.

Composition of sea-buckthorn juice

Sea-buckthorn juice contains a chemical compositionBiologically active natural components. There are a lot of fats in it that combine valuable, unsaturated fatty acids. Vitamin composition in sea buckthorn juice is very diverse - it includes vitamins: the whole group В - В1-В2-В6, vitamins PP and Е-С-F-Р and many others. In the juice there are also coumarins, catechins, phytoncides, sterols, flavonoids, carotene, acids of the organic group, as well as fifteen valuable microelements, and they contain a lot of iron, potassium, zinc, manganese, boron, magnesium and other essential substances for the body.

Calories in juice are small, only 52 kcal per 100 g of liquid.

The presence of valuable acids

The chemical composition of sea-buckthorn juice isRich in valuable, comparable in its effect on the body hormone of the adrenal glands, extracts of bursal acid, in which the anti-inflammatory properties and quality of wound healing are pronounced. This explains the use of it for the treatment of various inflammations affecting the skin of fungal diseases, of a venomous origin, and erosions belonging to any organs. Ursulovy acid is used in therapy for Addison's disease.

In the juice obtained from sea-buckthorn, theSufficiently rare and significant succinic acid, capable of reducing harmful poisoning effects on the human body of medicines - as for antibiotics, various alcohols of other harmful substances. This acid minimizes the harm caused by x-ray radiation, stress, increased blood pressure. Amber acid is used in therapy when atherosclerotic vascular disorders, liver diseases, central nervous system disorders and many other diseases dangerous to the human body are detected. All that is listed above, makes this juice, extracted from sea-buckthorn berries, is a very valuable and nutritious product, which is of great benefit, especially to people of advanced age.

The value of the juice extracted from sea buckthorn is determined by the oleanic acid entering into it, which helps in the expansion of blood vessels - it improves blood circulation and tones.

Therapeutic properties of juice and juice

For the treatment of this juice is used whenNecessary complex treatment of tumors of various origin, digestive system disorders, gout, rheumatism and other diseases. They consume extracted juice from the isoplasm, if there is a deficit in vitamins, it is prescribed to be used externally in many skin diseases.

Healing properties of juice extracted from sea-buckthornUse when a person has painful conditions associated with the inflammatory process that occurs in his body. Juice is very valuable in its properties by the ability to heal wounds - it is able to quickly epitelize and regenerate tissues.

Sea-buckthorn juice

Traditional healers this juice is often calledelixirozhenskoy beauty, but due to the presence in it is very necessary to maintain a proper skin condition, vitamin E - it maintains beauty and youth.

The special value of sea buckthorn juice becomesobvious if it is used regularly and in conjunction with a nutritious mask with egg, cream imedom. To make this mask, you need one-fourth of a glass of sea buckthorn juice, one egg, or rather, its yolk, one teaspoon of honey and a small amount of cream. These ingredients must be mixed in order to obtain a homogeneous mass and for fifteen minutes to impose it on the pre-cleaned skin of the face. Then wash with contrasting water and use the cream that you usually use.

And to moisten the dry skin of the face and do so,so that it becomes velvety, you need to look after it systematically, applying the purest juice of the iso-plexus. Take the cotton pad, soak it with juice, moisten the skin abundantly, then after two or three minutes just wash it.

When combining juice from sea buckthorn with cottage cheese, you canto reduce, and very effectively, the expansion of pores on the problem skin. It is necessary to combine in equal proportions juice from sea buckthorn and cottage cheese or cream. Apply to the visemask to make the skin tone smooth.

To maximize the effect of using all the valuable qualities extracted from sea buckthorn juice in order to preserve your beauty, you need to eat it out and in food.

Great benefit to the skin will be and from useice made from this soda. Such a wonderful cosmetic product is recommended for wiping the skin of the skin in the mornings - the skin will acquire a warm and even shade, become velvety and very smooth.


Any product made from sea-buckthorn berries,has a contraindication with individual intolerance of the elements that are present in its composition, if there are diseases in the pancreas-pancreatitis, liver, or gall bladder-cholecystitis, and when these diseases occur in the acute stage. It must also be remembered that the juice from the sea buckthorn can give an allergic reaction due to the carotene present in the sea-buckthorn.

The cholagogue effect of sea-buckthorn is due toand contraindication, which must be adhered to when there is gallstone disease. As a part of juice there are acids, and because of it it is counter-indicative, if there is an ulcer and a hyperacid gastritis.

The juice will only be of use for a long time if it is stored correctly. Prepared with sugar, the juice should be stored in a cool and dark place.

How to prepare a sea buckthorn juice

Cooking juice should be so - fresh orfrozen ripe berries of sea-buckthorn should be properly sorted, washed well, and then razmyat.Plody mashed to pour warm water to forty degrees - the dishes should be enameled. Calculation - a kilogram of sea-buckthorn and two hundred grams of water. Heat the mass for another ten degrees, so that the temperature reaches 50 degrees. After that, press out the mass and squeeze out the juice. The resulting liquid must be filtered and heated to ninety degrees. Soak this way for ten minutes. Sterilize the jars so that the lids are covered. Next, cork and cool. With the passage of time, the juice will share two, so to speak, fractions - there will be a bright orange oil on top. Well, there will be exfoliated juice, but not so concentrated. To get a homogeneous drink, you just need to mix the contents of the can.

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